First date tips to women from a guy

The other day, a female friend of mine sent me a text asking for some advice. She had met some guy on the internet and they were going to meet in person for the first time that night. I believe they were going to meet at some restaurant. She seemed a little nervous because this was entirely new to her. I told her to relax and just be yourself, you will do fine. The fact is that many single people face this situation during dating. First dates can be very nerve- racking and awkward. I know from personal experience. I have gone on many first dates.  It is one thing to go out on a date with someone with whom you have already met in person, such as an office worker or classmate, however, it is another thing to meet a total stranger. You know very little about the person and wonder if he or she lives up to what their profile says about them. I have listed a few tips for women that I think are very worthy of guaranteeing success on that first date.

1. Low expectations-   Assuming that the guy you are about to meet will be the guy of your dreams is a terrible assumption to make. He may have a great looking photo that was taken of himself about 10 years ago when he had hair and was 20 pounds lighter. Or his personality is totally different than what you are led to believe from his profile. I have discovered from my experiences that many people are very untruthful about themselves.

2. Do not dominate the conversation-  A critical factor in determining the success of a first date is how the conversation went. It is extremely rude to blab and blab on about yourself and not bring the other person into the conversation. If the guy is a little shy and not talking much, ask him questions about himself and chime in about your own experiences. Many women have a problem of talking too much when they are nervous on a first date. That is a good way of eliminating yourself from any second dates with that person. Learning how to properly carry on a conversation is very important on a first. Talking way too much, especially about yourself, is a huge turnoff for any guy.

3. Avoid talking about controversial topics-  As a rule of thumb, I try to avoid any political talk on a first date or talking about hot button social issues. The only exception would be if I knew that my date had similar views as mine. The last thing you need is a big debate on a first date.

4. Avoid the negative talk about others-  A real red flag for me on a first date is when a women speaks very negatively about her father. I have found that most women who do that are not very trustworthy of men in general and should be approached with caution. It is ok to talk about your ex but try not to sound to overly bitter about the relationship. Mentioning the things that you learned from the relationship is the best way to handle the conversation when the subject about your ex comes up.

5. Dress and groom neatly- Guys are very visual and we do notice how you dress. The same holds true for grooming. A women who looks like she spend a lot of time getting ready for the date will score a lot of brownie points with me.

6. Be cheerful-  A woman can make a huge impression on a guy if she smiles a lot and looks to be happy with her life. Those qualities can make a woman look even more attractive than she already is. A woman with a great smile just melts my heart!! 

7. Give out compliments-  Suppose your date has on a great looking shirt or is wearing a really nice watch. Do not be afraid to give him a compliment on his fancy shirt or watch. You will score some major points if you do. Maybe he worked very hard to achieve some new position at work. Compliment him for his effort.

8. Thank your date-  If the date went really well, mention what a great time you had and how you would like to see him again. That makes me feel really great when women say that. I think you should still thank the guy for making time to meet you even if the date did not go well.

Those are just a few words of advice that I can give regarding first dates. By the way, my friend had a great time and they are planning on doing something together next weekend. Anyone can have success in dating if they just use some common sense and develop some good people skills. I used to dread going on first dates but I now view it as a chance to meet a great new person and friend, and maybe something more down the line.



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