Imagine if Harvey Weinstein were a Republican?

The alleged sexual wrongdoings towards women of Hollywood film director Harvey Weinstein has generated a lot of buzz in the news during the past few weeks. This story is sure not go away anytime soon with more women coming forward with allegations against Mr. Weinstein. I understand that Weinstein was a huge donor to the Democratic party. He was apparently very tight with the likes of Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and other liberal elites. The other day, a thought came to my mind about poor old Harvey; suppose he was a big donor for the Republican party instead, lets just think for a minute what might happen to him.

Can anyone doubt for one minute what would happen to him if that were true? Suppose he professed his allegiance to President Trump and talked openly about how great many conservatives are in this country? The outrage towards him would be off the charts! Feminists from all over the country would be marching in the streets demanding this type of cruel behavior towards women change. Politicians such as Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi would have wasted no time in condemning Weinstein and the Republican party. The regular mainstream media of NBC, CBS and ABC would probably lead off their newscasts with the wrongdoings of Weinstein for the next year! And lets not forget CNN, they would have 24 hour coverage of him. Poor old Harvey would probably be forced to leave the country with a one way ticket to Siberia. And still that would not be good enough. We would be hearing endless lectures by the Hollywood elite about how we must not treat women like some piece of meat.

Thankfully for Weinstein, he will not have to endure the consequences of his actions because he is a Marxist Democrat. You see, if you belong to this club, you get a pass on many immoral types of behavior, see Bill Clinton. Don’t get me, the coverage on him will continue but the level of outrage will not be the same because he a huge donor to the Democratic party. Someday, probably even in the near future, this whole story will be swept under the rug and nobody will remember.

I think any American should be outraged over the double standards that apply to certain people. Anyone who uses their power and authority to treat women like dogs should face equal outrage no matter what party they belong to. Sadly, the level of outrage never seems to be the same for a Democrat who acts like a pig compared to a Republican. A Democrat always seems to get a pass and usually the accuser suddenly becomes the villain and the accused becomes the victim. Sexual harassment is just plain wrong for anyone, Democrat or Republican. Unfortunately as this story shows, we have a huge double standard in this country over these types of stories, especially when it comes from the folks of Hollywood. Harvey Weinstein deserves no special treatment whatsoever. This man has allegedly committed serious crimes against women and he must face the consequences just like anyone else should.


Much support for the hurricane and wildfire victims

Many of us take our homes and valuable possessions for granted. We are extremely blessed to have a nice roof over our heads to come home to every night after work. Very few of us even consider that someday, that precious house could no longer be there; perhaps a natural disaster like a tornado could totally destroy the home and leave us totally homeless. Nobody can plan for these events and there are currently many families in this country who are feeling the pain and empty feeling of being homeless. The recent high profile hurricanes that struck the Houston, Puerto Rico and Florida areas along with the wildfires of Northern California have turned the lives of many folks upside down.

I have watched a lot of coverage of the wildfires and hurricanes on the news and my first reaction was putting myself in that terrible situation. Suppose I had spent and invested many years of hard work into making my house the best possible place to live. Then suddenly a dangerous wildfire or hurricane was fast approaching. I hurry out of town and come back to see my house in total ruins. Imagine the feeling those poor people must have? What do I do next? The feeling must be totally awful and scary. My heart really goes out to those people who have lost so much.

I guess a silver lining behind all of this is that the human toll could have been greater given all things considered. If you lost your home, but still have your family that is the most important thing to consider from these awful events. Homes can be replaced, people cannot be. Sure it would be extremely terrible to come back to a ruined home, but many of those same people can be extremely thankful that they can have a chance to rebuild and start a new life with their family members still alive.

One of things that really touched me about these events was the overwhelming helpfulness of so many people from all around the country. People are donating money to total strangers in an effort to help these poor victims. When I see that, it makes me proud to be living in this country. Helping out others in need are what makes this country so great. So many people are putting aside their own personal time to help a fellow American in need. I only wish I could do more to help the thousands of victims who have been deeply hurt by these events.

I know after seeing these events on the news that I will never take my home ever for granted. Nobody in this country is safe from a natural disaster. Just because you are living in a nice, beautiful house does not mean it will be there tomorrow. My deepest thoughts and prayers go out to the many victims who have been affected by these awful natural disasters and wildfires. America is pulling for you to get your lives back on track.

More than just a gun control issue

It wasn’t more than hours after the tragic event in Las Vegas when many politicians tried to take advantage of the tragedy to score cheap political points. Last November’s big presidential loser, Hillary Clinton, blamed and attacked the National Rifle Association for this mass killing. Many politicians took little time in calling for tighter gun control laws. Late night comedians criticized politicians, mainly Republicans, for not doing anything to create new gun control laws. Yes, the same old tiring gun control debate has popped up again, no pun intended! Many people seem to feel that having tighter gun control laws will help prevent another Las Vegas tragedy from happening. But will they? This blogger feels that there is a deeper problem to deal with.

I can certainly appreciate people wanting to have a conversation about gun control and keeping Americans safe. No matter what your political beliefs may be, safety is an important issue for all Americans. But will having much tighter gun control laws will keep guns away from the bad guys? Has those tighter laws really worked in Chicago where the homicide rates have continued to reach extremely high levels? I am sure that some criminal will stop trying to get a semi-assault rifle because they are suddenly banned. There is such a thing called a black market where people can still obtain any type of firearm. It is hard for me to believe that tighter gun control laws will stop criminals from getting guns. There are just too many guns in this country and the world still available to regulate.

OK, let’s take away all the guns in this country. That will stop these horrible mass killings and life will be safe, right? If you still think that way, you are extremely delusional, my friend. People who want to do mass killings or harm may thousands of people can accomplish those means in many ways outside of using a firearm. A killer can use a bomb made easily with just a few ingredients. Or maybe or knife. Or perhaps a truck or a car. Imagine if the Las Vegas shooter had used a bomb instead? The death toll probably would have been much higher. Whenever, I go to an event with a large number of people assembled in a close area, my worry is not whether some sick individual has a gun, but perhaps they might have a suicide vest on. Mass killings and massacres can happen in many ways and guns are only a part of the problem. Maybe we should ban knifes, rice cookers and automobiles as well too, right?

What really frustrates me about these gun control discussions is that there is no talks about mental illness and the role it may cause. We do have a problem in this country with mental  illness whether people want to admit it or not. A person who goes out and shoots a bunch of innocent people obviously has a mental disorder. The scary thing about these disorders is the fact that many are hidden. People with these disorders often seem perfectly normal humans until it is too late.

Our culture is another factor in these mass killings. We have shows and television programs that glorify killing and shooting people. The respect for human life is slowly diminishing. Video games are filled with violence. These things only adds fuel to a deranged mentally unstable person. Add some serious grievance the person may have to a certain group of people and you have the recipe for another mass killing.

Having tighter gun control laws will have a very minimal effect on preventing events such as the Las Vegas shootings from occurring in the future. It amazes me that these same politicians who scream and holler for tighter gun control in order to keep us safer are the same ones who do not have a problem with open borders and letting terrorists into the country. Sadly, many people do not understand that guns do not kill people, people kill people. Mental illness and our culture has a huge role in these killings as well. How are we going to deal with these issues as well?



The ultimate nightmare in Las Vegas

For many folks, a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada is a dream vacation of a lifetime. I have personally never been to Vegas but know several people who have and they are just itching to go back. The city might arguably be the entertainment capital of the world. So much to do and see there. The people who attended the ill-fated country music concert and festival last weekend in Vegas were probably having the time of their lives. Is there anything better than going to a music festival in that fine city? Many probably were looking forward to that vacation for months; a time to party and be joyful with friends and family. I am willing to bet that many of the concert goers were having the best time in their lives, then the ultimate nightmare happens, a deeply disturbed individual starts shooting at them from a hotel window. Several of those joyful people are suddenly dead, many are injured and the nightmare was just beginning.

My first thought after seeing video clips of the massacre was putting myself right there when the shooting started. How would I react with bullets flying around me? Would I pass out from sheer terror? Would I be brave enough to stay and help the wounded? An event like that is something nobody can really prepare for. The last thing on someone’s mind during a concert is having someone shooting at them. It is unthinkable to think that anyone would cause so much harm to a bunch of innocent people just out to have a great evening of fun and music. But it happened here in the United States just like it happened a few years ago in Paris.

The death toll from this awful event is 59 but probably could have been worse if it had not been for some very heroic police work by first responders. Those unbelievably brave individuals do not get the credit that they richly deserve. They rank on the top of my list of true American heroes for putting other people’s lives ahead of their own.

My thoughts and prayers not only go out to the families of those people  who lost their lives, but to the many who survived. Reports are that some 500 people were wounded and many of them will have a lifetime of physical pain to deal with. A good many might be disabled for life. All of the survivors will more than likely endure a lifetime of trauma and guilt from this tragic event. I just cannot see how anyone can live a normal live after experiencing such carnage.

Everyone not only here in the United States, but in the world needs to rally behind the victims of this unspeakable tragedy. These innocent people who died did not deserve to die. They were just out having a good time. I hope and pray that no other innocent people in this world has to go through the nightmare that these concert goers had to go through last Sunday night. Our prayers and thoughts go out to the families of the victims and the many survivors.



Cherry picking of social issues by pro athletes

The recent acts by certain NFL players of kneeling during the national anthem has generated a considerable amount of controversy and debate across the country. If you ask any of the protesting players what they are protesting about, you will likely get a variety of answers, but the one common answer will about racism, more specifically the way people of color and minorities are treated by the police in this country. No, it is not about the flag they say, it is about bringing to light the social injustices in this country towards blacks. Many of them want people to start a conversation about the topic of being treated unfairly by the cops. Ok, fair enough, but what about other social issues facing minorities? Why do they get shoved under rug and not brought up?

I can certainly understand the pressing need that some folks seem to have towards the police and how they treat blacks. There have been some recent high-profile killings of black men by police officers. I agree that questions need to by asked about these events and why did they happen. I do find it rather ridiculous that some people seem to think that people of color are targeted by police for no reason at all. That to me is simply ludicrous. Many of those events were the fault of the victims themselves. Yet many people, such as those protesting and outspoken grandstanding social justice players, seem to think that it is the most important and disturbing issue facing blacks in this country today.

I have a thought or maybe a question that needs to be addressed. Why is gang violence in many cities such as Chicago not met with the same passion as these acts by the police? If you want to talk about an injustice in this country, I would think this topic should by way up on the ladder. Sadly, we never seem to have many professional athletes speak up against the ever-increasing gang violence going on in this country. It is out of control in Chicago. Black on black crime is an epidemic in this country that needs to stop. Why is this happening and what can by done to stop it.

Another social issue that is often bypassed is the fact that there are so many single family homes in the black community. The children of these homes grow up in many cases without any fatherly guidance. It is alarming to see the number of absent fathers in this community. Once again, why are athletes not outspoken about this issue? How many have actually donated their time and resources towards helping out the children of these families?

I read a story in the newspaper the other day about the widening income gap between white and black people in my state of Minnesota. Education and high school graduation rates continue to have a wide gap as well. Why are people not as outraged about these things too? I think it would be wonderful for a high-profile black athlete to come out and start speaking out for the importance of getting a good education. For many children of these broken homes, education is the furthest thing on their minds.

If these athletes want the rest of us to start paying attention to their claims and in their words “start having a conversation”, we better include some of these topics in the mix as well. If we start digging deeper into some of these problems, certain people might start feeling a little uncomfortable because they might just be the reason we are having these social problems in the United States. Stop cherry picking about just a few issues and let’s do a deeper look into all of the  problems. By solving one, we may be able to solve many others at the same time. In my mind, police brutality ranks at the bottom of what minorities should be concerned about. Don’t get me wrong, we need to discuss our criminal justice systems towards people of color, but there are bigger and more pressing issues that need attention first. Unfortunately, these issues do not fit the agendas of many of those anthem protesters and their ideologies.

Soaking the rich people

The Trump administration’s effort to reform our tax system has been in the headlines this week. Any effort to reform our tax system always brings about much debate about who should pay what and how much. It is a never-ending debate between the two parties and one of the top reasons I have strong disagreements with one of our nation’s major parties.

One one side, the Republican party typically likes to ease the tax burden of many people, not only the middle class, but the upper class as well. It is their belief that the rich people of this country are the job creators and by lowering their tax rate, they have more money to invest in their companies, expand and thus create more jobs and grow our economy.

Democrats, like Republicans, want tax relief for the middle class, but they do not believe that rich individuals should get a tax break. In fact, many Democrats would not be happy until high earners were taxed about 90 percent of their earnings and that would still probably not be enough! Most Democrats love their taxes and believe that taxing rich people to death will create that much more revenue for the government and therefore, more money for the less fortunate of this country.

Having worked in business for several years, I can tell you without much hesitation which party’s plan I agree with. It is the Republicans by a long shot. It seems like it would be morally right to heavily tax some rich guy so a poor person has more goodies in their lives, but that never works. It has been proven throughout history that heavily taxing the rich does not work in growing our economy. On the other hand, giving tax breaks to everyone, including the rich has resulted in growing the economy. A few presidents tried this and it worked tremendously, Reagan did in the 80’s and JFK in the 60’s. JFK was even a Democrat! GDP growth during those times were at unbelievable levels. We saw the economy really take off during those periods.

I simply cannot understand why people such as many Democrats are so dead set against giving higher earners tax breaks. If people would just away from their biased jealous opinions of rich people, maybe they would just understand that giving tax breaks to high earners is just good common sense. I am serious about that statement. Many of the high earners are businesses owners. A tax break will help them grown their business and expand. In the process, more jobs will be created including those for low-income, entry-level workers. We live in a very competitive global job market and those lower taxes will mean a lot more incentive to keep and bring jobs back here to the United States.

Critics of giving rich people a tax break worry about replacing the lost tax revenue and how to make up for it. A stronger economy will more than make up for it. Having more people working and spending will more than make up for the tax cut. Once again, it has been proven over time and history that the best way to create more revenue for the government is to decrease taxes. Increasing taxes as we have seen for the last several years has only strangled our economy with little growth.

Furthermore, why punish high achievers? What incentive is there for a person with a lot of talent to make money and start a business to do so if they are forced to pay a boat load of taxes to the government? A person who starts or invests in a business which grows the economy should be rewarded, not punished. Soaking rich people seems like a fair thing to do until you really study the impacts of it. Democrats never seem to understand this.

Hillary’s great excuse tour

A few weeks ago, former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton started a tour designed to promote her new book called “What happened ?” In this book, Clinton gives some insight into her failed presidential campaign from last fall and offers up many reasons as to why she lost.  The list of excuses is long and endless. Everything from the tired old Russian hacking excuse to new blaming on some Democrats and even her former Democratic rival, Bernie Sanders. Yes, this long laundry list of excuses makes for some interesting reading and almost makes one feel sorry for Mrs. Clinton. She was a victim wasn’t she? Well maybe not so fast!

I probably join millions in wishing Clinton would just go away. She lost and she needs to get over it. It is that plain and simple. Accept the fact that you got beat by a candidate who worked harder than you did and ran a much better campaign. “What happened” is the name of the book and it is very simple as to “what happened” Clinton needs to look in the mirror. Maybe it just so happened that she lost Wisconsin, a predominately a blue state, because she did not campaign hard enough or spend enough time in that state. The goes with Michigan and Ohio. While President Trump was campaigning endlessly around the country, Clinton was probably sleeping at home thinking she was entitled to become the next president. She also greatly underestimated the angry of typical voters in this country. Her and her Democratic buddies apparently thought that reign of President Obama would automatically qualify a Democratic to become the next president. Boy were they wrong! Many of today’s Democrats including Clinton are simply out of touch with the people of the United States and that is a huge reason why she lost.

There is a belief that Clinton is writing this book to help future candidates who might consider running for office. I do agree that her campaign and the way she ran it should serve as a warning to future candidates on how not to run a presidential campaign. Any future candidate needs to understand that taking your opponent and the people who you will represent lightly is a recipe for disaster. Clinton did all these things. She felt as though her name was simply good enough to win. Little did she know how angry the voters of this country were last fall and how they wanted change. America may have won when Hillary lost the election last November. In the meantime, she needs to just shut up and go away. Her whining about the election will only hurt the party in future elections. Do us all a favor, Hillary. Just move on and shut up. The biggest reason why you lost in staring right back at you in the mirror.