A nightmarish week for Washington Democrats

There might be a chance that you know a rather staunch supporter of the national Democratic party. It could be a close friend, family member or co-worker. They seem to be rather uptight, grumpy and moody this week. You wonder why, perhaps it is the winter blues that is hitting them. Then it dawns on you, the party has had an awful week beyond imagination. So many things went down this week in a negative way for them that even the most optimistic Democrats have had trouble putting a positive spin on this week’s events.

It all started at the beginning of the week with the Iowa Caucus.  A seemingly routine political event that really does not involve a large number of people. Yet there was a great deal of confusion and controversy over the final tallies. How could this possible happen? How could the great Democratic party screw something so basic like this up? Say what you want about what happened in Iowa, this event will leave a long lasting stain on the party. Funny how this party campaigns on all these big government ideas yet they cannot even run a simple caucus right!

Things only got worse from there for party blue. The State of the Union address by President Trump was a complete PR debacle for the Dems. Millions of people witnessed some very child like actions by several members of the party, most notably House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Her action of tearing up a copy of the President’s speech was beyond classless. It is a common practice for members of the opposing party to fail and acknowledge certain positive accomplishments by the president. I fully understand that. But when the president mentioned the large number of people who are now off food stamps, not one Democrat applauded. For me, that moment really stuck out. I always thought that getting people out of poverty was a bi-partisan thing. Apparently the Democratic party wants to keep as many people on welfare as possible. Believe me, as a voter, I saw these acts and I hope many others will remember this night next November.

The following day, time came for the vote in the Senate on whether to acquit President Trump on a few articles of impeachment. Several Democrats have been dreaming of this day since Trump took office, a chance to kick him out of office. That dream went up in smoke when the votes came in and Trump was acquitted. No real big surprise, but nonetheless, a major setback for so many Trump hating Democrats.

The nightmarish week ended on Friday with more bad news for numerous Trump hating Democrats. The jobs report came out and our economy added 225,000 jobs last month. The unemployment rate is still a record lows particularly for minority workers. And Trump had a legal victory in a case brought on by Democrats.

Knowing the party like I do, they will not give up. Especially when they have the main stream media on there side. But these events have had a serious negative effect on the party. Perhaps they should start talking more about their plans for everyday Americans instead of this impeachment crap. You really have to wonder whether the party will learn from the mistakes of this week and move on. I for one highly doubt it.

Enough of the identity politics

A few weeks ago, a couple of leading Democrats got into a little feud regarding whether the United States is ready to elect a female president. Senator Bernie Sanders was alleged to have said that we are not ready to elect a female president during a conversation a few years ago. A woman running in the race, Senator Elizabeth Warren jumped on that alleged remark and a little feud started, each claiming the other lied. Regardless, these types of statements and comments make me wonder about the state of politics these days in the United States. Why is it so important that we have a woman as a president in the first place? Or an African American? Or maybe you are concerned that we have never elected an openly gay person for president? Or maybe we need to elect a Muslim? Some people really believe that these factors are very important in choosing a person to hold office, and personally, I think it stinks! What exactly makes a person more qualified because they happen to be of a certain gender, sexual orientation or religion?

One of the many things that bothers me about today’s Democratic party is just that. The party strongly supports diversity and I cannot disagree with including as many minorities or women in office as possible. It is a reflection of our country’s make up and should also be reflected in our elected offices. There are many very qualified people of that nature who could do a wonderful job. I would have absolutely no problem with a woman being a president. There are many who are talented CEO’s who are women. As a matter of fact, many minorities are are extremely qualified to hold office. But when you peg someone as being more qualified because they are a woman or a minority, then I have a huge problem with that. It seems that today’s Democratic party loves to label someone as being very qualified just because they happen to be a woman or minority and that is just not right.

Personally, a person’s gender, skin color, sexual orientation or religion is completely erased from my mind when I vote for a person. I strongly look at the individual’s stances on various issues and whether they have the proper background and experience to do the job. If my voting ticket indicates that I voted for all white old men, that does not mean I am a racist by any stretch of the imagination. I just voted for the most qualified people in my mind.

Maybe if the Democratic party would start worrying more about nominating the most qualified people instead of worrying about nominating a minority or woman, they would have more success. Just look at what happened to Hillary Clinton. I have a hard time believing that she was the most qualified candidate. The American people are more concerned about the issues, not whether someone is a woman or a minority. It is time to focus more on whether a person has the qualifications to hold office.

A Christmas gift for Republicans

With this being the Christmas season, millions of people around the world will be receiving presents or gifts of all natures ranging from clothes, electronics or simply gift cards and money. Many of those gifts will be the result of huge amounts of generosity of family members, friends of relatives. A certain political party received a tremendous gift this past week when President Trump was impeached by House Democrats. What makes this gift so unique is that the giver, Democrats probably didn’t realize the magnitude of their actions and how this may hurt their chances of not only controlling the House in next November’s elections, but also helping President Trump get re-elected. It was a foolish political move which really amounts to a huge gift for Trump and the Republicans.

It was only the 3rd time in the history of this country that a president has been impeached by the House of Representatives. Many media figures love to point that out and view this as a huge stain on the presidency of Donald Trump. What is often forgotten and not reported is this impeachment is the first time in history that the impeachment vote did not include votes for impeachment from both sides. Not a single Republican voted for impeachment. That only should speak volumes about what a flawed process this was. In fact, a few courageous Democrats crossed party lines and voted no.

Many of us normal everyday Americans see this as what it is, just a partisan witch hunt designed to humiliate the president. Nothing more or less. No Democratic has been able to articulate what high crimes and treason has takes place. The truth is, a president should be able to demand that a country investigate itself for corruption if our tax dollars go towards it. That is exactly what Trump did and his reward for that is impeachment? Give me a break!!

You can bet that the next Democratic president will face the same type of scrutiny by Republicans should they gain control of the House. Those Republicans will try to find little ways of getting back at the Democrats. This circus is bound to continue for years to come thanks to this version of House Democrats. Instead of focusing on real problems and solutions, their may focus has been on kicking Trump out of the White House. It is a shame and more and more people are seeing what this farce of an impeachment really is.

How this will help the Democrats is beyond me. They talk about how it was their Constitutional duty to investigate Trump, but you have to wonder if they would be signing the same tune if it had been a member of their own party. Well of course not! They have been after him since the day he took office.

The House Democrats may be feeling very giddy now that they have impeached Trump, but I wonder how they will feel next November when their partisan witch hunt results in a land side victory for Trump and losing control of their beloved House of Representatives. The Democrats gave a wonderful gift to Republicans this Christmas season, one they probably did not intend to give.

Political debates at family gatherings

There are certain things that always seem to happen during family holiday gatherings. There are plenty of hugs and handshakes among family members, someone will get indigestion from all the great food that is available and of course, there will be some heated discussion taking place about, you guessed it, politics. Maybe that will not happen at your family gathering, but I am willing to bet there were plenty of political debates at many Thanksgiving dinner gatherings around the country. And more are certain to take place during the Christmas season. It is bound to happen. Politics is really becoming a hot talker these days with the ongoing impeachment talks, and next year, the 2020 election will have taken place. So what happens when that joyful gathering turns ugly at the dinner table when your loud mouth anti-Trump relative starts whining about what a bum the President is? How do you handle it?

First of all, there should be a set of rules at any holiday gathering. Absolutely no political talk. I know for some families, that is impossible. Some families just love to argue and debate topics, especially when it comes to politics. That is just their DNA so why try to put a leash on their right to speak their mind? However, I personally am not crazy about having a long and loud argument over politics during the holiday season. Isn’t it suppose to be a time of peace and harmony among people? Are there not other topics that can be discussed like your job, your home, other people? Maybe someone can quickly change the conversation over so things do not escalate. You might get an additional gift from Santa if you do so!

But that can be much easier said than done. Personally, if I ever find myself in the middle of a heated debate about politics, I like to kind of take the middle ground. Maybe there is some middle ground that everyone can agree on. When your wild liberal aunt starts talking about climate change, agree with her that it is important to keep the planet clean but at the same time, ask her many questions about how she would like to accomplish it and the possible ramifications of such policies. But do so in a very tactful way that does not insult anyone’s intelligence. The worst thing you can do is to imply that someone is extremely misinformed and educated. That will certainly not bring and love and harmony at the dinner table. Respect the other person’s opinions and be glad that we have the right to express our opinions in this country.

But hopefully, you will not get into a heated political debate with a family member this Christmas season. Remember to strive for peaceful and joyful conversation this Christmas season. Getting into a nasty political discussion is about the worst thing you can talk about during a holiday gathering. Keep your political discussions to a bare minimum, if not any at all. Nothing will potentially divide your family more than some stupid conversation that might turn ugly. You do not want that to take place during this joyful time of the year.

The toxic issue of Medicare for All

There is no doubt that health care will be a very important issue for voters in the 2020 presidential race. I rate health care behind the economy as the most important issue facing voters in the upcoming election. You can talk about climate change, immigration and foreign affairs all you want, but topics that affect people’s pocket books seem to generate the most passion. Health care is always a hot topic in any election and a few Democratic presidential hopefuls running in 2020 want to implement a “Medicare for All” health system for people in the United States.  According to these candidates, this government run health system will be the cure of all ills for our health care system. The big challenge for them and their supporters is to sell this plan to millions of American voters. I say good luck to that!

I am one of millions of people who get private health insurance through my employer and I absolutely love it. It is a huge perk that keeps me from leaving my company. Under my plan, I pay a very reasonable premium and deductible. If I want to see my doctor, I can go online and schedule an appointment usually within a couple of days. Several years ago, I had a very serious medical condition and was able to see a specialized within a week and we got it taken care of. As many of you know,  getting immediate care is so important in dealing with a medical issue. My health care gives me the chance to deal with problems before they become far too serious.

Now there is talk that my much loved private insurance will be eliminated and I will be forced to enlist in some government run health care system. Suddenly that convenience of having a doctor of my choice and being in control of my health care is thrown out the window. Instead, a bunch of Washington bureaucrats will make those decisions for me. Apparently I am not smart enough to make those decisions by myself! And forget about getting in to see my doctor in a few days. I might have to wait for weeks to see my doctor, provided that he is still around! By then, my medical ailment may be totally incurable.

If you want long wait times to see your doctor, less choices to see specialists and higher taxes, then vote for these delusional candidates who are supporters of this absolutely garbage of an idea. The Democratic candidates who are supporting this plan are not fooling anyone. Taking away something that works and is loved by many of us is a downright foolish idea. Any candidate who supports “Medicare for All” with the intent of taking away private health insurance is playing political suicide. Supporting this plan will get you nowhere in winning support. It is not what the political doctors ordered.

Something that will really divide Americans

Unless you have been stranded on a desert island for the last several months with no access to any news sources, you might be aware that there is an effort to impeach the President of the United States. It probably began the minute President Trump was declared the winner of the 2016 Presidential Election. Numerous folks were totally outraged that he won. How could some first time outsider come in and win something that many career politicians could only dream about? It did not sit well with the established politicians and they have been trying non-stop to dig up something, just anything, that would finally get rid of this huge nightmare of theirs. It appeared they might get their wish with claims that Russia helped Trump win the election. A long 2 year investigation took place and there was no evidence to suggest that Trump was aided by the Russians.

Now we have yet another investigation into claims that Trump bullied Ukraine into digging up dirt on his political opponent, former VP Joe Biden. According to some of these politicians, there is evidence that Trump did exactly that which would be grounds for impeachment and removal from office. Never mind that the transcript of the phone call made last summer between Trump and the Ukrainian leader showed no signs of any type of threats by Trump to intimidate the leader for political gains. Or words straight from the Ukrainian leader that no threats were made. This is just another golden opportunity for the Trump haters of the world to finally succeed in getting their wish of removing the so-called evil leader.

Yes, there could be more evidence coming forward in the coming days that our President did commit acts that are very impeachable offenses. I fully understand that. But don’t you get get the feeling that this is just another political witch hunt brought about by an opposition party who are still very bitter about being embarrassed in 2016? Already there are many lies made up by certain officials designed to bring Trump down. This promises to be a political fight like no other we have seen in the history of this country.

While politicians in Washington fight over whether the President did commit high crimes and misdemeanors, the real fight will be with normal everyday Americans like you and I. There is no question that people are very split over the Trump presidency. Some really love the guy and support him. Others cannot stand him and want him removed immediately. It would bring a huge smile to their faces to see Trump whisked away from the White House in the same manor that Richard Nixon was.

Now in order to do this, it would require some Republican support in the Senate which could very well happen. There are Republicans out there who might very well be on the fence with the President. But in all likelihood, it would be a very partisan impeachment. Suppose that impeachment really took place, can you even began to imagine what kind of divide would happen to this country? Very few things would divide the country as much as having President Donald Trump impeached.

The next Democratic president would face the same scrutiny by the Republicans. Every little action would be under a microscope. You better believe that many Republicans would go to great lengths to settle the score and get even if Trump were removed from office by impeachment. Do we really want these type of silly games to be played by our elected officials in Washington? Are there not more important things to focus on like health care, jobs, education, education and foreign affairs. I believe there are.

Why are these politicians not placing their faith in the American people at this time? There is an election coming up in about 13 months from now. President Trump won the election in 2016 fair and square and let us, the people of this country decide if he deserves a second chance. It should not be decided by a bunch of bitter politicians with a score to settle. Maybe they are the ones who should be removed from office. I often wonder if they would show the same type of intensity for impeachment if  Trump were a Democrat. Of course not! If they are not careful, these impeachment proceeding will divide this country forever.

What about public education?

In the next several months, numerous candidates will enlighten us on their personal positions regarding the likes of health care, climate change, the economy, immigration and so forth. One issue that I find extremely important yet fails to get mention very often is the issue of education in our country, particularly with our public schools. We like to brag about how we are world leaders in numerous areas, however, education is not one of them and that is very troubling to me.

A few minutes ago, I glanced at a chart rating how our students do in math, reading and science skills compared to other countries and the charts raised some eyebrows with me. Our students were basically stuck in the middle in all three categories. Here we have a nation with plenty of wealth and resources, yet our students are only average in those important areas. How sad is that?!! We should be near the top in all those categories. Reading, math and science proficiencies at numerous inner city schools are disturbingly low. 13 schools in the Baltimore school district recently had zero students proficient in mathematics. These facts should alarm every American. What is really going on with our public school systems and where is the accountability?

I hear people constantly talk about income inequality and how can we make things fair so the system works for all Americans. That is certainly a fair discussion, but very few people tie in education with this discussion. Someone who is poorly educated will struggle all their life trying to find a good paying livable wage job. Many of today’s jobs require a high degree of technical knowledge and if you do not have good math skills, you will struggle to find a job suited to your skills.

Unfortunately, so many of those running for office, especially in the Democratic party would rather discuss climate change or LGBT rights. CNN just recently held a long 7 hour forum on climate change which in my view and millions of others, a very low rated political issue. Discussing how to improve our education system is far more important.

Our education system right now should be given a nice fat C. It needs to improve. So many of our societies ills are a result of a broken education system. We need to start now.