The terror debate, Obama vs. Cheney

Last week, both President Obama and former vice president Dick Cheney gave speeches within a few hours of each other.  Obama in his typical fashion talked about closing Guantanamo Bay without really offering many specifics about his plans on what to do with the remaining prisoners.  He also talked about the same old thing about how we have lost our moral authority in the world and how we failed during the last 8 years to uphold this authority. He seemed to be saying that we are becoming less safe as a nation and must make some changes

It was refreshing to see Cheney come out and state the facts and put Obama on the defensive. The fact of the matter is that we have become much safer as a nation during the past 8 years and Obama should really examine what Cheney did and follow his policy.  This waterboarding issue is total nonsense. How can it be torture when someone went through 83 times? Torture is something that will cause meaningful physical harm to someone.  We give waterboarding to our Navy Seals during training so I doubt it can really be classified as torture.  If we can get valuable information from a terrorist by using this techniques. I am all for it.  In documents that Cheney was referring to, these methods may have saved thousands of American lives. Valuable intelligence was given about attacks on several cities in the western United States.

I am still wondering how closing Guantanamo Bay will make us a safer nation. Do you think other nations will really like us more if we close it down? And of course the question about what to do with the prisoners. Do we send them here for trials and trust our judicial system? Sending them to our maximum security prisons sounds like a good idea, however, I would hate to live in a city which has one of these prisons and become a target for a terrorist attack. You can bet terrorists will target these cities.

Terrorists are enemies of not only our nation but the world and we must not treat them like some average run of the mill criminal. It makes we sick when I hear some of these liberals talking about how we are taking away their rights and mistreating them.  Maybe if one of their loved ones got killed by a terrorist, they would have a different viewpoint.  Terrorists hate our values which Obama talked during his speech and would like nothing better than to destroy this country.  If waterboarding can help save just one innocent American life, it is well worth it. I am sure other countries will understand that and not hate us for it.  Cheney is absolutely right on this topic.



Every year, a certain illness strikes thousands of young people who are in their last year of high school and tends to really get worse in the spring time.  Many people in the medical field have tried but have yet to solve this common illness among young people called senioritis.

The symptoms start out with a sudden bout of laziness and lack of motivation.  Doing homework suddenly becomes more and more of a chore until it is  finally put off for good.  The thought of getting up in the morning and going to school becomes more and more difficult.  As the spring season approaches and the weather gets warmer outside, it becomes very difficult if not impossible to just skip school and hang out with your buddies.  The teachers and school officials that you have admired for so long suddenly are your biggest enemies and you just want no part of them.

When I was a senior in high school many years ago, I experienced the symptoms that many seniors do.  I suddenly developed the illness sometime in the month of March. It struck me really bad one night when I came home from track practice with a pile of homework to do.  I had a very difficult time trying to get my homework done and found myself day dreaming about the summer coming up.  As the weather warmed up outside, my attention span went totally out the door and I knew, I had senioritis.   Everyday, I looked at the calender on my wall and the countdown was on. Only 35 days left, 34.. and so on. I felt like a prisoner just waiting to get released from jail.

Finally, the long awaited senior final exams came.  I still remember the excitement of that final week. After my final test, I suddenly felt like a new person. I am done!!! Then I started talking to a few of buddies and realized that this may be one of the last times I will ever see some of my friends. During my graduation ceremony, a certain joy and sadness hit me. It is nice to be done with high school but I will really miss all of my friends, some of whom I have know since the 1st grade.  Sure high school is a drag with all those little rules but the memories I had in high school, good and bad will always be with me for the rest of my life.  I had many great memories in high school and for many people, those high school years were the best years. Just do not let that illness ruin your experience!

Vikings can’t lose with Favre

During the last few weeks, there has been a lot of speculation and rumors about the fate of Brett Favre and whether he will come out of retirement and play for the Vikings.  It is a hot sports item both nationally and locally here in the Twin Cities. I swear that some of the local media outlets have hired people just to camp out at the airport and at Winter Park to look for any sighting of old number 4.  It is the most overblown and hyped up sports story I have  experienced in a long time and frankly, I am sick of it!! Please Brett, just come here and get this thing over with or just announce you are done for good. Quit playing around like you always do.

Having said those things, I would welcome Favre with open arms if he decided to sign with the Vikings.  I know many people around here are against the move and I wonder what those people are smoking.  I have several reasons for wanting Favre here.

First of all, I personally feel that the Vikings are just a decent quarterback away from being an elite team and making a serious run for the Super Bowl. Having Tavaris  Jackson or Sage Rosenfels as the starting QB does not excite me.  I know Favre can still play and just a few years ago, he may have been the best quarterback in the league.  I know he probably has lost a bit but he still is a top ten quarterback when he is healthy and much better than the two stiffs we have.  Before he was injured last season, Favre was putting up some pretty good numbers and has shown he can turn a bad team around like he did with the Jets.

Another reason to make a run at Favre is that he would be a valuable teacher for both Rosenfels and Jackson and could really make an impact on both of their careers. I think Rosenfels is a bit like Favre when he first started playing and Favre’s  knowledge could really help him.

Of course from a business standpoint, the Vikings would really benefit with  a tremendous amount of  attention both nationally and locally.  No need to worrry about selling out any games with number 4 in the lineup. Can you imagine the interest in the Monday night on October 5th between the Vikings and the Packers if Favre were to sign with the Vikings.  ESPN would have record ratings for that game.  I also feel that the added attention the Vikings would get around here would help them in their quest for a new stadium.

The Vikings have several components in place to finally win a Super Bowl. The window of opportunity is for only so long. If Favre is healthy, he should seriously think about coming here.  There would be no better way to end a great career than to carry the Super Bowl trophy for the Vikings. That would really be sticking it to the Packers and I would just love it!!

My mother’s best simple advice

While driving to visit my mother this morning, I had a thought come across my mind. What was the best advice my mother ever gave me? I cannot really pin point any particular thing because my mom gave me some good advice on a number of things.  Everything from proper manners, taking care of my money, the importance of good grades and eating well.  However, the one thing that she really stressed was a simple little preventive health issue, simply washing my hands often.

As a young child, my mom would always lecture my sisters and I about washing our hands whenever we were out in public. She talked about all the germs we picked up and how they were just sitting on our hands waiting to enter our bodies. I don’t know about my sisters but that kind of freaked me out! I made sure thoroughly washed my hands before every meal.  It became a habit I developed a very early age which I still adamently do today. In the last 17 years of work, I have only missed one day of work and I credit a large part of that good attendance to simply washing my hands often.

With the swine flu spreading around the country,  It would be a good idea if  more  Americans followed my mother’s simple advice.  I cringe when I go to a public restroom and see people walked out and not wash their hands after doing their business.  That is really gross!!  My mom used to yell at me if I did that! Oh by the way, my mom is calling me for dinner. It is time to wash my hands.

Obama’s first 100 days, just more of the same crap

Yesterday marked the 100 day mark of  President Obama’s tenure as a president and it was very interesting to listen to some of the political commentators talk about his first 100 days in office and what lies ahead.  Personally, I think 100 days is way too short of a time frame to judge a new president.  Whether a president really succeeds can take years to determine.

First of all, I have to admit Obama took over during a very difficult period and certainly has a lot on his plate.  But please!!! Quit blaming your predecessor for all the problems that you inherited.  I shake my head in disbelief when I hear people blame the Bush administration and the Republicans for all of the problems this country is facing right now. The Democrats also had a big hand in causing some of these problems.  No doubt, things are not really good right now and the only way we can go is up.  So Obama is kind of in a win, win situation. Even a small improvement in the economy will cause people to really heep praise on him.

The biggest problem I have with the new president is his huge budget which will double the national debt over the next 10 years.  Can you imagine what things will be like in about 10 years if he gets his way. Inflation will be going through the roof and we will all be paying higher taxes, not just the rich people.  Our government spending is out of control and Obama just does not get it!! Sooner or later, our country will be paying for it and we will all suffer because of it. It  has been proven many times during the course of history that big spending from the government does not work  during a recession.

Pushing through a large partisan stimulus bill without much time for anybody to look at the bill was another black mark for the president.  The bill was very partisan and it just another example of  Washington politics as usual.  During his campaign, Obama promised to reach across the aisle and so far, I see very little evidence of that at all.  I always feel that the mark of a good president is to get the other side to agree with your policies and he has fallen well short.  It is interesting to note that most of the stimulus bill will not be spend this year. So what type of stimulus is this?  More and more people in this country are losing their jobs and some kind of help is needed right away!!

I agree with his policy of getting troops out of Iraq and increasing our troop level in Afghanistan.  However, as an American citizen, I find it very offensive for him to go Europe and talk about how arrogant this country is. Or accepting an anti-American book from a dictator and listen to another dictator ripe America during a speech.  What do you think Ronald Reagan would of done? If he had any common sense he should of walked out during the speech.  And releasing documents about CIA torture was not right.  That information should be strictly confidential.  Forget about be nice to terrorists who want to kill us!  I do not agree with Obama’s softball stance towards terrorists. These thugs deserve no rights or special treatments.

Looking ahead, we will soon find out whether his policies really are working and sooner or later,  it will be revealed whether this guy is just another smooth talking politician with a teleprompter.  If he continues with these radical left wing  policies,  many people in this country will eventually catch on and will vote him out in 2012.  If Obama really wants to succeed, he should be more like Ronald Reagan and less like Jimmy Carter. Unfortunately, the latter seems to be case.