America needs a wakeup call after the shootings

It should come as no surprise to anyone that last Wednesday’s assassination attempt on several GOP lawmakers took place. I cannot recall a time in our history when the political climate has been this divisive. Shortly after President Trump was elected, thousands of people were out in our streets demonstrating over his win. It seems to be the fashionable thing these days to be a hater of the Republican party and President Trump, mainly because the media loves to hype up this anger. It was only a matter of time before some hysteric left-wing nut case took things way too far and attempted to do the unthinkable. This shocking event should wake up everyone in the country to the fact that our political climate is headed out of control and it is only inevitable that more events like this will happen in future.

The attacker in this incident is typical of the people behind the ongoing rise in violence. He was another frustrated liberal who could not accept the fact that Donald Trump is our new president and the Republicans are in control of both the House and Senate. Tack on the fact that his beloved Democratic party have been losing countless legislative seats and governor races only adds to his frustration. Instead of looking in the mirror and trying to determine the cause of these shortcomings, this man blames the opposition and uses violence to handle his rage. Have we gotten to the point in our country where political differences are handled by violence? Gosh I hope not! Political violence is common in many countries, but should not be in this great country. We are better than that! Or that is what I thought. Soon we will be just like other countries and have the mobs rule us. It will be a sad day if that happens.

Is there a chance that we can get back to the days when people actually had civil dialogues about political issues? If you disagreed with someone, you were not called a bigot, racist or other derogatory names. People actually had respect for other viewpoints and listened to all sides of the argument. Politicians from both sides actually sat down and compromised if they had disagreements. Those days seems to long gone. If you had a beef with a particular political party, you stopped them by voting them out. Now, as the crazy man just demonstrated last week, shooting your political opponents is the best way to take out people you don’t agree with or hate. Forget about working hard to find worthy opponents to support so these hated Republicans are no longer in power. No, just use violence; that will solve the problem.

It is scary to think that there could be several more haters out there who would think nothing of taking out high-ranking Republicans by use of violent force. If this is the new trend, our country is in deep trouble. We cannot afford to have lunatic radical crybabies run the country. Majority still rules. President Trump and many Republicans won because people voted them in. If you don’t like it, try harder to persuade us that your ideas will be better for the country. Unfortunately I don’t see that happening at the current time. Use of violence will only backfire. I cannot respect people who use violence to get their points across.   I just hope that this incident will be just a remote one and we can get back to some form of civilization in our politics. Sadly, I don’t see that happening anytime some.

Much hype, little drama over the Comey testimony

It was the testimony that everyone was waiting for especially those many Trump haters. The recently fired FBI director James Comey was set to give his testimony before a Senate Intelligence Committee. Could this be the moment when President Trump is exposed for several wrong doings? Cable news stations had countdown clocks in anticipation of probably the biggest high-profile testimony of any government official in many years. Millions skipped work and crowded local bars for this event of a lifetime. In the end, I think many regretted skipping work. The testimony revealed little that we had not already known.

There is little doubt in my mind that many media outlets came out of this hearing rather disappointed. They were banking on seeing some explosive testimony indicting Trump. Imagine if that had occurred? CNN, The New York Times and the Washington Post would have a field day. It would further vindicate their claims that this election was not a legitimate one and Trump has no business being the President of this country. The same can be said of the many folks in this country affected with TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome). A damning testimony by Comey could have further enhanced their claims that the election was rigged.

Unfortunately for these folks, nothing that was revealed really hurt President Trump. In fact, this testimony may eventually come back to haunt a few Democrats and Comey instead. His admission that he leaked important information could lead to his own investigation. Furthermore, the former Attorney General, Loretta Lynch’s request to downplay the handling of Hillary Clinton’s alleged dealings with classified information seems to fall in line with what Trump was requesting for Michael Flynn. How can you in good faith investigate the dealings of Trump and Flynn without equally pursuing any ties between Lynch and the Clinton campaign? It seems to me that this hearing opened up a whole new can or worms that anti-Trump fans did not bargain for. Why the double standards?

Just maybe in the near future, this ridiculous notion that the Russians colluded with President Trump to helped him win the election will go away and Trump can proceed with his agenda for helping this country. There is absolutely no evidence at this time that any collusion took place. It is time to move on and maybe this hearing will eliminate any doubts that some people may have. However, I highly doubt it. Talk of Russia and Trump colluding in this election will be a topic that will never go away. Trump won the election fair and square. I hope people will finally accept that fact some day.

The sky is falling after the Paris accord withdrawal

In the aftermath of President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate change agreement, you would be led to believe that the end of civilization is just a few years away. Many have come out on social media declaring this decision will have dire consequences in the future. The Governor of California even went as far as saying that people will die. How can the United States be so cruel and stupid? Several Hollywood celebrities have gone on record condemning this act as well, but it has not stopped them from hopping in their expensive jets or gas guzzling cars.

I have a few things to say to all you climate change alarmists who are predicting doom and gloom for the world in a few short years. Please relax and take a chill pill! Pulling out of this deal might actually be a very wise decision. The cost of staying in this deal is not something this country can afford. It is far too costly and would severely ruin our economy. It is estimated that about 2.7 million jobs would be lost due to this agreement. Don’t get me wrong, I think controlling pollution is an important topic that all countries should talk about, but is there a way that we can balance our economy and making sure we have clean energy in the process? This Paris accord agreement appears to have far too many question marks for the United States to continue with. We need to come up with a better solution that will not bankrupt our nation.

We have lots of natural resources at our disposal that could our nation the leader in clean energy technology. Many good private companies could start up and produce many good paying jobs. Perhaps we should as a nation start concentrating on using our resources instead of worrying about some costly multi-nation agreement.

One of my biggest gripes with the climate change disciples is their constant insistence that man can control the temperature of the earth and the weather. I strongly disagree. Anyone who thinks man can control and stop the earth from getting a few degrees warmer is highly delusional. Many of these countries who are part of this Paris agreement seem to think we can. Our President does not see it that way and perhaps in the long run, it might be one of his best decisions ever while being in office. Furthermore, are there not more important things for the world to worry about than climate change? Why not have multi-nation pact on fighting terrorism instead? Spending billions of dollars to try and fight something that only nature can control seems to be rather foolish in my eyes.

The epidemic of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome)

It may be your neighbor or perhaps a co-worker, family or very close friend. Maybe you have a Facebook friend or friends who constantly post negative stuff about President Trump. Chances are that you know someone who is quickly becoming affected by this fast sweeping epidemic. It is known as TDS or “Trump Derangement Syndrome” and thousands of people are falling to this mental condition.

Main symptoms include an obsession with wanting our newly elected president removed from office as quickly as possible. You suddenly have this urge to spread your hatred of Trump to others through social media posts on Facebook or Twitter. Never mind that there is very little evidence that Russia helped Trump win the election. You will post and share anything you find fact or fiction. Watching CNN becomes a high priority throughout the day. They are now reporting that President Trump falsely lied about what he had for dinner last night to a curious reporter. Oh the nerve of that guy! He must be, no don’t say it, impeached? Yes, when people start calling for impeachment, such as several idiot politicians have done in the past several days, you know they are in advanced stages of this horrible disease.

With most terrible diseases, there has to be a source which it originates from. Could it possibly be from Trump himself? Does his egotistical, brash nature add to people’s hatred towards him? That could very well be true. The fact that he is a Republican to boot only adds to the hysteria. But I believe the media in this country is more than responsible for creating this derangement syndrome of our newly elected president. I have never seen a president so mistreated by the media in all my days on this earth. It is no secret that many journalists absolutely hate the guy and will do anything in their power to get him removed from office. Log onto many news sites on the internet and you are bound to new a negative story about the president. The positive stories about him get shoved under the rug. It is incredibly biased reporting that only adds fuel to people’s rage.

I have a few questions for those Trump haters who have this disease. If you succeed in pushing Trump out the door, will you be fine with Mike Pence as our president? Or will this start all over again? Sadly, I find many of these outspoken Trump critics surprisingly quiet during the 8 year reign of President Obama. Why? Once again, is it the fact that we have a Republican president now?

Whether this epidemic of hate towards our new president will succeed anytime soon is anyone’s guess. It is highly unlikely that this newly appointed special counsel will find any collusion with Trump’s campaign and Russia. Then what? Will the haters find something else about Trump? In all likelihood, yes, they will. Hopefully those with this condition will get over it fast before they go to their early graves. Instead of spewing so much hate towards Trump, use the same energy to find a candidate that can actually beat him. No, Elizabeth Warren, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are not the answers! The best cure is finding a strong candidate who can actually beat Mr. Trump and watching him go down on election day 2020. Until then, the derangement will never end until Trump is out of office. My recommendation for those affected with this disease is chill out, relax and wait until 2020. Life is way too short to lose your mind over some politician or president.

The daunting task of repealing Obamacare

House Republicans in Washington passed a new health care law last week giving President Trump one of his biggest victories thus far in his presidency. This bill is meant to replace the existing Obamacare health care bill. Many Republicans ran on the promise that they would replace the very unpopular bill with a new and better one. Whether this bill will next survive in the Senate is anyone ones guess. I am one of those skeptical people who feels this fight may go one for a least a couple of years and perhaps more. It is a never-ending fight that cannot possibly have an outcome that pleases everyone.

One of the biggest challenges facing those who want to repeal the bill is stripping away some of the goodies in the Obamacare law. Sure it is extremely nice to top-notch health care for poor people and seniors, but the way Obamacare is set up, these goodies are paid for average citizens in the country including young, healthy people. Is that really fair? Furthermore, are these goodies, which I are entitlements, sustainable in the future? Is it feasible to continue Medicaid expansion in many states? I see news reports of many people protesting the new health care bill put out by Republicans. People are going around protesting the fact that seniors and poor people will be hurt by this new bill, but nothing could be further from the truth. Poor people and seniors would be hurt more if Obamacare continues and collapses. Then people would be out the streets demanding answers as to why the Republicans did not do anything. It is a no win situation for those wanting to repeal Obamacare which desperately needs some sort of repeal or a major overhaul. Anytime you have an entitlement program that needs fixing or possibly cuts in order to save the program, lies about how seniors and poor people will be affected naturally come out.

One has to wonder what is going to happen, if and when the Democratic party takes over the White House and Congress. Are they going to spend time and effort trying to repeal and replace a potential new Republican health care plan? My gut feeling is they will. Unfortunately, I have a scary feeling that some Democrats will push for a Universal or Single Payer systems which will really screw us over with massive subsidies and tax increases.

As I mentioned in a previous post, it would be great if both parties could sit down and come up with a bi-partisan health care plan, but this will never happen. Reforming health care has become purely partisan  politics which in turn will only hurt us the American people. There are some common sense solutions out there, but many members of Congress are stuck in their own personal belief system on how things should be done. I would roll over in my chair if some Democratic came out and said that we need a better solution to health care reform than Obamacare. As long as we have that deep divide between competing ideologies in Washington, replacing Obamacare might be the toughest bill to ever pass in Congress.

A few thoughts on President Trump’s first 100 days in office

Yesterday marked the 100 day anniversary of President Trump’s first term in office. Political pundits everywhere are talking at great lengths about what he has accomplished and what he has failed to do. Some have even gone as far as saying that his presidency is a failed one so far. As one of many registered voters, I would like to weigh in on what I have seen so far from the administration.

First of all, the 100 day mark is far too short of a time period to judge a president. Political experts are saying that he has no major pieces of legislation passed during his first 100 days and therefore his term has been a failure so far. That is complete and utter nonsense! Repealing and replacing the health care law is a long process that requires more time. Expecting this to be done in the first 100 days is being very delusional. The same goes with coming up with immigration reform as well as tax reform. I would rather see these important issues be dealt with in a timely and well thought out process rather than hastily done. One could argue that the travel ban was one of the biggest failures of the Trump presidency so far and that appeared to be rather quickly put together. Perhaps too quickly.

I like many of the things that he has done already with executive orders doing away with many of the needless regulations that seem to be hurting economic growth in this country. He seems to be very committed in keeping jobs in this country and you have to give him credit for that. I really like the initial reports of his tax plan which can only help our economy grow. Finally we seem to have a politician who gets it when it comes to taxes unlike many of today’s Democrats. He seems to be making waves in cracking down on illegal immigration and he will not let our country be pushed around overseas. I greatly love that he is sending a few messages to foreign leaders that there is a new sheriff in town.

Having said those things, there are a few things about his presidency so far that really concern me and much of it really has nothing to do with him. It is his opposition and a lot of that opposition comes from his own party. His party controls both the House and Senate, therefore, you would think that he would not have any problems passing major legislation, but that is not the case. If he cannot garner enough support from his own party, then he will have a tough time passing anything. It appears the Democratic party is hell-bent on resisting any type of legislation that Trump comes up with. One has to wonder if he will ever get any type of bi-partisan support at all. It is unfortunate that Democratic members of the House and Senate seem to be more interested in making Trump look bad than helping the American people. Come election time, people will not forget! And let us not forget the regular mainstream media who has taken journalism to a new low. Some of their criticism of Trump is valid, but much of it is not. Some members of the press seem to be on some sort of mission to knock Trump out of office. That is one of the things that I have really noticed in his first 100 days and this will probably continue for the unforeseeable future.

All and all, I think Trump will get better and pass more legislation in the next year or so. His popularity should grown if the economy starts to take off and people are making more money. Maybe then, that huge opposition to Trump will decline a bit. But until then, Trump seems to have a rather uphill battle in his presidency that the first 100 days really illustrates. As his boss, yes he works for us, I expect more in the future and also I expect more cooperation from Congress in helping him make us a better country. It is only fair at this point to give him more time. I rate his performance so far to be slightly above average.

Calling out Congressional Republicans

Quite frequently my blog posts, I like to single out politicians and political parties for their outright incompetence and stupidity. The Democratic party is a frequent target of mines because in my opinion, they are so far removed from reality and what actually works in solving some of our country’s most pressing problems. Today, I am going to switch gears a bit and lay my wrath on the Republican party. Their actions during the last few weeks have only reinforced my disdain for both major parties in this country.

The health care bill known as Obamacare has long been a sore spot among many people and repealing the bill has always been a favorite talking point among Republicans. The bill was passed without one single Republican vote and the Democratic party owns the bill. It is one of the major reasons that Republicans has enormous success in last November’s election. People are paying much higher premiums and deductibles for health care coverage due to the many foolish overreaches of this bill. Obamacare will collapse in a few years and we elected Republican majorities in both the House and Senate as well a new Republican president to fix the bill. They PROMISED they would fix it! Well judging from what is happening in Congress, this bill is a long ways from being fixed.

It is a long-held belief of mine and many others that perhaps this bill will never be fixed. The Republican party has the ball in their court right now and they are far too divided as what to do next. It is an extremely sad day in America to see a major party not even agreeing on what should be a very common sense solution to fixing a bad bill. Where is the leadership in the Republican party these days? We know that the Democrats will not even attempt to work with the Republican party in attempting to come up with a better bill.

If the Republicans cannot even come up with a consensus bill to fix Obamacare, how can we even have faith in them to handle other legislation such as tax reform or immigration? Are they going to fight among themselves in trying to come up with practical solutions to these problems as well? Furthermore, this party has nearly 7 years to come up with a solution to Obamacare and they are still divided! That is totally unacceptable in my eyes.

The Republican party has a golden opportunity both at the Federal and State levels to rule for long periods of time. We know how incompetent the Democratic party is at the current time. The Republican party has some good ideas to counter some of the ridiculous plans of the Democrats. Sadly, they cannot even agree on what is  totally right for the American people.  The Republicans in Congress seem to be more concerned about themselves and their own ideologies than compromising. In the end, we all lose. If anyone wonders why Congress has such low approval ratings, last week’s failed attempt to overall Obamacare is a classic example. Our country has seen enough of this foolishness!