First date tips to women from a guy

The other day, a female friend of mine sent me a text asking for some advice. She had met some guy on the internet and they were going to meet in person for the first time that night. I believe they were going to meet at some restaurant. She seemed a little nervous because this was entirely new to her. I told her to relax and just be yourself, you will do fine. The fact is that many single people face this situation during dating. First dates can be very nerve- racking and awkward. I know from personal experience. I have gone on many first dates.  It is one thing to go out on a date with someone with whom you have already met in person, such as an office worker or classmate, however, it is another thing to meet a total stranger. You know very little about the person and wonder if he or she lives up to what their profile says about them. I have listed a few tips for women that I think are very worthy of guaranteeing success on that first date.

1. Low expectations-   Assuming that the guy you are about to meet will be the guy of your dreams is a terrible assumption to make. He may have a great looking photo that was taken of himself about 10 years ago when he had hair and was 20 pounds lighter. Or his personality is totally different than what you are led to believe from his profile. I have discovered from my experiences that many people are very untruthful about themselves.

2. Do not dominate the conversation-  A critical factor in determining the success of a first date is how the conversation went. It is extremely rude to blab and blab on about yourself and not bring the other person into the conversation. If the guy is a little shy and not talking much, ask him questions about himself and chime in about your own experiences. Many women have a problem of talking too much when they are nervous on a first date. That is a good way of eliminating yourself from any second dates with that person. Learning how to properly carry on a conversation is very important on a first. Talking way too much, especially about yourself, is a huge turnoff for any guy.

3. Avoid talking about controversial topics-  As a rule of thumb, I try to avoid any political talk on a first date or talking about hot button social issues. The only exception would be if I knew that my date had similar views as mine. The last thing you need is a big debate on a first date.

4. Avoid the negative talk about others-  A real red flag for me on a first date is when a women speaks very negatively about her father. I have found that most women who do that are not very trustworthy of men in general and should be approached with caution. It is ok to talk about your ex but try not to sound to overly bitter about the relationship. Mentioning the things that you learned from the relationship is the best way to handle the conversation when the subject about your ex comes up.

5. Dress and groom neatly- Guys are very visual and we do notice how you dress. The same holds true for grooming. A women who looks like she spend a lot of time getting ready for the date will score a lot of brownie points with me.

6. Be cheerful-  A woman can make a huge impression on a guy if she smiles a lot and looks to be happy with her life. Those qualities can make a woman look even more attractive than she already is. A woman with a great smile just melts my heart!! 

7. Give out compliments-  Suppose your date has on a great looking shirt or is wearing a really nice watch. Do not be afraid to give him a compliment on his fancy shirt or watch. You will score some major points if you do. Maybe he worked very hard to achieve some new position at work. Compliment him for his effort.

8. Thank your date-  If the date went really well, mention what a great time you had and how you would like to see him again. That makes me feel really great when women say that. I think you should still thank the guy for making time to meet you even if the date did not go well.

Those are just a few words of advice that I can give regarding first dates. By the way, my friend had a great time and they are planning on doing something together next weekend. Anyone can have success in dating if they just use some common sense and develop some good people skills. I used to dread going on first dates but I now view it as a chance to meet a great new person and friend, and maybe something more down the line.


It is time to rethink Obamacare

There has been a lot of discussion recently about the efforts of certain Republicans to defund Obamacare. I certainly admire the efforts of Senator Ted Cruz and his valiant filibuster act in an attempt to stop this train wreck from happening. However, the chances of defunding Obamacare are about slim to none and slim just left town! Instead of worrying about defunding this awful piece of legislation, lawmakers on both sides should sit down and discuss ways to make this thing work better for everyone, not just a select few uninsured people.

About 3 1/2 years ago, the Affordable Care Act, otherwise know as Obamacare was passed on a strictly partisan vote. How can any piece of legislation, especially this major, be legitimate when it is passed without any votes from one party? Not only that but the American people were against this bill as well so the president and lawmakers went against the will of the people. This bill was shoved down our throats and rushed through without very little thought as to how it would affect premiums, business costs, the economy and overall insurance costs as a whole. Now we are seeing some of the side effects, pardon the pun, on this bill. Businesses are cutting back their workplace because they are forced to provide health coverage or pay a fine, premiums have gone up nearly 200 percent in some states. And this is just the beginning, wait until this mess really kicks in a few years!!

It would be great if we lived in some fantasy world and everyone got free health care but in life, there is no free lunch and I have to ask those people who are big supporters of this bill one question. How is going to pay for this? Who is going to pay for all these subsidies that these exchanges are handing out? Of course, the taxpayers are!! The original price tag of Obamacare has increased nearly 4 times. The fact is, this program is not fiscally sustainable. That has been verified by many independent studies. What happens when the money runs out? Are we going to have health care rationing? It has happened in other countries.

This bill is also a major job killer. It is no surprise that the unemployment rate has been so high and shown very little improvement in the last 5 years. Obamacare forces employers with a workplace over 50 full time workers to provide health insurance or pay a fine. Many companies are simply not hiring workers because of the added expense or are cutting workers hours so they do not have 50 full-time workers. I personally think it is a lousy idea to force any company to provide health insurance to its workers. Heck, maybe they should force companies to provide auto insurance as well!!

The older you are, the less your premiums will go up under Obamacare. Of course, that means that younger, healthier people will have to pick up the tab. To me, that is absolutely absurd!! Why does a young, healthy person, who very seldom uses health care, have to pay a higher premium? That is like forcing a person who never has an auto accident, a higher insurance rate to help pay for someone who is always getting into an accident. It is flat out ridiculous!!

Another thing that is ridiculous is all the little mandates that insurance companies will have to provide. Now I will have to pay for someone’s birth control, abortion, alcoholism treatment, aids testing, broken toe nail and the list goes on and on. No wonder insurance companies will jack up their prices and the consumers will end up footing the bill, especially the younger that you are. The pre-existing mandate sounds like a very compassionate mandate to have and it sure is for some cases. But what if I break a bone in my leg and decide the next day to buy insurance. The pre-existing mandate will probably be the final straw that puts many insurance companies out of business, especially the smaller ones.

One of the things that really puzzles me about buying health insurance is the fact that I am limited to where I can purchase my insurance. I cannot buy an insurance policy from somewhere across the country. Imagine if we opened up this restriction and you could buy insurance across state lines. Insurance companies would be knocking at the door to sell you coverage. That is the way it should be. I do it with my auto insurance. Why not with my health insurance? I can shop around on the internet and get the best deal for my needs.

I also think that more ideas concerning health savings plans, high deductible plans, having the options of paying doctors with cash should also looked at as well. Real health insurance should only cover those major events in your life like cancer or heart diseases. It should not cover every little test and ailment that you run to your doctor for. The more insurance have to cover these things, the higher their rates will be.

Good health care is all about choice and giving me several options. I fail to see how Obamacare will accomplish that in the long run. I challenge some politician, either Democrat or Republican to come up with a better solution. Any new health reform should also be a bi-partisan effort. But of course, the chances of that happening are very remote. It is time to rethink Obamacare now before we all become sick from it.


A great deed by a young man

In this day and age, it is hard to pick up a newspaper or watch the news on television and find a good story about someone doing the right thing. The news is filled with stories about crime, corruption, people ripping others off and just general negative things about society. So the other day, I was rather pleasantly surprised when I read a story about a young fast food manager and his good deed while on the job. The young man’s name is Joey Prusak and he is a manager of a Dairy Queen in Hopkins, which is a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

A blind man, who is a regular at the store, happened to drop a 20 dollar bill on the floor while standing in line. A woman standing behind him picked up the bill and tucked it in her purse, a totally classless act by the woman!!. The manager, Prusak witnessed the incident and told the woman to return the bill to the blind man or he will not serve her. The woman then stormed out of the store. After the woman left, Prusak handed the man a 20 dollar bill out of his own pocket.

There are probably many stories similar to this one that take place every day in this country. But it is so refreshing to see the kind of publicity that this story has generated. People all over the country are praising the young 19 year old man for doing a simple act of kindness. Even Warren Buffett gave Prusak a call and told him how proud he was of his act.

This story basically symbolizes the type of people that we have in our society today. While I give high praises to Prusak for his wonderful deed and kindness to the man, I am equally outraged by the woman in this story. How can anyone with even a little conscience do this type of thing? What type of person would take advantage of a blind man? It is very sad that we have those type of people in our society today. Taking advantage of other people is totally wrong in my book. Sooner or later, people like this woman will get their due justice.

I find it very reward and uplifting when I read stories like this one. Joey Prusak  apparently is also a college student and you know how it is with college students. 20 dollars can seem like a lot of money yet Prusak put other people’s needs ahead of his own. He could have used the money for other things that many people his age buy. People like Prusak are an inspiration to many folks around the country and the world. His good deed can set off a chain reaction of good deeds around the country and even the world. This type of publicity will certainly help that happen. The world is a much better place when we have people like Prusak and others who feel the need to do the right thing. It is wonderful to know that we still have good and classy people still left in this world.

The most scrutinized position in pro sports

In the world of pro sports, there are certain positions on a team that go virtually unnoticed. Most people do not really pay any attention to what goes on with many football positions. If an offensive tackle in the NFL has a great game, normally the only people who notice are the coaches. The average fan very seldom notices the line play unless someone jumps offside 10 times a game. Then the wrath of fans will come down on that particular player. But that level of anonymity does not hold true if you are a quarterback of an NFL team.  In fact, I believe that there is no position in any professional sport that is more scrutinized than that of an NFL quarterback.

You could make the case for other sports positions. A goalie in the NHL is certainly under the watchful eye of many as is a pitcher of a major league team, or maybe even an NFL field goal kicker.  A goalie in the NHL might be the most important position on any sports team but I do not think they get the level of scrutiny as an NFL quarterback. The NFL is a far more popular league and a player’s performance, good or bad, gets more attention from fans and the media. Just ask the likes of Tim Tebow and Mark Sanchez. Sports talk radio and quarterback bashing go hand in hand. I know since my favorite team, the Minnesota Vikings has a much maligned quarterback starting for them right now, Christian Ponder. He is one bad game from being run out of town right now.

Let’s face it, it is very difficult to win in today’s NFL without a good starting quarterback. The league has developed into a big time passing league and you need someone at the helm who has good accuracy and can make great decisions with the ball. Some guys have it and some do not. The decision-making process is what separates the haves from the have not quarterbacks. Nearly every qb in the league has a great arm and can throw the ball well when left with time but those who can make plays while under duress are the great ones. A team who has that type of player ought to lock that player into a nice long-term contract because they are a rare breed.

It is easy to take shots at your quarterback and rip him but many times, a quarterback is only as good as his offensive line or receivers. In Ponder’s case, his offensive line has been non-existent at times this season. How can you fault a qb who has no time to throw the football?  A strong offensive line is very vital to a quarterback’s success. The same holds true of his receivers. Just as a quarterback has to improvise when the play breaks down, the receivers have to come back to the ball and get open again. A good receiver can make life so much easier for a quarterback as well.

Many fans like to criticize a player for throwing multiple interceptions during a game but are the picks really on the quarterback? Perhaps the receiver did not run the proper route or maybe somebody on the line missed a blocking assignment. I think quarterbacks get way too much of the blame at times. Sure, some cannot hit the broad side of a barn with their throws and they deserve the criticism. But when is a receiver blamed for not running the proper route or a linemen criticized for getting constantly beat on the line?

Sports talk shows are filled with many arm-chair quarterbacks who want to bench their starting quarterbacks. I wish many of those passionate fans would just take a deep breath and maybe review some of the plays. Maybe the starting offensive tackle should get benched. I would drive off the road if I heard somebody call into a sports radio talk show and demand that!! But it is usually the starting qb who gets all the blame. No doubt, their position is one of the most glamorous in the game and they usually get all the fanfare and hot women. But when things go wrong, lookout!! Fans will be screaming to kick the bum out of town. Besides the president, an NFL quarterback must have the most thick skin of any person in this country. I do not envy their position at all.


Miley Cyrus vs. Adele

Last weekend, Miley Cyrus caused a little uproar on social media with her twerking, or whatever that new word is suppose to mean, during the video music awards on MTV.  Her R rated plus performance probably made many late night adult movie producers blush. I can certainly understand why so many people were irate over her raunchy performance. The typical MTV viewer watching the awards is probably a female between 12-20 years old. Would you want your teenage daughter being exposed to stuff like that during prime time viewing? I know I would be or a little concerned if I had a teenage daughter. But then again, if you watch MTV, you should expect that kind of filth. So to see that kind of garbage on some station that really only appeals to a small segment of our population, it should come as no surprise.

Remember back about 10 years ago when Cyrus was know as Hannah Montana? She was admired and worshiped by millions of girls all of the country. Her image was that of a typical, beautiful, girl next door teenager who could get any guy she wanted. She had that wholesome, innocent quality about her that was very appealing. But somewhere during the past 10 years, the gal know as Hannah Montana slowly died and her death became official last Sunday night. Now it is just Miley Cyrus, the wannabe next Madonna or Lady Gaga. Just another singer who feels the need to bring sexuality and raunchiness to enhance their careers

Last week while driving around town, a song came on the radio by one of the most popular singers in the world, Adele. A thought came to my small mind. Adele does not have to go on stage and act like a big time sex pervert to garner attention. She does it with her SINGING!!!  In fact, part of her appeal is that she looks like a normal woman walking around, a tad bit overweight but she does not care. I loved her response to the criticism of her weight. She replied that she represent the majority of women and she is just fine with that. Adele scored some major points with me and millions of people with those comments.

Maybe Miley can learn from Adele and realize that her ultimate success will depend on her singing. She does not have to produce a sex act on stage to become more popular and gain more fans. For me personally, a singer’s image plays a big role in whether I will buy or listen to their music. Believe me, there are some singers and bands whom I will refuse to listen to based on their behavior and image. The VMA performance by Cyrus was totally not necessary. It may damage her career down the road. I like the Hannah Montana image far better than the Madonna one. I think many people would tend to agree with me.