Which is more tolerable, extreme heat or cold?

I have a question for all you weather whiners out there. If you had to pick a week of extreme weather, which would it be. A week of 100 degree heat with oppressive humidity or a week of 30 below zero with extreme wind chills?  And please do not say neither because it has to be one or the other. Which extreme can you deal with the best?

For me, the answer is very easy. I would take a major heat wave any day. In fact, I enjoy hot summer weather for some reason. It gives me a good excuse to spend more time at an area lake to cool down and lounge around. And I love those warm, sultry summer nights.  There is just something I like about sitting outside on a warm summer night provided there are not too many of those nasty bugs flying around! Of course if I had to work outside everyday in 100 degree temperatures, my attitude would probably change about the hot weather.  But in general, hot weather is not a problem with me.

On the other hand, frigid, cold weather in my opinion is the worst type of weather to deal with.  It is just flat painful to step outside for any length of time.  At least during a heat wave, you can find some shade or be outside during the evening.  One does not have to be coped up indoors all day with the ac running full blast. But during a cold snap, when is the best time to step outside? During the middle of the day when the windchill warms to 30 below after the sun comes out? I find it hard to step outside for even 30 seconds. There is nothing positive about extreme cold weather period unless you are a big time indoorsman or woman.  And dare I forget about trying to start your car in that type of weather. At least I can start my car during extreme heat.

Having lived in Minnesota all my life, I have experienced both types of weather and sometimes I wonder why I live here during those cold January days.  So the next time the temperatures skyrocket this summer and the air is thick with humidity, think about how bad it used to be in January when your face nearly fell off from walking into a biting windchill.