More of a threat than radical Islam? Really?

In the past few years, especially after the recent El Paso mass shootings, many media figures have been warning us about a group of terrorists that we should really worry about. No, it is not some group of radical people from the Middle East who want to kill every American in the name of Allah. That group would be none other than white supremacy groups. There is no question that pockets of these sick individuals have surfaced, not only in this country, but around the world, but are they a bigger threat than radical Islamic terrorists?  Personally, I do not buy into the believe that these people pose a bigger threat to the safety of all Americans. I am not saying that we should not ignore these groups. But the real threat to our peace is still by a large margin radical Islam groups.

Many of these media people like to bring out facts and charts to prove their points. It is very true that domestic terrorist attacks by white supremacy groups have exceeded Islam attacks since 9/11. But a large reason why is that we tend to spend more money and resources on fighting radical Islam both here and overseas. Our military and intelligence has done an outstanding job in taking the fight to those cowards overseas thus we have not seen another major attack on United States soil. And do not forget the outstanding job of our border agents who have caught some would be terrorists from doing damage in this country.

I am sure that the recent mass shooting in El Paso has certainly garnered the attention of enforcement agencies across this country and rightly so. No American should have to fear being attacked or shot at in any part of this country. But the number and scope of this radical movement is nothing compared to the size and number of radical Islamics around the world, including several in this country, who would like nothing more to kill thousands of innocent Americans in another 9/11.

What makes me even angrier is the huge double standard that some people seem to have in dealing with these white supremacists. They are very quick to point out what harm these groups will do to Americans, yet they seem to not apply the same type of urgency for stopping Islam jihadists from entering the country and committing acts against Americans. Why is that? And why do these same people support open borders which will no question lead to more radical Islamic attacks such as the one on 9/11?

Sorry but I do not have the same fear of white supremacy groups as I have for radical Islamic groups. When a white supremacy group takes over a government and calls for the death to America, then I will be concerned. But lets stop the nonsense and not compare the two groups. Both must be dealt with but one is far larger and more dangerous. And a far bigger threat to all Americans and people worldwide.


Unthinkable evil in Manchester

Terrorist attacks are suddenly becoming the norm in our society. Each one has its own unique face of evil attached to them. The latest high-profile attack last Monday in Manchester just shows what our free society is up against when thousands of innocent, young teenagers for the most part, were the targets of a very sick group of individuals. Really? What is the point of targeting a bunch of teenagers who were out enjoying a concert? What are you trying to prove? Yes people, we have a bunch of evil cock roaches roaming the earth at the present time and they must be exterminated as soon as possible.

Many of the victims at last week’s concert were young, enthusiastic, music loving teenagers. They are far from being harmful anyone on this earth. Some have probably been counting down the days for this concert put on by a very popular pop singer. It might have been the most anticipated day ever for many of them. The day of the concert arrives and it is a day that nobody wants to end. The concert is great, many do want it to end, then suddenly this happens at the end. Even those who survived the attack will have had their souls destroyed in some way or another. Some will be traumatized for the rest of their lives. Others will have to deal with missing limbs or physical pain for rest of their lives. All of this happened on perhaps a dream day prior to the blast. Suddenly, that dream day turned into a nightmare.

I join my fellow Americans in extending condolences to those poor people over there in the United Kingdom. We are standing with you people. Terrorism is a problem for all of us and we are all united in the fight against it.

It is almost inevitable that an attack such as the Manchester attack will happen here in the United States some day. There are a bunch of evil losers out there who cannot stand a free society. Sadly, many people fails to understand the magnitude of this situation. We need to band together with other countries who value the right to a free and safe environment. These evil thugs who carried out this attack do not deserve the right to live on this earth. Anyone who kills innocent teenagers deserves to go to the deepest and darkest depths of hell.

Standing with Belgium

In the aftermath of yesterday’s horrific terrorist attack in Brussels, there were countless signs of solidarity with that country. Several countries lit up landmarks with the color of the Belgium’s flag. The outpouring of support on social media was tremendous with so many folks offering their condolences and prayers to that great nation. You don’t even have to live in Brussels or in the country of Belgium to have been affected. Everyone in the world who believes in freedom and democracy were dealt a blow. It is just another sad reminder that we are living in an increasing evil world with a certain group of thugs trying to take over and force their radical ideas on everyone.

In my mind, this awful event is made even more tragic when you look at the victims. Why did they have to die? What did they do to deserve to die? Absolutely nothing!! They were just a bunch of innocent people in the wrong place at the wrong time. Some were young people in the prime of their lives much like the Paris massacre. They had the rest of their lives in front of them. In a split second, all those dreams of having a family, a promising career were dashed in an instant. Many who survived will face a lifetime of pain and suffering. Some might even wish that they had died in the attack. When I think of those innocent lives that were lost, my hatred towards these terrorists and their organizations grows even more. What kind of rational human being would want to do something like that to some innocent person?

There has been a lot of debate in the past few years about using waterboarding on terrorists as a means of obtaining valuable intel. Why is this even debated? If it can produce intel that stops another thug from taking the lives of innocent people, I say go ahead and do it! The more the merrier! It is time that these politicians quit playing softball with these terrorist organizations and show some might for crying out loud!! Too many elected officials are more concerned with those animals rights and doing it the so-called American way which includes releasing prisoners from jails so they can rejoin their terrorist thugs. Believe me politicians, I am a very angry voter who is taking notes! It is just a matter of time before these terrorists hit here.

In closing, I think it is important for anyone in this world who values peace and freedom to form a coalition in an effort to put out cowardly terrorists groups like ISIS for once and all. I don’t know a single person who lives in Belgium, but they share the same beliefs for peace and freedom that I do. For that reason, I stand will stand with Belgium and any other country who is willing to wipe out these cowards and make the world a safer and better place to live.

The wrong way of looking at the San Bernardino tragedy

It wasn’t more than an hour after the awful San Bernardino shootings when the righteous gun control crowd decided to play politics over this awful tragedy that took the lives of 14 innocent people and injured several others. “We must come up with new laws to stop these kinds of acts” was a common theme echoed by many of that crowd including President Obama and 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton . Never mind that little was known about the details of the shootings; it was a perfect opportunity for the gun control crowd to chime in and try to advance their agenda. The question I have is this, does anyone in their right mind believe that tougher gun control laws would have prevented this tragedy. It is simply ludicrous to even mention gun control with regards to this awful event. We are talking terrorism here people! I am sure that most terrorists will follow any gun control law that we come up with, won’t they?!

For starters, I believe that California has some of the toughest gun control laws in the country. Am I correct? Maybe we can learn a very valuable lesson here about the effects of strict gun control laws. They are nearly impossible to enforce. How are we going to stop some terrorist or terrorists from getting their hands on say assault rifles and shooting up a mall or workplace. Where there is a will, there is a way for these cowardly terrorists. Furthermore, these individuals could have killed just as many, if not more people by using various bombs which evidence shows were being produced at their home. They were intent on doing far more carnage than just shooting up a building. Why isn’t the gun control crowd talking about this and the fact that they had bomb making material at their hands?

The real issue here should be about protecting innocent Americans from terrorism, pure and simple. Why can’t certain people just admit that this was a terrorist act caused by RADICAL ISLAMIC JIHADISTS!!! I just shake my head in dismay when I hear people saying that they are uncertain whether this was a terrorist attack, IT WAS!!!! And to have the nerve to say that this proves that we need tougher gun control laws borders on complete stupidity and ignorance!!

Instead of asking for new gun control laws, why are publications like the New York Times not questioning our very apparent loose immigration enforcement where a terrorists can get into this country and perform a terrorist act on our soil? Any single American, you or I could have been the victim. These are the real issues our newspapers should be diving into.

It is time for some people to wake up and understand what the real problems are facing this country. The recent attack in California should alarm people to the fact that we have do have terrorists operating here in the United States. Our main and biggest focus should be on preventing these thugs from entering our country along with other anti-terrorism measures designed to make us safer. Instead we have some people who are more worried about stricter gun control laws which would NOT have prevented last Wednesday’s terrorist attack. Sadly, some of our politicians priorities are completely screwed up and their complete ignorance could come back to haunt our nation in the near future.








Satan’s army, ISIS, strikes again in France

Before I begin writing this post, I would like to take time to extend my deepest condolences and prayers to the great people of France and in particular, the families of those innocent victims who were brutally murdered by a bunch of cowardly thugs. My heart goes out to you guys and the United States has your back.

If there ever was any evidence that our world is becoming a less safer place to live in, the events of last Friday night should serve as serious wake up call. Many innocent people were enjoying a pleasant night on the town when the unthinkable happened. Without seconds, several lives were totally wiped out in a series of senseless and vicious attacks by a very dangerous and radical group bent on trying to change the identity of the world. The sad fact of the matter is that this attack could have happened anywhere in the world. You or I could have easily by one of the victims. The group that I am talking about ISIS or should I say, Satan’s army, has members all around the world including this country. No one is safe anywhere in the world these days. In my opinion, it is not if but when they will strike in this country. It is only a matter of time.

This group claims to be doing God’s work, but there is nothing Godly about what they are doing. The God that I worship speaks of loving one another and forgiving one another, even our enemies. My God strongly condemns killing people and other acts of violence which this group seems to enjoy taking part in. The actions of ISIS are straight out of Satan’s playbook. I challenge any member of this group to tell me how their philosophy of the world will make it a better place for everyone. They are evil, pure and simple. Not only evil but very cowardly. It take a real brave person to walk into a place with a bunch of unarmed people and start shooting, doesn’t it?

I find the attitude that certain politicians have towards this group to be rather disturbing as well. This is radical Islam pure and simple. Why cant the president admit this problem for what it is? It is a group of people with a very twisted version of Islam. It is a very serious problem with this country and the world. When I hear politicians like Bernie Sanders say that climate change is a more serious problem, it make my blood boil! What planet is he living on? It also upset me when we have politicians who are willing to accept many thousands of refugees from Syria into this country or not close our rather porous borders. A rational person would assume that out of those thousands of refugees, several may be members of ISIS getting a free pass into this country. The level of stupidity among some politicians is way off the charts!!

I have to admit that this latest episode in France has made me think twice about being in a public place such as a mall or a sporting event. It has always been in the back of mind how easy it would be for some radical people to step inside a shopping mall and kill thousands of people during a busy shopping day. The sad truth is, how can anyone stop something like this from happening. It would take an incredibly naive person to think that ISIS does not have members already in this country. They absolutely do! We need to take the fight to them over there with any means possible before they infiltrate this country and make our lives and future generations lives miserable. We also must help and support European countries such as France and Germany from further attacks. This a serious global problem that affects world peace for everyone. It is time to destroy the cockroaches known as ISIS once and forever before more innocent men, women and children lose their lives.  The next victim could be you or me.

Climate change or terrorism, which is the bigger threat?

The President recently made a statement that really got my attention. In an interview, he stated that climate change is the biggest threat the planet is facing right now and we MUST take action before it is far too late. Never mind that a nation, who is one of the leading supporters of terrorism, is close to making a nuclear weapon, or that a ruthless terrorist group is spreading around the world and knocking at our doorsteps. No, we have to do something about that doggone climate change before our planet burns up and civilization will cease to exist.

Count me as one of the many skeptics of those Al Gore disciples who run around in a panic mode declaring doom and gloom to our world if climate change is not immediately dealt with. I certainly believe in climate change and everyone should. Just a few months ago, I was shivering in sub-zero, freezing winter weather. Today with the arrival of nice spring weather here in Minnesota, I am tempted to dig out my shorts and flip-flops. In fact the climate has been changing since the beginning of the earth. We go through stretches were the earth is unusually warm followed by a cooling down. The same scientists who are warning us about climate change have been wrong so many times in the past 50 years. Remember when they were warning us about global cooling in the early 70’s? They were wrong then and they continue to be wrong now. Going around and sounding the alarm about global climate change is just plain fear mongering. Please!!! There is very little man can do about controlling the weather, period!! If there are going to be more temporary bouts of severe weather, then we need to find ways to cope with the new cycle of weather. People have been doing that for thousands of years There is no reason at all to increase the size of government at the expense of tax payers to deal with climate change. Why are we trying to deal with something like the weather which we have absolutely no control over?

Terrorism on the other hand is something that is an increasing problem in our world. Just last week, several young men were arrested in my city for wanting to join the ISIS terrorist group, yes, these young men resided right in my back yard! Who knows how many other radical people like them are living in this country. One of these days and it is very inevitable, someone from the group will act on our soil and kill many innocent people. It could be me or you or our loved ones. The thought of that happening sends shivers of horror up my spine. It would be terribly naive to think that those thugs are not already in this country now planning attacks. The same can be said of other peace-loving nations. The goal of this group and others like them are to control the earth. We must stop them immediately before it is too late.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel strongly that we should be good stewards of our earth and make it clean and livable as possible. Excess pollution is harmful to every human, no question. However, going around and telling people the sky is falling if we don’t deal with climate change now is just plain foolish. We simply cannot control something like the weather. We can control those radical people who threaten a peaceful world. Terrorism and the threat of terrorism is what really keeps me up at night. I will not or ever lose sleep because it is a few degrees warmer in the summer for a temporary period of time.

Jobs for ISIS terrorists?

In an interview on a cable news network show, a state department spokesperson spoke about the growing threat of radical terrorists and what must be done to help solve this problem. One of her comments might go down as the leading candidate for preposterous statement of the year. She stated that we cannot just continue to kill these terrorists; we must also look at their economic and jobs situations. Perhaps there is a way that we can help rebuild the economies of the regions where these terrorists come from. Okay, I see. So that is part of the solution. Get a terrorist a job and he or she will stop killing innocent people and turn from their evil ways. To make a statement like that shows a total level of ignorance regarding the problem. Unfortunately, many in the current administration seem to have the same ignorant views on how to deal with the expansion of ISIS in other countries. Our president even wants us to hear the grievances of those groups. He seems to believe that hearing those grievances will go a long ways into making peace with the terrorists. Who is he trying to kid?!!

The White House even decided to hold a summit this week on how to deal with the terrorist problem. Interesting enough, one of the participants was a gentlemen who strongly believes that Israel is part of the problem. That shows you a lot about how legitimate and productive this conference probably was. The fact is, this problem of growing extremism is pretty cut and dry. Groups like ISIS want to establish a caliphate not only in the Middle East, but around the world including yes, here in the United States. They will not stop until that goal is met. Unlike the president who refuses to call it a radical form of Islam, I will. I do not understand why the president has such a tough time saying this. These terrorists have essentially hijacked the Islam religion, pure and simple. We do not need to hear their grievances, they should be well-known. They believe people who do not share their beliefs, Muslim or non-Muslim are the enemies and most be destroyed. They view the United States as being the great Satan of the world. For someone to say that giving these people better economic opportunities and jobs will change their way of thinking is utterly ridiculous!!

It is time that we quit playing softball with these cock roaches and simply do everything in our power to destroy them RIGHT NOW!!! Sending a clear and stern message that their actions will not be tolerated is the only way to go. Enough of this trying to be politically correct by not naming it radical Islam. Or deflecting the problem by bringing up the silly comparisons to the Christian religion and their past violence. The lack of leadership in dealing with the issue of radical Islam by the White House is very troubling. ISIS is expanding into other countries and their methods are becoming more and more barbaric. More and more innocent people are becoming victims of these thugs including many women and children. 21 men were beheaded last week in Libya just because they happened to be of the Christian faith. I did not hear much outrage from the White House over this incident. We are a Christian nation and this terrorist act was an act against many of us. If I were the president. I would have strongly condemned it. Instead, I hear a lecture from the same spokesperson talking about how Christian groups have committed similar acts of murder. Really? So you are saying that the number of Christian radical groups in the world poses the same danger to the world as radical Islamic groups?

I challenge that state department spokesperson to lead a job fair in Syria and let’s see how far that goes. An evil terrorist’s mind will never change no matter what their economic conditions are. The only job that matters to an ISIS terrorist is killing people including innocent men, women and children who do not agree with their doctrine. Perhaps we should use our tax money instead to help improve our economic situation. Just a thought!