The troubles of LeBron James and the Miami Heat

I think it is fair to say that LeBron James has been by far the most scrutinized athlete in the past year.  And the amount of scrutiny has really increased during the past few weeks, particularly in wake of his and the Miami Heat’s failure to bring home a championship. Many observers including this stupid blogger thought they would win at least 70 games this year and dominate the NBA.  After all,  they have 2 of the top 10, maybe 5 players in the game along with a very solid player in Chris Bosh, one of the top forwards in the game. How can a team with that much talent struggle so much especially when the game is on the line in the 4th quarter?

LeBron James is considered by many as the best player in the NBA today and has been for the past few years. In fact,  I was listening to a discussion a few weeks ago on whether James will become the greatest to ever play the game.  Several callers even thought that he is a much better player than Michael Jordan ever was.  Having seen both play a number of times, I think there is no comparison.  LBJ is nowhere near the caliber of player MJ was.  Perhaps in a few years he may be but please, enough of the comparisons between Lebron and MJ, Magic or Larry Bird! Don’t get me wrong.  James is a great player but the true mark of a superstar is a guy who can deliver in the clutch in a championship series.  Magic, Michael and Larry were famous for there exploits during key moments of a playoff game. Where was Lebron during the 4th quarter of several of these games with Dallas?  Scoring a grand total of 2 points in the quarter will not cut it!! And he struggled during key moments of last years playoff series with Boston. For those of you who think James is better than Jordan, I have a question to ask you. How would you rather have on the floor during the 4th quarter of a crucial playoff game?  To me, there is no question who I would rather have. Jordan may have been the greatest clutch player of all time.

If you look back on the history of the NBA, many teams have bounced back to win the championship after going through disappointing playoff losses.  Miami may still win several championships in a row but they need to add a few more pieces to their talented team. And LeBron has to get better and take his game to a new level.  His performance during some of these playoff games is unacceptable and his legacy will be built on how he plays in future championship series.  The mark of a true superstar is someone who leads his to a championship like Dirk Norwitzki did for Dallas. Maybe LeBron should learn from Norwitzki and the Heat should learn that a few superstars with all the glamour and glitz will never beat a true team like Dallas.


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