The best and worst bands of all time

There have been many music bands formed over the course of history.  Some bands such as the Beatles and the Bee Gees have become icons in the music industry and their songs are as much a  part of American history as baseball and apple pie. Others bands quickly form and breakup because their music is a piece of crap!! In fact, many bands fall into this category, especially those all boy bands. Everyone has an opinion on this subject and having listened to bands for a long time, I would like to offer my 2 cents worth.  Below, I have listed some of my most favorite and least favorite bands of all times. Not artists but bands. Let the drum roll begin.

Most favorite.

1. AC/DC –  I don’t really have a true number one choice but how can you go wrong with this awesome group.

2. Metallica –  Right up there with AC/DC.  Forget about taking a shot of caffeine in the morning. Just listen to a song from this band and you will wake up in a hurry.

3. Steely Dan-  A very underrated band.  Unlike Metallica, listening to this group will decrease your blood pressure and cause you to relax.  Great music to listen to if your spending a lazy summer afternoon somewhere.

4. The Bee Gees-  They have to be the best band of the 70’s.

5. Duran Duran-  arguably, the best band of the 80’s.  I have many fond memories of this band during my college years.

Honorable mention.   Black Eyed Peas, Pink Floyd, Styx and U2

Least Favorite.

1. Air Supply-   Easy choice for least favorite.  I swear you will never find an Air Supply cd in my collection of music. Listening to their sappy and awful love songs makes me want to cry (for being tortured!!!)

2. Abba-  Many of you 70’s music geeks probably know of this awful Swedish band.  I wish their music would have stayed in Sweden!

3. New Kids on the Block-   I just had a throw in an all boys band for good measure. Groups like these appeal to mostly teenage girls and that’s it

4. The Beatles-   Most overrated band in music history. I know I will offend some people but why all the hype over this band? There are many bands who have produced better music than this group.  This band had more style than substance.

5. Rolling Stones-  Another very overrated band.  I wish some of the oldies stations in town would quit playing so many of their songs. They were bad 30 years ago and still stink today!!

Honorable Mention-  REO Speedwagon, Hootie and the Blowfish,  KC and the Sunshine band. Although they are more a duet, Wham and the Carpenters also make my list.


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