Just say no to socialism

A very alarming trend is hitting the United States, and no, it is not some new fashion or beverage to hit the market. It is a particular ideology that many believe will make it “fair” for everyone in this country to live a good and prosperous life. That ideology is called socialism and the Democratic party seems to have a growing support for it. A number of members want a more European style of government where basically what you make in life is controlled by a central figure and is spread equally among members of a country. That form of ideology is very different from the current heavy capitalism model. Now granted, the country does have some very light socialist programs that everyone pays into. For example, we pay taxes to the government so our streets can be taken care of in the winter time. I certainly get that. But socialism expands greatly on that concept and creates a huge government that includes more than just taking care of your basic human needs. It is supposed to take of every need, free health care, free tuition, guaranteed income in case you happen to decide to quit your lousy job and so on.

On paper, this looks very appealing. There are a number of people in this country who probably cannot afford to go to college and free college seems to be the only way they can go. There is a huge problem though that often goes unnoticed. Who pays for this? Imagine if all public colleges in the country were suddenly forced to be free? Who would pay the professors? As you can quit imagine, it would be us the tax payers. And don’t give me this crap that this so-called investment will pay for itself. What guarantee do we have that it will?

The same goes for this “Medicare for All” concept that is floating around. Once again, it sounds like some great idea that everyone with the snap of a finger can have top-notch medical care. A recent Democratic stated her desire to end all private insurance companies and switched to this radical concept. The price tag for “Medicare for All” would be absolutely enormous as well. Where would the money come from?

In order to pay for these massive programs, socialist supporters want heavy taxes particularly on the rich. A 70 percent marginal tax rate and higher is often mentioned as a way to pay for these programs. I find it hard to believe that these higher rates would even come close to paying for all these programs. If you do the math, it does not even come close. You could tax the ultra rich 100 percent and still not come up with the necessary funding. On top of that, those tax rates will severely cripple our economy for years. Suppose for a minute that a rich business owner is forced to pay several thousand dollars more in taxes each year. Do you think they will have any desire to expand and grow their companies and hire more workers and hire more people?Absolutely not! Who would even consider investing anymore? What motivation would anyone have to start a new business with those type of taxes? I certainly would not want to! Furthermore, if adopted, under those tax rates, unemployment would skyrocket and with more people out of work, the tax revenue that would be gained with higher taxes would be greatly offset and even diminished by more people out of work and less spending.

Besides being unsustainable, socialism is very dangerous in its promises to people. What happens when that gravy train runs out of money? As we saw in Greece several years ago, it leads to violence and unrest in a country. And believe me, the more this country becomes socialist, the more unrest we will have. Also, the larger a government becomes, the more corrupt it becomes especially with our money.

Probably the biggest issue that I have with socialism is that it punishes people who have actually had some success in life and that is not morally right. It is not right to punish someone who has worked hard to achieve much in life and has been very smart with their money. Imagine if you took a class and studied very hard to obtain a good grade. There were others in your class who did not study as hard and failed to do any homework or even attend class. At the end of the semester, the professor suddenly announces that everyone will get the same grade; how would that make you feel? That my friend is socialism in a nutshell.

If we are to help the poor and the middle class in this country, we must find ways to make capitalism, not socialism, stronger in this country. The ideas being mentioned by some of these Democrats are utterly ridiculous, foolish and irresponsible. It is our duty to keep socialism out of this country by not voting for these idiots. Capitalism is what and will always make this country great. Socialism will just make a bunch of government officials rich and the rest of us poor. Just ask the poor folks in Venezuela. How is socialism working for them?




If Trump were a Democrat


After watching the recent televised speech by President Trump to drum up support for his proposed border wall, a rather interesting thought came to my mind regarding this issue. Suppose for a minute that our President was a member of the opposite party, the Democratic Party. Do you think President Trump would be having the same difficulty in pursuing the 5 billion asking price from Congress?

I found it rather interesting to hear the thoughts of Democratic representatives following his speech. Both Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Shumer were clearly placing the blame for this ongoing government shutdown on the President for demanding the money or else the government will continue to be partially shutdown. Like many Democrats, they tried to play the victim card again talking about how this shutdown has affected many thousands of workers as well as bring up how immoral this wall would be. Pelosi even went as far as talking about how this whole crisis at the border is just a “manufactured crisis”.

I can’t help but imagine what their response would have been had President Trump declared last week that he is suddenly switching parties and will no longer be a member of the Republican party. You can bet your last dollar that Pelosi would lead the charge for financing the new and in her own probable words “a beautiful new wall”. Shumer would join her as would many of their fellow Democrats. You would no longer hear talk about how expensive or immoral the wall would be. Instead the theme would shift dramatically to the need protecting our borders and how a wall would be a great thing for the people of the United States. Of course, a few Republicans would probably protest the price tag and do the same switch of support. How could Trump make the tax payers pay for such a massive project would be their probable response. However, I do feel that the President would have a very easy time getting bipartisan support for the wall if he were a Democrat. There is no doubt in my mind that he would and we would not be having this partial government shutdown.

Unfortunately that is not the case and President Trump is steadfast in his asking for wall funding. And he should be. The price tag is actually a very small percentage of the Federal budget. Is that asking too much to better protect millions of people in this country?

The sad thing about this whole controversy about the wall funding and the partial government shutdown is that at one time, both Shumer and Pelosi supported much more monetary value in making our borders safer. Now that Donald Trump is the President, their tune has dramatically shifted and they are no longer supporting giving Trump his asking price. It is nothing more than an effort by Democrats to obstruct the President in helping him reach a much desired victory.

The current shutdown could easily be stopped if Democrats such as Shumer and Pelosi quit playing partisan politics and looked at what was best for this country. Surely if President Trump were a Democrat they would.

Another senseless government shutdown

Yes, it happened again! President Trump and members of Congress, mainly Democrats, are at odds over a new budget deal and we have yet another partial government shutdown. How long this shutdown will last is a huge mystery. Negotiations are currently taking place and I have to believe that a settlement is very imminent and this shutdown will not be a long. Nevertheless, about a 1/4 of the federal government is shut down at the current time. Ironically, the dispute between Trump and the Democrats is over too much funding where suddenly the Democrats are claiming that we will be spending too much taxpayer money over a particular item, in this case a new border wall. Just when have the Democrats become the party of fiscal responsibility?

The amount of money that Trump is asking for to build this security wall is around 5 billions dollars. At first glance, this figure seems to be rather imposing to the typical individual. 5 billion dollars of taxpayer money appears to be a ridiculous amount of money. However, when you consider what the total budget of the federal government is, this figure is only a small fraction of the total amount of money contained in the federal budget. I wonder if these same Democrats who are howling about giving away taxpayers money are just as concerned about us giving away large sums of money to Iran or other foreign countries.

Some say that a border wall will be ineffective and a total waste of money. I say hogwash to that! A wall has worked very well in Israel and China for many years. A physical barrier is a very effective way of stopping or discouraging illegals from entering this country. Add in new technology such as sensors and drones and the wall would be very effective. Spending a small portion of the federal budget to enable this country to be much safer is a complete no-brainer of an idea. Why would anyone be against such a common sense idea?

Unfortunately, we have a bunch of politicians in Congress who do not have any common sense. They cannot appreciate the magnitude of harm that illegal immigration causes this country. If you want to play a blame game over this impasse, blame the politicians who are just playing politics over national security. I cannot blame President Trump one bit for shutting down the government. It is unfortunate that we have several elected officials who are the real cause of yet another senseless government shutdown.

A few final thoughts on the midterms and looking ahead

For the past several months, many of my Democratic Facebook friends were really looking forward to the 2018 midterm elections. Talk of this massive Blue Wave or many Democratic wins across the country were being predicted by them. It was a night that could not come soon enough. Finally, a chance for a little redemption after the humiliation they endured in the general election of 2016. I know a few Democrats pulled off some nice wins, but if you are a Democratic supporter, I have a hard time believing that you got what you had hoped for. In fact, it sounds almost like many Democrats came away feeling defeated again. That Blue Wave turned out to be nothing more than some ripple. Sure the Democrats took control of the U.S. House, but they actually lost a few seats in the very important Senate. Furthermore, many of the high-profile races that the Democrats were counting on for victory ended as huge losses despite a lot of money being spent on their candidates. As a somewhat hack political observer, I have a few observations about the results of last Tuesday’s election.

1. The Trump effect. Our president did a fine job of rallying support for several key Senate races and his hard work really paid off. Several candidates that he supported won. It is a complete myth to believe that President Trump is so unpopular that many people would use this election to vote against him. The results ended up showing that Trump still has a lot of support from many Americans.

2. Health Care. Remember when the economy used to be the biggest factor on voters minds. If the economy was going well, the incumbent could run on that and have a huge advantage. Maybe I am wrong but it seemed like health care was the biggest topic on people’s minds during this election. More specifically, it was about protecting pre-existing conditions. I believe many Democrats used this topic to their advantage.

3. A big lesson for Democrats coming up in 2020. I know it is a dream for Democrats to beat President Trump in the 2020 election. They will no doubt find many candidates who they feel will fulfill that huge challenge. Perhaps they might want to consider a candidate who is a more moderate Democrat rather than some wacky far-left candidate. Many of those moderate Democrats did quite well and the far-left candidates struggled in last week’s election. The American people at this time have no appetite for some crazy Socialist running the country. The party seems to being tilting further left all the time and that will come back to haunt them in 2020 and beyond.

4. City versus rural areas. I found it rather interesting that many large cities continue to heavily favor Democrats while many rural areas favor the Republicans. The election results really showed this especially in my state. If anyone wants to look at the great divide that is currently going on in this country, all they have to do is pull out a map and see where the voters are from each party. We have a battle going on between the country and city folks.

5. A huge political hypocrisy. Remember when Judge Kavanaugh was being accused of sexual abuse just a few months ago. Many protesters lined the streets over his nomination and appointed to the Supreme Court. Does the name Keith Ellison ring a bell to anyone? Ellison won the Attorney Generals race here in Minnesota despite several sexual abuse allegations against him. The same people who hollered that Kavanaugh must not be nominated because of those allegations are also some of Ellison’s biggest supporters. Funny how that works in politics.

As far as what lies ahead now that the dust has settled and the 2020 elections on next on the agenda, I just see more gridlock in Congress and many more investigations against Trump by Democrats in House. Trump will retaliate and demand investigations against the Democrats. It will be just a continuous war between Trump and the Democrats. If the Democratic party wants to have some success beating Trump in 2020, they might want to legislate and come up with some ideas that would actually help the average American. Having your main goal as impeaching Donald Trump will not cut it with the typical American. Legislate not investigate should be their motto going forward. Sadly, I do not think that will register with many Democrats in the House and that will result in more future disappointments for the party.



The uneducated voter

There is a huge election in this country coming up on Tuesday. Many critical seats, both at the national and local level, are at stake. Yours truly is extremely eager to make the long 1/4 mile trek to my local polling place. I think many people in this country feel the same way as I do. We feel very excited to exercise our civic duty as citizens to elect people we feel will best serve US and I mean US! People tend to forget that these politicians work for us; we are their bosses and we are responsible for hiring them. One of the things that I find really fascinating about elections are the people who show up and vote. I wonder what drives people to vote the way they do. Some voters are strictly one issue voters. A particular candidate may be appealing to them because they are strong supporters of education and education alone. Others like myself are more driven based on the party of the candidate. Unfortunately, many folks show up at these polling places with completely no knowledge of what they are voting for.

I see many high level people on the campaign trail this week urging people to get out and vote. Former President Barack Obama was at a rally yesterday urging people to make a difference and get out and vote. I certainly praise him for saying that but I might add that we need more educated and informed voters. It is sad that in today’s political climate, style over substance usually wins over people. A particular candidate may appear on a television ad asking people for their support. He or she may appear to be very personable, physically attractive and well spoken. They may say all the right things. A voter is instantly hooked when they see these people running for office. But do you know the background of this person who you are about to hire? What kind of past record do they have? What issues did they support and are currently supporting at the present time? The internet is full of information on candidates, but unfortunately, many voters are just too lazy to do their homework before entering the polling place. If you are one of these people, maybe you should just stay home and not vote! It is a strong disservice to not only the candidates, but to your fellow citizens, to be an uneducated voter.

I have a lot of respect for people who seem to be very knowledgeable of the issues and can explain and articulate in great detail on why they vote a certain way. Even if their views are completely different from mine. I do NOT have respect for those narrow-minded people who only vote because that candidate seems to be a very nice man or woman. We have had many very nice people in the past who are terrible politicians! Or some simple-minded individual who claims that they are voting against someone because that person will take away their health care. Believe me, no candidate wants to do that! Maybe you have been watching too many political ads if you believe in that nonsense. Regardless, I hope everyone gets out on Tuesday and exercises one of the greatest rights we have, the right to vote. In the meantime, take a little bit of time to brush up on the candidates and do your homework. The candidates and our voting system is much better when we have many strongly informed and knowledgeable voters going to the polls.

Sorry but a little civility in politics is needed

A couple of news clips really caught my attention this week. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was on some news show and was asked about the current uncivil nature of politics in this country. Clinton explained to the interviewer that it is impossible to be civil when you have people trying to take away what you strongly believe in. Another clip involved former Attorney General Eric Holder. Holder brought up a quote from former first lady, Michelle Obama. She said ” If they (political opponents) go low, we go high”. Holder rephrased to quote to say “No, if they go low, we kick them!” So there you have it. That is all you need to know about the attitude of many politicians regarding staying somewhat civil in today’s political climate. Forget about winning over people by articulating your ideas better than your opponents by using facts and past history. No, that is simply not good enough. You need to harass them at every opportunity. Even former President Barack Obama encouraged his disciples to get into the faces of those who disagree with you.

It is extremely unfortunate that politics have now become this. We are now seeing members of Congress and members of the White House staff being harassed in public places by very radical people. Just last month, a member of Team Trump was harassed in a restaurant over Trump’s policies on illegal immigration. Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was told to leave a restaurant because she is committing the unforgivable sin of working for President Trump. A congressman was shot during a congressional softball practice by a deranged man who was a harsh opponent of his party. The list goes on and on and these events will probably become more and more common in the upcoming months especially if the Democrats do not get their much promised so-called “Blue Wave”. I am scared to death that these little acts will lead to something far greater, like assassination attempts. Something has to be done quickly before it is too late. It is rapidly getting out of control.

I know many people, especially many leftists, probably feel that these means of intimidation will result in more votes and greater power. If they feel that way, they are sadly mistaken. Harassing people in these examples is just pure and simply rude and classless. If you want your beloved people to win elections, articulate in great detail and truthfully why their policies will help the people in this country. Spend time campaigning in all areas of the country to get your message out. Explain why your policies are so much better than your opponents. The voters are willing to listen. It is as simple as that. Maybe these acts of rudeness and mob mentality are acts of desperation by angry people who have no decent or reasonable plans to fall back on.

As a voter, I am very turned off by bully politics. It has no place or time in this country. People should learn to respect the views and ideas of their opponents and give them an opportunity to express those views instead of shouting them down. Are there any members of the Democratic party who are willing to take a stance and condemn these sick acts? I would be very disgusted if some member of a party who I supported did some of these same things. Can we PLEASE have a little civility in politics? Is that too much to ask?

The wild and crazy Kavanaugh hearings

You would think that a highly qualified candidate for the Supreme Court would have no problem getting confirmed. Brett Kavanaugh is one of the most qualified potential justices that has ever been nominated and his appointment as one of the justices should be a slam dunk. But in the very divisive world that we live in these days, his nomination hearings this week has been hardly anything but smooth. Kavanaugh is believed to have conservative views on many of the important issues that this country is facing and that apparently is not sitting too well with many of the radical left-wing Senate Democrats. They are desperately trying to block his nomination at all costs even have protesters disrupt the hearings. The hearings this week have turned in some sort of political circus and I hope voters will remember these obstructionist Democrats this November when the mid-terms take place.

One of the biggest fears from those critics of Kavanaugh is that he is to help overturn Roe vs Wade. Several lies have come out against Kavanaugh alarming women that if this guy gets confirmed, your rights with regards to your body will be taken away. There is absolutely no evidence to indicate that Kavanaugh would even consider overturning this piece of legislation. Why is there so much hysteria over basically an unproven belief? Others worry that he will basically turn this nation’s set of laws in a bunch of conservative only laws. Nothing could be further from the truth.

While Senate Democrats continue to try and dig up more mud on this guy, they might want to remember what Kavanaugh said about the role of a justice on the Supreme Court. He stated very clearly that a justice has the role of following the Constitution and has a duty of FOLLOWING THE LAW, NOT MAKING THE LAW. That answer alone should score major brownie points with anyone who has concerns with Kavanaugh.

Maybe the Senate Democrats should put aside their own little political biases and consider how qualified this man really is. Unfortunately this hearing is nothing more than a political circus and yet another attempt to discredit the presidency of Donald Trump since Trump was the one who nominated Kavanaugh. In the end, Trump will get yet another win under his belt with the confirmation of Kavanaugh and the Democrat obstructionists will lose again.