Trump vs “The Squad”

It happened yet again! President Trump found himself in the middle of another controversy early this week when he tweeted that certain members of Congress should go back to their homelands and fix their many problems before returning back here.  Those comments were mainly directed at one freshmen member of Congress in particular. That would be Representative Ilhan Omar, who happens to come from my home state of Minnesota. Other freshmen members of Congress were quick to criticize the President for his tweets and held a news conference the next day to express their outrage. In their minds, the comments made by President Trump were racist and he must face the music for daring to call out someone who is a Muslim immigrant.

Whether Trump’s latest tweet is racist is something that can be endlessly debated. I personally think this controversy is totally blown out of proportion. Yes, his comments may have been in bad taste, considering the current political climate and only gave ammunition to his critics. I am rather doubtful that the comments were racist though. There are far more racist comments that I hear coming from politicians these days, and this latest tweet ranks right at the bottom.

Funny how these women are all of sudden lecturing us and the President about making racist remarks when they are among the worst at making racist remarks. As you might remember, Representative Omar tweeted that Israel was some evil nation and Allah will soon take care of them. She in effect slammed many Jews and I consider that remark to be very racist in nature. Israel is a huge ally of the United States and those comments were definitely anti-American. Another member of this so-called group, Representative Rashida Tlaib from Michigan is famous for yelling during a rally that we must impeach the mother blanking President. Sadly, those comments were pretty much brushed under the rug. Imagine if some Republican had sad the same thing about President Obama? And let us not forget about the most famous one of this whole group, AOC. If you disagree with her positions, you are automatically labeled a racist. That is just who she is. A big time radical snowflake!

I personally find this group called the “The Squad” to be very un-American in their actions and statements. This group of newbies in Congress seem to care more about the rights of illegal immigrants than those of us who have been in this country for decades. Other positions that this group advocates for such as the New Green Deal will be extremely harmful to our economic well-being. It is refreshing to hear Trump call these people out for who they are. They are nothing more than a bunch of frauds. How they possibly got elected is totally amazing to me. I just wish that more politicians had the courage to call out these women. America is better off without them in power.