The Mcilroy, Tiger comparisons

Last weekend, the sports world was buzzing about the dominating performance of a young golfer at the U.S. Open.  Rory Mcilroy,  a 22 year old from northern Ireland tore up the field and won the championship by a wipe margin.  If it were not for a Sunday choke job at this year’s Masters, Mcilroy  would have been 2 for 2 in this year’s majors and the talk of a grand slam for 2011 would have definitely heated up.

Already, there is talk about Mcilroy being the next great thing in golf and many people are saying that he is the next Tiger Woods.  Certainly, Mcilroy is a very talented player but let’s not jump the gun on the comparison. Mcilroy has only won one major and for people to say he is the next Tiger is way premature.  I think golf is really looking for the next superstar and people are eager to anoint him as the next big thing in the sport.  But the fact is that there are many talented and young players in the game. How about Dustin Johnson and Bubba Watson to name a few? The game of golf is blessed with a number of young, upcoming stars and it is unfair to suddenly say this guy or this guy will be the next Tiger.

Winning 14 majors like Tiger did and he no doubt will win a few more is a remarkable feat and I doubt any player will match that again.  The field in professional golf is becoming deeper and deeper and for someone to dominate the sport like Woods did is truly amazing.  When Mcilroy starts winning multiple majors in a year, then we can start the comparisons. Sure Mcilroy won in a very dominating fashion but that is just one golf tournament. I have seen many one hit wonders who suddenly fail to win another major. The mark of a truly great player is one who wins multiple majors like Tiger did.  Mcilroy has the potential but let’s not pass the touch to him yet.