Final thoughts on a classic Super Bowl

Flash back to mid December of last year. Suppose you went to Vegas and laid some money down on a Super Bowl champion. Which team would it be? The Green Bay Packers were sexy pick followed  by San Francisco,  Denver and New England. Baltimore? Are you crazy? They are not even a lock to make  the playoffs after losing 3 straight games.  Now a few months later, the Baltimore Ravens are sitting on top of the world as Super Bowl champs. A simply amazing run which seems to be the trend in the last few NFL playoffs. A few years ago, the Packers got hot and won the Super Bowl, last year was the New York Giants turn and this year, the Ravens. None of those teams had great regular seasons and had  to scramble just to make the playoffs. The Ravens had to rely on a miracle pass in Denver to keep their season alive and went on to win that game in overtime. I got the feeling at the time that this was their year. Fate was on their side. Sure enough, they did it and I  have to tip my cap to a very good football team who overcame a lot this year to win the title.  Winning road playoff games at Denver and New England, followed by beating a superior San Francisco team, definitely gives this team a lot of cred. They earned their title and did it the hard  way.  I have a few observations and thoughts from the game.

1.  The power outage.  Listening to those clowns on CBS during the outage was very painful. I would take the Fox crew over these guys any day.  Bill Cowher made a very foolish statement about putting Alex Smith in the game.  Are you kidding me!! When the game resumed after that painful delay, people were talking about how the delay hurt the Ravens and slowed down their momentum. That may be true but did anybody not doubt that  the 49er’s would come back? Even though they only scored 6 points at the half, they were moving the ball up and down the field and Baltimore was fortunate enough to get a couple of turnovers.  Deep down, I knew San Fran  had a run in them.

2.  The non-call in the end zone.  There has been a lot of talk today about that holding penalty in the end zone near the end of the game that was not called. You can debate that play all you want but I believe referees should not determine the outcome of the game, players should. The 49er’s should not use that play as an excuse. They had 4 chances on the 5 yard line to score a touchdown and failed. Blame  the play calling, not the referee. Most refs would never call a penalty in that situation.

3.  Joe Flacko.  Flacko’s contract is up and I would love to be his agent. His post-season play made him a ton of money.  He has got to be the most underrated player in the league. Never gets the attention of the top quarterbacks in the league but the guy is very steady and cool under pressure. I would love to have him on my team. He deserves a nice contract.

4.  The commercials.  I definitely have to give a mention to the commercials . My favorite was the Taco Bell one with the old farts sneaking out for a night on the town. That was a great one!! Very humorous!! The Budweiser commercial was extremely touching and was my runner-up.  I also enjoyed the Tide and Paul Harvey truck commercials.

Overall, this game was one of the better Super Bowl games ever.  It had a lot of drama at the end, a good halftime show and a bizarre power outage. They will be talking about this game for ages. Next year’s game will be played outdoors in New Jersey. How about a big time snowstorm?