Thoughts on Trump’s first year

Last weekend marked the one year anniversary of one of the most unlikely administrations to ever take the oath of office. Who would have ever thought that President Donald Trump would have been sworn in as our next commander-in-chief? I fully did not expect him to beat Hillary Clinton, nor did many millions of people all around the world. His victory will go down as one of the biggest political upsets ever, not only in this country, but the world. So how is he doing after one year in office? If you listen to CNN all day, you might think his presidency has been a total failure so far. It is no secret that the folks over at the Clinton News Network and many other mainstream media outlets absolutely detest the guy. They seem to have a common goal of wanting to destroy his presidency at all costs. However, many others including myself, see through all of this media bias and recognize some of his accomplishments and many that are sure to come.

If you would ask me what I think it his biggest accomplishment so far in office would be, I would not hesitate and say that it is easily the tax reform package that his administration crafted so brilliantly. New reports that many thousands of workers are receiving bonuses from their companies since this legislation has passed should come as no surprise. Cutting taxes, especially corporate taxes, has been a proven way of stimulating our economy for years. Trump fully understands this and isn’t it great to finally have a person in the White House who understands a little bit about business and how to boost our economy? I expect the economy to continue to grow in the upcoming year and Trump deserves a ton of credit.

Pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement was another huge accomplishment that Trump deserves much credit for. This agreement would have been very costly for the United States and would have been another unnecessary burden on the tax payers of this country. Trump was wise enough to see that this deal was a bad deal for the United States and he had the courage to pull out.

One of the things that really helped him get elected was his stance on immigration and I have to give Trump props for the way he has handled this topic since taking office. Unlike other administrations who have failed to do anything about immigration, Trump realizes how important immigration reform is to our security as well as our economy. He is working hard to do something about it. It is only a matter of time before some type of immigration reform is in place and it is about time!

Of course, there are some negative things to mention about his first year that deserves to be mention. His failure to repeal and replace Obamacare certainly ranks right up there. Some of his endless tweets leaves a lot to be desired. I just do not know how effective it is to attack those who disagree with you on social media and call them names. I would expect the President of this country to be above that nonsense, but that is just Trump’s style and it may just hurt his image among people.

The Russian collusion story never goes away and that is certainly a thorn in this administration. I have a hard time believing that President Trump colluded with the Russians to help win the election. To me, this story is complete nonsense and a waste of time and money. However, this story serves as a huge distraction to his administration. Hopefully it will end soon.

There is no doubt that Trump has gone through a huge learning process during his first year as President. Running the country and dealing with some of those Washington lawmakers is probably much more difficult than Trump ever expected. Being the CEO of this country is much different than being the CEO of some real estate company. Especially when you have to deal with a media and many members of Congress who would like nothing than to see you fail.

Overall, I believe that Trump is doing a better than average job so far. He is on a good track to make America great again. As just an average United States citizen who is also a voter, I cannot see any huge reason why he does not deserve to a second term. I expect President Trump and his administration in this second year of his term to continue to build on some of his first year successes and make America even better.



The sad thing about this DACA situation

It has happened again! The federal government is in shutdown mode, and naturally, there is a lot of finger-pointing going around. Who is responsible for this shutdown? In my mind, the answer should be very obvious and it also shows why a certain political party needs to look in the mirror and determine who they are really representing.

A bunch of Republican lawmakers in Washington got together and produced a rather fair spending bill that would fund our military and extend a children’s health insurance program for another 6 years. Many families greatly depend on this program for their ailing children, some of whom are dealing a hard cancer fight. The military funding is a no-brainer; I would think our military personal should get the highest priority when it comes to any spending discussions. Unfortunately, this bill was not good enough for several Democrats who insisted on lumping the DACA program for children of illegal immigrants into this new spending bill as well. Never mind that this unconstitutional program created by Barack Obama still has a few months to go before a resolution is needed. The Democrats are acting like this must be done immediately, and therefore are not supporting the new spending bill. Thus the federal government is being temporary shut down. Yes, you are reading this right. The Democratic party is being exposed as to what they really stand for. They would rather adhere to the needs of people living here illegally than to our military and children with special health needs. Shame on them!!!!

There is a great deal of bi-partisan agreement that a resolution to this DACA mess needs to happen. Contrary to the beliefs of some, Republicans do not want children of illegal immigrants to suddenly get deported. That would be rather cruel. Many of these individuals have grown up in this country and are good and successful people. Some are brilliant students who could add much to our country. There has to be a way where they can apply for citizenship and have a pathway for citizenship. But having said that, why not also increase security around our borders so illegals have a tougher time entering this country? Or if they do, they will have to face tougher and swifter consequences than before. So a person who is thinking about entering this country illegally will think twice before trying to do so. Any resolution to the DACA program must, and I repeat must, include some kind of  border security reform. It is only a matter of common sense.

Sadly, many key members of the Democratic party cannot tie in stricter border security with any new DACA reform measure. For these lawmakers, anything less than having open borders is not acceptable. Of course, we all know why they are against stricter immigration reform. They want as many to come over here and become citizens because these people represent many new voters and supporters of the party. The children in the DACA program are potentially future Democratic voters.

Maybe this latest shutdown will really wake people up to the truth about what is going on with DACA. It is all about getting more voters in their party even if that means putting our military and children of people who are here LEGALLY in peril. This latest shutdown may have severe consequences for the Democrats come this November. Putting the needs of illegals ahead our military and children is just not right.

Oprah for president?

There is little doubt that Oprah Winfrey is one of the biggest celebrities that this country has ever known. Her television shows were widely popular and she is generally looked upon very favorably by a vast number of people. The big question is whether that vast popularity can translate into a presidential run in 2020 against President Trump. Speculation is running wild these days that Winfrey may just enter the race. Should she enter the race and compete against Trump? Is a good idea that someone with absolutely no political experience suddenly become a leading candidate to run this country?

This latest speculation over whether Winfrey will run is just another example of a rather disturbing trend that is taking place in our country. Winfrey gives a rather emotional speech last week and people automatically qualify her as being capable of leading us. It is the same way with other popular celebrities. Someone can say something that really resonates with a number of people, and suddenly they are deemed as being a very worthy presidential candidate. Never mind the individual has no background in politics or running for office. We automatically assume based on a small sample size that someone is fit to run for office and I find that extremely disturbing. Politics is suddenly becoming some sort of popularity test rather than a test of good or bad policy decisions. If we think for a minute that a well-liked famous person should automatically be qualified to run for office, then we are only fooling ourselves.

Beneath all of that fame and fortune, what really qualifies Oprah to become our next president? I want to ask this question to all of you who thinks that she should run. First of all, would Oprah run as another hard-core liberal with huge unsustainable plans for the country? How would she deal with our ever-increasing good economy? Would she reverse what Trump is doing and greatly raise taxes on big corporations? How would she handle immigration and foreign policy? Health care? These tough questions should be grilled into any first-timer who thinks they are the people’s choice to run this country. Who knows, maybe Oprah has some great ideas and she should be considered. But I and many people have our doubts.

A few weeks ago, I had made a prediction that in 2018, the Democratic party would try to get Michelle Obama to run for the presidency in 2020. They need a popular new face to run against Trump. Perhaps I picked the wrong person. A popular black woman is the perfect candidate to run against Trump. If you disagree with her positions, then you are either a racist, against women or both. Surely this would only add more fuel to the belief that Trump is a racist.

In all likelihood, I think it is an extreme long-shot that Winfrey runs. The Democratic party will probably seek out a high-end far left-wing liberal such as an Elizabeth Warren to run against Trump. I just cannot believe that anyone such as Winfrey would want to subject themselves to that kind of torture. I often wonder the same with Donald Trump. Why would anyone with that kind of money want to run for office? Why not just retire and enjoy the rest of your life? Oprah should do the same. It is cute to speculate whether she would run or not and what type of race it would be. It would be a made for television race. But would that be good for this country? It is sad to see politics becoming such a reality show.

The great Washington D.C. martyr

It finally happened! After weeks of allegations, Senator Al Franken finally announced his resignation for the Senate last Thursday. Like many liberals tend to do, Senator Franken was far less than apologetic for his actions, instead shifting the topic of his sexual harassment claims to the supposedly alleged wrongdoings of the President. Yes poor old Al, you got royally screwed and the reaction from his resignation indicates he really got royally screwed even to the point of being a so-called martyr of the Democratic party.

As many of you can probably guess from some of my previous posts, I am not really the biggest fan of Senator Franken even though he hails from my home state of Minnesota. He was very lucky and fortunate to have won the Senate seat. I view him as nothing more than a grand standing politician who is nothing more than your typical liberal supporter of bad policies for the country. But having said that, I must say that Franken was forced out of office in a very unethical like way. Who are people trying to kid? This was a purely political move and nobody can convince me otherwise. Franken richly deserved a full-fledged investigation into his actions and did not receive it. A group of several congressional women pretty much decided his fate and that is rather unfortunate.

I find it rather interesting that shortly after his announcement last week, Democrats came out in groves boasting on how their party adhered to the moral high ground and Republicans in contrast do not. In just a few days, a Republican, who himself has been the subject of a very high publicized sexual allegation, will more than likely be winning a vacated Senate seat. Democrats are seizing on that opportunity as way of showing people that they deal with allegations against their members in a much better way. Does anyone see the irony of Franken’s resignation and the timing so close to this special election? I certainly do! This is just a political game, pure and simple and Franken had to be the fall guy.

The next time some Democrat gets on their high horse talking about how their party is the moral superior to the Republican party, maybe you should remind them of a fellow named Bill Clinton. Or maybe Ted Kennedy. Funny how the same people, who were defending Clinton several years ago, are talking about how their party is the champion in dealing with unethical behavior. Al Franken was a victim of his own party and was forced out to gain political points. You could say that he is the great political martyr of 2017.

A much needed tax reform bill

In the early 1960’s a young president named John F. Kennedy had a dilemma on his hands. The economy was growing at a snail’s pace and pressure was mounting on his administration to do something for the American people. President Kennedy came up with a solution that brought him some mocking and ridicule. He decided to cut the tax rate for corporations and individuals substantially. Many questioned how were we going to pay for the sudden drop in tax revenue. Suddenly after dropping rates, the economy took off like few generations have ever seen. Economic growth took off and those tax rate decreases more than paid for themselves. A booming economy generates lots of tax revenue because more people are working and working at higher paying jobs. In addition, more consumers are spending more money. It was a brilliant idea which was equally surprising that a Democrat politician would actually want to cut taxes.

President Ronald Reagan followed the same plan in the 1980’s with the same results, we had an unprecedented period of economic growth in this country. The GDP had growth rates seldom seen in this country. On the flip side, some presidents such as Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter had a notion that taxing high wage earners was the answer and the results speak for themselves. The GDP never exceeded more than 3 percent during the reign of the Obama administration. The Federal government collected lots of tax revenue during his time in office, but the country’s debt more than doubled. The economy sputtered along like an old car battery in the winter. So do you get my point? There is a history in this country that cutting taxes on everyone, especially those high wages earners who create jobs and invest in companies is a proven way of creating good economic growth. Raising taxes and increasing burdensome regulations produces just the opposite results. Why all politicians do not understand this is puzzling to me! I think many are hung up in this class warfare thing of punishing rich people. History more than proves my point that cutting taxes and having reasonable spending policies is the best and sustainable way of producing long-term economic growth.

It is encouraging to see members of the House and Senate come together with tax reform bills that this country desperately needs. I fully realize that these bills do not suit everyone and are not perfect in every way. Funny how some Democrats were crying about not being able to read the bill when they themselves quickly passed Obamacare! These bills follow the same principles that Kennedy and Reagan put together and are proven ways of helping the economy. Why would anyone go against a proven way of way of economic growth?

Economic growth has really started to pick up in this country in the last year. We had 2 consecutive quarters of over 3 percent GDP growth for the first time in nearly a decade. Consumer confidence is at an all-time high. Unemployment is at its lowest in nearly 15-20 years. As just some working class stiff in this country, I feel very optimistic about the economic future of this country and hopefully members of both the House and Senate can come together with a new tax reform bill that will make the United States a booming economic country for many years to come. It is nice that a few politicians actually have some basic understanding of economics.

Should Senator Al Franken resign?

It happened again! Seems these days that my posts are becoming more and more about discussing sexual abuse allegations against high-profile people and this week is no exception. The latest individual involved is none other a Senator from my state of Minnesota, Al Franken. I find these charges of improper sexual contact against Senator Franken rather ironic because if this happened to a Republican Senator, Franken would probably lead the charges in calling for his or her resignation. Whether Franken will practice what he preaches and resign remains to be seen and I have some thoughts about that.

Someone told me yesterday that since Senator Franken was not in office at the time, these incidents should not matter. That is total hogwash! Anytime you grab the breasts of a sleeping woman, that should matter. Anytime you write some sick fantasy about a woman journalist, that should also matter and the list goes on and on. If anyone remembers, Senator Franken was elected in 2008 just a few years after the infamous picture breast grabbing photo was taken. These incidents were not known at the time to us Minnesota voters. Had we know, Franken would not have stood a chance to win a Senate seat. By the way, Franken barely won the election by a mere 300 votes due to a controversial recount which Mr. Franken somehow mysteriously gained 500 votes during the recount. It is highly likely that voter fraud was involved because an investigation revealed that nearly 1000 felons illegally voted. If Franken does not win that Senate seat, the Democrats would probably not have enough votes to pass the highly maligned Obamacare bill.

The million dollar question now is what will Senator Franken do now. Will more women come out and say that Franken abused them? These allegations are extremely damning to Franken. Unlike the allegations by women against Judge Moore, there are photos and real actions to back up the woman’s claims. It is not a he said versus she said. Senator Franken apology over the matter seemed to be rather weak if you ask me. Where has he been hiding for the last few days? Wouldn’t the proper response be to hold a major press conference, admit that he was deeply sorry and talk about how this incident will make him a better person in the future? Perhaps he can also talk about possibly supporting women’s abuse groups in the future as well. I always believe that you garner much more respect from the public by owning up to your mistakes right away instead of hiding and running like Franken is doing right now.

In my opinion, Senator Franken should immediately resign his Senate seat. His actions back then as well as his half-hearted response to these allegations now indicate that he is not fit to be a United States senator. On top of that, he is a total hypocrite who should never run for office again.

The old tax reform debate

A very hot topic in news these days has been the efforts of GOP members in Congress to revamp our tax code for millions of taxpayers across the country. If anyone has any knowledge about our tax system, you probably know how complicated and complex it really is. Any reform should bring about as much tax relief to the middle class as possible. Critics of the current tax proposals predictably have been slamming it because in their minds, it is very evil to give the government less of our money and more to ourselves. People like Senator Chuck Schumer criticize the new tax plan because they feel there is no way that we can pay for it and our children and grandchildren will be saddled in the future with a huge debt. Is Schumer right? This blogger feels that he is just another politician in serious need of an economic and business lesson.

Let me just start out by stating a fact about tax revenue in this country. Last year, the government collected some of the highest taxes ever on record. GDP growth was still stagnant, less than about 3 percent. And on top of that, our nation’s debt continued to increase. Any reasonable person might conclude from this fact that collecting millions and billions of dollars in taxes is not the problem. No, we have a SPENDING PROBLEM in Washington. Many Democrats, and even some Republicans ,think that money grows on trees and the government can just tax and spend their way to their heart’s content. People like Senator Schumer are worried that their precious little failed social programs will not have enough funds to exist. Does anyone even consider that our government’s out of control must be addressed as well? Perhaps that is one way that we could be pay for a tax cut. Government, whether it be on the local, state or federal level usually runs up debt because of a lack of spending controls, not due to a lack of tax revenue.

Some of these critics also do not understand what happens when people get to keep more of their money and that includes those evil rich people. I know many people are against having a rich person get a tax cut, but what about some rich person who owns a business and suddenly, he or she has an extra 10,000 a year to spend? Does it occur to anyone that they may just invest further in their company thus creating more jobs? A typical middle class person will have more money to spend and that can only help our economy. How could it not? More jobs will be created and consumer spending will increase. Both of these scenarios is the ideal way to ensure that our government gets to the proper revenue to survive. Deficit spending is a serious problem that very few politicians have the guts to address. Many politicians feel the solution to economic growth is to continually tax and spend and that has been proven to be a wrong course of action.

I know not every tax reform plan will please everyone. It is impossible to do so. But having worries that any tax reform plan will greatly increase our nation’s debt is absolutely foolish. We CAN pay for it by increasing economic growth and controlling our spending.