A great deed by a young man

In this day and age, it is hard to pick up a newspaper or watch the news on television and find a good story about someone doing the right thing. The news is filled with stories about crime, corruption, people ripping others off and just general negative things about society. So the other day, I was rather pleasantly surprised when I read a story about a young fast food manager and his good deed while on the job. The young man’s name is Joey Prusak and he is a manager of a Dairy Queen in Hopkins, which is a suburb of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

A blind man, who is a regular at the store, happened to drop a 20 dollar bill on the floor while standing in line. A woman standing behind him picked up the bill and tucked it in her purse, a totally classless act by the woman!!. The manager, Prusak witnessed the incident and told the woman to return the bill to the blind man or he will not serve her. The woman then stormed out of the store. After the woman left, Prusak handed the man a 20 dollar bill out of his own pocket.

There are probably many stories similar to this one that take place every day in this country. But it is so refreshing to see the kind of publicity that this story has generated. People all over the country are praising the young 19 year old man for doing a simple act of kindness. Even Warren Buffett gave Prusak a call and told him how proud he was of his act.

This story basically symbolizes the type of people that we have in our society today. While I give high praises to Prusak for his wonderful deed and kindness to the man, I am equally outraged by the woman in this story. How can anyone with even a little conscience do this type of thing? What type of person would take advantage of a blind man? It is very sad that we have those type of people in our society today. Taking advantage of other people is totally wrong in my book. Sooner or later, people like this woman will get their due justice.

I find it very reward and uplifting when I read stories like this one. Joey PrusakĀ  apparently is also a college student and you know how it is with college students. 20 dollars can seem like a lot of money yet Prusak put other people’s needs ahead of his own. He could have used the money for other things that many people his age buy. People like Prusak are an inspiration to many folks around the country and the world. His good deed can set off a chain reaction of good deeds around the country and even the world. This type of publicity will certainly help that happen. The world is a much better place when we have people like Prusak and others who feel the need to do the right thing. It is wonderful to know that we still have good and classy people still left in this world.


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