What about public education?

In the next several months, numerous candidates will enlighten us on their personal positions regarding the likes of health care, climate change, the economy, immigration and so forth. One issue that I find extremely important yet fails to get mention very often is the issue of education in our country, particularly with our public schools. We like to brag about how we are world leaders in numerous areas, however, education is not one of them and that is very troubling to me.

A few minutes ago, I glanced at a chart rating how our students do in math, reading and science skills compared to other countries and the charts raised some eyebrows with me. Our students were basically stuck in the middle in all three categories. Here we have a nation with plenty of wealth and resources, yet our students are only average in those important areas. How sad is that?!! We should be near the top in all those categories. Reading, math and science proficiencies at numerous inner city schools are disturbingly low. 13 schools in the Baltimore school district recently had zero students proficient in mathematics. These facts should alarm every American. What is really going on with our public school systems and where is the accountability?

I hear people constantly talk about income inequality and how can we make things fair so the system works for all Americans. That is certainly a fair discussion, but very few people tie in education with this discussion. Someone who is poorly educated will struggle all their life trying to find a good paying livable wage job. Many of today’s jobs require a high degree of technical knowledge and if you do not have good math skills, you will struggle to find a job suited to your skills.

Unfortunately, so many of those running for office, especially in the Democratic party would rather discuss climate change or LGBT rights. CNN just recently held a long 7 hour forum on climate change which in my view and millions of others, a very low rated political issue. Discussing how to improve our education system is far more important.

Our education system right now should be given a nice fat C. It needs to improve. So many of our societies ills are a result of a broken education system. We need to start now.



Trump vs “The Squad”

It happened yet again! President Trump found himself in the middle of another controversy early this week when he tweeted that certain members of Congress should go back to their homelands and fix their many problems before returning back here.  Those comments were mainly directed at one freshmen member of Congress in particular. That would be Representative Ilhan Omar, who happens to come from my home state of Minnesota. Other freshmen members of Congress were quick to criticize the President for his tweets and held a news conference the next day to express their outrage. In their minds, the comments made by President Trump were racist and he must face the music for daring to call out someone who is a Muslim immigrant.

Whether Trump’s latest tweet is racist is something that can be endlessly debated. I personally think this controversy is totally blown out of proportion. Yes, his comments may have been in bad taste, considering the current political climate and only gave ammunition to his critics. I am rather doubtful that the comments were racist though. There are far more racist comments that I hear coming from politicians these days, and this latest tweet ranks right at the bottom.

Funny how these women are all of sudden lecturing us and the President about making racist remarks when they are among the worst at making racist remarks. As you might remember, Representative Omar tweeted that Israel was some evil nation and Allah will soon take care of them. She in effect slammed many Jews and I consider that remark to be very racist in nature. Israel is a huge ally of the United States and those comments were definitely anti-American. Another member of this so-called group, Representative Rashida Tlaib from Michigan is famous for yelling during a rally that we must impeach the mother blanking President. Sadly, those comments were pretty much brushed under the rug. Imagine if some Republican had sad the same thing about President Obama? And let us not forget about the most famous one of this whole group, AOC. If you disagree with her positions, you are automatically labeled a racist. That is just who she is. A big time radical snowflake!

I personally find this group called the “The Squad” to be very un-American in their actions and statements. This group of newbies in Congress seem to care more about the rights of illegal immigrants than those of us who have been in this country for decades. Other positions that this group advocates for such as the New Green Deal will be extremely harmful to our economic well-being. It is refreshing to hear Trump call these people out for who they are. They are nothing more than a bunch of frauds. How they possibly got elected is totally amazing to me. I just wish that more politicians had the courage to call out these women. America is better off without them in power.

Why stop at student debt forgiveness?

There is no doubt that student debt is and should be a very important issue facing this country today. The cost of attending a typical 4-year university is going through the roof and many students are saddled with a huge, burdensome loan that they have to pay off after finishing school. Some do not even finish school.

A couple of Democrat candidates running for president in 2020 are the latest to come up with a solution to this ever increasing problem. Instead of looking at the real reason why schools are charging some much, they believe the answer lies in just forgiving most of the student debt. When I heard these proposals, it made me think why I was so unfortunate to have attended college when I did. Heck, I could just rack up a huge debt and just let the Federal government forgive my debt. Just let some rich hedge fund manager from Wall Street bail me out. It is a great country isn’t it? Why take on any personal responsibility for paying back the loan when you have a bunch of rich people running around who are more than willing to pick up my tab?

While we are discussing debt among people, why not also have a debt forgiveness among those who have huge credit card balances? Maybe those same candidates could add to this debt proposal and include credit card debt as well. Some people have accumulated huge credit card debt from attending college as well. They have used cards to buy textbooks and other supplies. A typical job out of college probably does not pay enough to pay for all of that fancy furniture that you need for your first apartment or house. You need to use a credit card to pay for all those so-called necessities with the hope of paying it back asap. It is certainly not fair that some of these rich people running around have so much and you have so little. So why not just hike the tax rate up so people can have their debt totally erased forever?

In theory, this sounds like a perfectly fair idea until you look at the consequences of doing such a thing. A corporation who gets hit with a huge tax increase will just pass this on to consumers like you and I. These huge tax increases that these Democratic candidates are proposing will actually do very little to help the normal or little guy in the long run. Somebody has to pay for these free bailouts and yes, it will probably also include us little people as well.

I just wish that for once, these Marxist Democrats will talk about personal responsibility for once and how we need to have a plan for paying back these loans and credit cards once we have accumulated a lot of debt. Why should I have to help pay for some irresponsible individual who attends college for several years and never graduates. That is on THEM and they should have to pay back their loans. Personal responsibility seems to be a lost concept these days especially when you are dealing with a few members of the Democratic party.

A very difficult task for Joe Biden

Former Vice President made an announcement this past Thursday that shocked no one. He announced that he is throwing his hat into the ring to run for president in 2020. Biden will join about what? 200 other Democratic candidates in vying for the party nomination. While many people wish Biden the best of luck, including this blogger, his dream of actually winning the party nomination and beating President Trump in 2020 is one uphill battle that will require some magic on his part. The chances of him winning the presidency in 2020 might be slim to none and slim has just left the building! Maybe old Joe is better off taking it easy for the remaining years of his life and move to some nice quiet place where he can enjoy his retirement. But like many people including President Trump and Bernie Sanders, Biden just does not know when to call it quits.

There are so many factors going against Biden that I do not even know where to start. First of all, do we want some guy who will be 77 years of age shortly after the election running our country? Sorry all you Biden supporters but I shutter to think that some old fart will have the energy and stamina to run this country. Sure you might counter that Trump is no spring chicken either. I agree but Trump has shown that he has the energy that would rival most 40 year old men. I do not see that in Biden. Furthermore will he be able to effectively run a good campaign at that age? I have my doubts about that.

Biden does not fit the ideal candidate that many people in the Democratic party want to run. He is some old white guy who is not quite far left enough to satisfy the taste of many of his fellow Democrats. The party wants some Socialist candidate who better yet is some minority individual. That would be their dream candidate. Biden does not fit that type of profile. It would be a tough task for him to even get the party nomination.

The former Vice President was also a part of a failed administration that had a very poor record, especially on the economy. Since President Trump took office, the economy has really taken off and shows no signs of any letdown. I would assume that Mr. Biden will want to adopt the same failed policies of former President Barack Obama and this country has no appetite to return to those days. It is very hard to beat a sitting President during great economic times and Biden will have a hard time convincing voters that his ways are better.

There are very few people running for office that have the ability to campaign and reach out to people like President Trump. He beat several very qualified Republican candidates for the party’s nomination back in 2016. After getting the nomination, he went on to produce one of the biggest political upsets ever in beating Hillary Clinton. I would shake in my boots if I had to run against Donald Trump. Whether you agree with him or not, you have to admit that he is very strong in running a political race.

The only thing that Biden has going for him right now is name recognition and that could help him in fund raising. Upsets do happen and Biden might surprise us in 2020. But I would give him less than 5 percent of a chance in beating Trump in 2020. Maybe he should just ride off into the sunset and forget about running for the presidency.

If Joe Biden were a Republican

Former VP Joe Biden recently became yet another high-profile member of our society accused of harassment towards women. It has been reported over the past few weeks that Biden made unwanted advances towards several women and these allegations might only be the tip of the iceberg. More allegations will probably come out and how this will affect any attempts for Biden to run in the 2020 presidential election is unknown at this point. Now granted, what Biden is accused of is probably very petty compared to say a rape allegation, but nevertheless, it will no doubt produce a little stain on his public image.

I find it rather interesting that many in the media are trying to just brush off these allegations as just Joe Biden being Joe Biden. No big deal seems to be the tone of this story. However, imagine if Biden happened to be a Republican and was a potential presidential candidate to run against a Democratic in 2020? Imagine what the outcry would be over him if this scenario was true? The major networks, CNN and MSNBC would be all over him and demand that he drop out of the race. In addition, we would get constant lectures from the talking heads at those networks about how much of a crisis mistreatment and harassment of women is in our society and how we must change our ways. However, being that Mr. Biden is a Democrat, he is somewhat excused from the scorn of the media. Why is this?

Last year during his nomination hearings, Justice Brett Kavanaugh faced numerous allegations of sexual harassment and conduct before being sworn in on the Supreme Court. Many members of the media were relentless in their attacks on Kavanaugh. Social media was also relentless on their attacks, many of them were totally untrue. Interestingly enough, many of these same people are rather quiet when it comes to Joe Biden. Maybe the fact that Kavanaugh was appointed by President Trump and Biden is an opponent of Trump? Of course so!

The allegations against Biden are troubling, and if true, Biden deserves a ton of heat for mistreating and disrespecting women. We all know people who tend to be overly friendly towards the opposite sex. Biden appears to be one of many. Kissing a woman on the neck when she is offended by it is not okay. Biden should have had more common sense and understood that some women are very sensitive about their own personal private space. An individual of any party should be called out for this type of disrespectful conduct.

In this day and age though, that is not necessarily the case. A Democratic in these cases usually seems to get off the hook a lot easier and that is not right. We are seeing a prime example in this story that the media seems to have a huge double standard when it comes to sexual misconduct by political figures and that is just totally unacceptable to me and many other people. Joe Biden deserves no mercy for showing such great disrespect against several women. Fortunately for him, he is Democratic so he will probably not face more media backlash.

Lower the voting age to 16?

Reaching the age of 18 in this country enables one to finally feel like they are a full-fledged member of the adult class. High school is close or finally close to being in the rear view mirror. Among those new adult things that you can now do is register and vote in any election. It is certainly an awesome privilege and right to perform this very important civic duty. If several politicians had their way, that civic duty would no longer have to wait until you are 18. Many are pushing for the voting age to be lowered to 16. Is this a good idea to push the legal age for voting to 16? Well, there has been much discussion and debate about this topic recently and I certainly have a few thoughts to share myself.

If the voting age is dropped to 16, that will mean many high school students will now have the right to vote in any election. Why not just drop the voting age even lower and allow all junior high students as well the right to vote? While we are at it, how about allowing grade school students the right to vote? What exactly determines the proper age when someone can vote or not vote?

Lowering the voting age to 16 will allow a whole large block of new voters to participate in elections, and quite frankly, that scares the crap out of me. Do we really need a bunch of new young voters, who many have not yet had a job and live at home, determining public policy and those who will serve to implement it? Yes, there are a hand full of bright young students who are mature enough to research the issues and make sound good decisions at the voting booth. But does anyone believe for a minute that a typical high school student is mature enough and knowledgeable to vote on the issues? I could extend that age range to include many college students. Many are woefully inept at understanding exactly what they are voting for. As they get older, raise a family and start paying taxes, they will hopefully understand the issues much better. So many young people, particularly high school students, are drawn to candidates who look cool on television. Never mind these candidates will screw them over when they get older.

I strongly believe that the voting age should be kept at 18 and even sometimes I wonder if that is too low. The idea to lower the voting age is just a gimmick used by mainly the Democrat party to get new and more voters to their base. It should scare any American to think that some young person who is more interested in chatting with their friends on social media than researching the issues will now have the right to now vote and determine who will set public policy. Just say no to lowering the voting age. We cannot afford to have a whole new group of misinformed voters now having the right to vote. We already have enough as it.


The party of no hate?

A politician from my home state of Minnesota, Representative Illhan Omar caused quite a stir in Washington during the last few weeks with her Anti-Semitic little tirade against Israel. As many of you already know, Israel is a very important ally to the United States and might be our best ally in the whole world. Many House Democrats scrambled to save face after Omar’s comments and came up with some type of resolution condemning hate speech. I found it rather interesting that so many Democrats actually had such a tough time calling out Omar for her comments. Imagine if a Republican had uttered those same comments about Jews and Israel? Imagine if President Trump had spoken the same words as Omar did? Does anybody in their right mind think that there would be any hesitation to condemn him? The Democrats would unanimously be all over Trump. But somehow since Omar is a Muslim and a Democrat, she was given a seemingly free pass over her very irresponsible comments. In all fairness, not all members of the Democratic House of Representatives supported Omar and this caused some friction among the party. Finally, a resolution was passed condemning hate speech, not only against Jews, but against Muslims as well. Congratulations House Democrats, you really saved your rear ends on this little controversy. But the truth about how racist some members of the Democratic party are really came out and will not be forgotten.

Many Democrats are famous for lecturing people about inclusion and how we ought to treat all people with respect and dignity. It is not uncommon to see a member of that party take the lead in supporting the rights of LGBT individuals, Muslims or other minority groups. It is our duty to stand up for the rights of these people they tell us. But what about Christians, Jews and those who disagree with the values of the party? Do they not deserve the same type of treatment as those who you love to fight for? After all, this is America. We all deserve to be treated with some sort of dignity.

Way too many members of today’s Democratic party seem to have a huge double standard when it comes to dealing with different groups of people. Jews are a very valuable part of our culture and calling them out as evil people is totally wrong. Israel as I mentioned is a very good friend of the United States and a very key ally. They represent what the United States is all about in the Middle East. We desperately need good relations with that country. Unfortunately and sad to say, we have representatives like Omar and others who see Israeli as an evil nation and that is very disturbing. If she cannot stand up for the values of the United States and our allies, perhaps she should just step down. There are many other Democrats who would be much kinder to our friends from Israeli.

Yes, the Democratic party is the party of no hate. Unless you are a white Christian, Jew or supporter of Israel. If so, you are the most evil person in the world. The Democratic party needs to get rid of those racist people if they want to continue to win election. Omar would be a good person to start with.