Calling out Congressional Republicans

Quite frequently my blog posts, I like to single out politicians and political parties for their outright incompetence and stupidity. The Democratic party is a frequent target of mines because in my opinion, they are so far removed from reality and what actually works in solving some of our country’s most pressing problems. Today, I am going to switch gears a bit and lay my wrath on the Republican party. Their actions during the last few weeks have only reinforced my disdain for both major parties in this country.

The health care bill known as Obamacare has long been a sore spot among many people and repealing the bill has always been a favorite talking point among Republicans. The bill was passed without one single Republican vote and the Democratic party owns the bill. It is one of the major reasons that Republicans has enormous success in last November’s election. People are paying much higher premiums and deductibles for health care coverage due to the many foolish overreaches of this bill. Obamacare will collapse in a few years and we elected Republican majorities in both the House and Senate as well a new Republican president to fix the bill. They PROMISED they would fix it! Well judging from what is happening in Congress, this bill is a long ways from being fixed.

It is a long-held belief of mine and many others that perhaps this bill will never be fixed. The Republican party has the ball in their court right now and they are far too divided as what to do next. It is an extremely sad day in America to see a major party not even agreeing on what should be a very common sense solution to fixing a bad bill. Where is the leadership in the Republican party these days? We know that the Democrats will not even attempt to work with the Republican party in attempting to come up with a better bill.

If the Republicans cannot even come up with a consensus bill to fix Obamacare, how can we even have faith in them to handle other legislation such as tax reform or immigration? Are they going to fight among themselves in trying to come up with practical solutions to these problems as well? Furthermore, this party has nearly 7 years to come up with a solution to Obamacare and they are still divided! That is totally unacceptable in my eyes.

The Republican party has a golden opportunity both at the Federal and State levels to rule for long periods of time. We know how incompetent the Democratic party is at the current time. The Republican party has some good ideas to counter some of the ridiculous plans of the Democrats. Sadly, they cannot even agree on what is  totally right for the American people.  The Republicans in Congress seem to be more concerned about themselves and their own ideologies than compromising. In the end, we all lose. If anyone wonders why Congress has such low approval ratings, last week’s failed attempt to overall Obamacare is a classic example. Our country has seen enough of this foolishness!