The best and worst bands of all time

There have been many music bands formed over the course of history.  Some bands such as the Beatles and the Bee Gees have become icons in the music industry and their songs are as much a  part of American history as baseball and apple pie. Others bands quickly form and breakup because their music is a piece of crap!! In fact, many bands fall into this category, especially those all boy bands. Everyone has an opinion on this subject and having listened to bands for a long time, I would like to offer my 2 cents worth.  Below, I have listed some of my most favorite and least favorite bands of all times. Not artists but bands. Let the drum roll begin.

Most favorite.

1. AC/DC –  I don’t really have a true number one choice but how can you go wrong with this awesome group.

2. Metallica –  Right up there with AC/DC.  Forget about taking a shot of caffeine in the morning. Just listen to a song from this band and you will wake up in a hurry.

3. Steely Dan-  A very underrated band.  Unlike Metallica, listening to this group will decrease your blood pressure and cause you to relax.  Great music to listen to if your spending a lazy summer afternoon somewhere.

4. The Bee Gees-  They have to be the best band of the 70’s.

5. Duran Duran-  arguably, the best band of the 80’s.  I have many fond memories of this band during my college years.

Honorable mention.   Black Eyed Peas, Pink Floyd, Styx and U2

Least Favorite.

1. Air Supply-   Easy choice for least favorite.  I swear you will never find an Air Supply cd in my collection of music. Listening to their sappy and awful love songs makes me want to cry (for being tortured!!!)

2. Abba-  Many of you 70’s music geeks probably know of this awful Swedish band.  I wish their music would have stayed in Sweden!

3. New Kids on the Block-   I just had a throw in an all boys band for good measure. Groups like these appeal to mostly teenage girls and that’s it

4. The Beatles-   Most overrated band in music history. I know I will offend some people but why all the hype over this band? There are many bands who have produced better music than this group.  This band had more style than substance.

5. Rolling Stones-  Another very overrated band.  I wish some of the oldies stations in town would quit playing so many of their songs. They were bad 30 years ago and still stink today!!

Honorable Mention-  REO Speedwagon, Hootie and the Blowfish,  KC and the Sunshine band. Although they are more a duet, Wham and the Carpenters also make my list.


The new cigarette labels

First, it was a small statement on a pack of cigarettes saying that smoking can be harmful to your health, duh!! Now the FDA came up with a brilliant new idea in an effort to curb smoking in this country.  Graphic images of people will be pictured on the packs showing what the consequences could be of smoking.  The FDA hopes this will make scare people into not smoking and thus save many millions on dollars on health care costs.

Personally, I think this will have no effect at all on whether someone will continue to smoke or not.  While they are at it, why not show a picture of a guy after open heart surgery on a double whopper wrapper? Or on a frozen pizza box. Too me, it makes no sense! People will continue to buy cigarettes and smoke no matter what is on the package. It is a habit and addiction for many people.

Instead of using graphic images on a box, why not just heavily tax those cancer sticks. Maybe when they become so unaffordable, people will think twice and quit smoking.  A smoker might be amazed at how much money he or she spends on smokes every year.  It really adds up and what type of pleasure do you really get from smoking? Being a non-smoker, I cannot understand why people even smoke in the first place.  Not only are you wasting money but you are taking years away from your life. It will eventually caught up to you sooner or later. By then it might be too late.

If the FDA really wants to discourage people from smoking, they should target the teenage age group first. Many people start then because they want to fit in with their peers.  Educating people at any early age on the drawbacks on smoking is the proper way to go. I seriously doubt any of those teens will take a graphic image of an older person on a pack of smokes seriously. Maybe explaining who much money you will waste on cigarettes instead of having enough money to buy the latest new gadget might get someone’s attention.

Imagine how much money this country could save on health care costs if even half the smokers quit tomorrow?  But is putting a pic of a guy with a cigarette running through a trach going to help? Most people know the dangers but it is always someone else who gets lung cancer right?


The Mcilroy, Tiger comparisons

Last weekend, the sports world was buzzing about the dominating performance of a young golfer at the U.S. Open.  Rory Mcilroy,  a 22 year old from northern Ireland tore up the field and won the championship by a wipe margin.  If it were not for a Sunday choke job at this year’s Masters, Mcilroy  would have been 2 for 2 in this year’s majors and the talk of a grand slam for 2011 would have definitely heated up.

Already, there is talk about Mcilroy being the next great thing in golf and many people are saying that he is the next Tiger Woods.  Certainly, Mcilroy is a very talented player but let’s not jump the gun on the comparison. Mcilroy has only won one major and for people to say he is the next Tiger is way premature.  I think golf is really looking for the next superstar and people are eager to anoint him as the next big thing in the sport.  But the fact is that there are many talented and young players in the game. How about Dustin Johnson and Bubba Watson to name a few? The game of golf is blessed with a number of young, upcoming stars and it is unfair to suddenly say this guy or this guy will be the next Tiger.

Winning 14 majors like Tiger did and he no doubt will win a few more is a remarkable feat and I doubt any player will match that again.  The field in professional golf is becoming deeper and deeper and for someone to dominate the sport like Woods did is truly amazing.  When Mcilroy starts winning multiple majors in a year, then we can start the comparisons. Sure Mcilroy won in a very dominating fashion but that is just one golf tournament. I have seen many one hit wonders who suddenly fail to win another major. The mark of a truly great player is one who wins multiple majors like Tiger did.  Mcilroy has the potential but let’s not pass the touch to him yet.

The troubles of LeBron James and the Miami Heat

I think it is fair to say that LeBron James has been by far the most scrutinized athlete in the past year.  And the amount of scrutiny has really increased during the past few weeks, particularly in wake of his and the Miami Heat’s failure to bring home a championship. Many observers including this stupid blogger thought they would win at least 70 games this year and dominate the NBA.  After all,  they have 2 of the top 10, maybe 5 players in the game along with a very solid player in Chris Bosh, one of the top forwards in the game. How can a team with that much talent struggle so much especially when the game is on the line in the 4th quarter?

LeBron James is considered by many as the best player in the NBA today and has been for the past few years. In fact,  I was listening to a discussion a few weeks ago on whether James will become the greatest to ever play the game.  Several callers even thought that he is a much better player than Michael Jordan ever was.  Having seen both play a number of times, I think there is no comparison.  LBJ is nowhere near the caliber of player MJ was.  Perhaps in a few years he may be but please, enough of the comparisons between Lebron and MJ, Magic or Larry Bird! Don’t get me wrong.  James is a great player but the true mark of a superstar is a guy who can deliver in the clutch in a championship series.  Magic, Michael and Larry were famous for there exploits during key moments of a playoff game. Where was Lebron during the 4th quarter of several of these games with Dallas?  Scoring a grand total of 2 points in the quarter will not cut it!! And he struggled during key moments of last years playoff series with Boston. For those of you who think James is better than Jordan, I have a question to ask you. How would you rather have on the floor during the 4th quarter of a crucial playoff game?  To me, there is no question who I would rather have. Jordan may have been the greatest clutch player of all time.

If you look back on the history of the NBA, many teams have bounced back to win the championship after going through disappointing playoff losses.  Miami may still win several championships in a row but they need to add a few more pieces to their talented team. And LeBron has to get better and take his game to a new level.  His performance during some of these playoff games is unacceptable and his legacy will be built on how he plays in future championship series.  The mark of a true superstar is someone who leads his to a championship like Dirk Norwitzki did for Dallas. Maybe LeBron should learn from Norwitzki and the Heat should learn that a few superstars with all the glamour and glitz will never beat a true team like Dallas.

Which is more tolerable, extreme heat or cold?

I have a question for all you weather whiners out there. If you had to pick a week of extreme weather, which would it be. A week of 100 degree heat with oppressive humidity or a week of 30 below zero with extreme wind chills?  And please do not say neither because it has to be one or the other. Which extreme can you deal with the best?

For me, the answer is very easy. I would take a major heat wave any day. In fact, I enjoy hot summer weather for some reason. It gives me a good excuse to spend more time at an area lake to cool down and lounge around. And I love those warm, sultry summer nights.  There is just something I like about sitting outside on a warm summer night provided there are not too many of those nasty bugs flying around! Of course if I had to work outside everyday in 100 degree temperatures, my attitude would probably change about the hot weather.  But in general, hot weather is not a problem with me.

On the other hand, frigid, cold weather in my opinion is the worst type of weather to deal with.  It is just flat painful to step outside for any length of time.  At least during a heat wave, you can find some shade or be outside during the evening.  One does not have to be coped up indoors all day with the ac running full blast. But during a cold snap, when is the best time to step outside? During the middle of the day when the windchill warms to 30 below after the sun comes out? I find it hard to step outside for even 30 seconds. There is nothing positive about extreme cold weather period unless you are a big time indoorsman or woman.  And dare I forget about trying to start your car in that type of weather. At least I can start my car during extreme heat.

Having lived in Minnesota all my life, I have experienced both types of weather and sometimes I wonder why I live here during those cold January days.  So the next time the temperatures skyrocket this summer and the air is thick with humidity, think about how bad it used to be in January when your face nearly fell off from walking into a biting windchill.