The bizarre police shooting of an Australian woman

There are certain news stories that happen which make absolutely no sense. Your first inclination is to ask why? why did this happen? You want more and more information regarding the story. This is very typical of the many high-profile police shootings that have been garnering our attention as of late. Why did an unarmed person end up getting killed by the police? Usually the answer comes up shortly after the event occurs. Information comes up that explains why the officer involved took the action and it makes perfect sense. The recent police shooting in Minnesota of a woman who recently moved to the United States from Australia makes absolutely no sense at all. The woman who was killed by the police just got done calling 911 to report a suspicious activity in the alley near her home. Shortly after the call, she stepped outside to talk to the police officers on the scene. While talking to the driver of the squad car, the second officer in the passenger seat shot the woman and she later died. Yes, he shot over his partner and hit the woman. It is a huge mystery as to why this officer took the actions he did. An innocent woman who was just doing her duties as a citizen was shot dead by the police.

One of the odd things about this tragic event is the fact that the police officer just happened to be a Somalian immigrant who felt it was his calling to become an officer. The woman was Caucasian. Imagine for a second if the officer were white and the unarmed person who was shot just so happened to be the Somalian? There was definitely some outrage over this incident, but I cannot imagine the outrage that would have taken place had the woman not been white. I did not see many people marching in the streets or blocking freeways to protest this shooting. This event further illustrates my theory that these protesters like to cheery pick what they will protest and get outraged about. Unfortunately, it is always about race and that is just not right! If you are going to scream about justice for the police, it is justice for all, white or black.

With the rise of social media, there are many people out there who know exactly what happened without having all the evidence in front of them. The biggest theory floating out there is the woman was shot because she ran outside in her nightgown and the officer shot her because she went against his religious beliefs pertaining to women. The woman was not properly clothed in public, therefore, she must die. It is a sad reality that many are blaming Muslims with this event, yet there is very evidence that this theory led to the shooting. In fact, I find that theory to be rather ridiculous. I highly doubt anyone who has that lack of tolerance for people would come anywhere close to becoming an officer. I am sure that many facts will come out in the next few weeks, but until then, let’s just stop the stupid speculations.

In light of another highly publicized police shooting in the area just last summer, there are many who are angry and wondering why did this happen. I can fully understand. Our tax dollars go to these officers so  they can protect and serve us. When an innocent person ends up getting shot, answers need to happen and happen fast. Sadly. this is not the case with this event. The police chief of the city involved was forced to resign just a few days ago. Perhaps more city leaders should follow including the mayor. There is absolutely no excuse for this to happen. For the most part, officers do a great job of protecting us and keeping our streets safe. However, a shooting like this should raise some serious questions about the training of our officers. One event like this is one too many. An innocent person who simply calls 911 to report a crime or suspicious activity does not deserve to die. This is a serious black eye on the city of Minneapolis and we the public deserve some answers.


Lots of passion and anger in Charlotte, not so much in Chicago

While doing some channel surfing last week, I happened to come across a cable news network’s live broadcast of the protests and riots going on in Charlotte. A very brave white reporter along with his cameraman were right there in the middle of the protests interviewing the protesters. The passion and anger of these protesters could be felt right through my television screen. I can certainly understand, to a certain degree, the anger that these people are feeling. They want answers after another police involved shooting of a black person. This anger is not limited to Charlotte. Throughout the past couple of years, groups such as “Black Lives Matter” have held countless rallies to bring about awareness of so-called police brutality against minorities, particularly African-American people. I find it rather interesting that these groups and protesters seem to have so much anger and rage over police shootings and want to draw attention to them, yet they remain awfully quiet about the increasing problems of crime in many inner cities across the country.

Lets look at what has been going on in Chicago during the past year. In the first 3 months of this year, the murder rate has gone up 72 percent and shootings by 88 percent compared to the same period last year. That city is on pace to set all sorts of crime records. Many of the victims are young black people in the early years of their lives. Some are young children who just happen to get caught up in the wrong place at the wrong time. I find it ABSOLUTELY disgusting and appalling that this alarming increase in crime does not get anywhere near the attention that a police shooting gets! When was the last time that the “Black Lives Matter” group held a protest in the streets of Chicago demanding an end to the violence and crime. None that I can recall! I do not see people marching in the streets of Chicago holding signs and demanding that officials clean up their city. I highly doubt that many of the out-of-town protesters who are in Charlotte right now will travel to Chicago after they finish and protest in the streets of Chicago. Why not? Don’t all black lives matter? Why are people cherry picking what to get enraged about?

Before we start having a discussion about so-called minority oppression in this country that the likes of Colin Kaepernick and some high profiled athletes want to discuss, we need to start with the bigger problem of crime in our inner cities such as what is going on in Chicago. There are areas of Chicago and as a matter fact, areas of my city here in Minneapolis, St. Paul that are pure hell holes. You could not pay me to visit this places; it would be safer to visit Iraqi and other dangerous foreign countries than these areas. That  is totally unacceptable in our country. Unfortunately, these problems get shoved under the rug. Why is that? Maybe the policies and politics that cause these problems will get exposed.

We do have a problem with minorities being oppressed in this country. When a young black child cannot go out and play in their neighborhood for fear of being shot, that is a huge problem. It is extremely sad that people cannot realize the bigger problems facing minorities in this country. Police shootings of black people is NOT a huge epidemic problem that many seem to think. For every black person that is killed by a police officer, there are perhaps thousands saved by some officer who is willing to go into these high crime areas to restore order and peace.

I just wish that people would recognize and be passionate about solving bigger issues facing minorities such as what Chicago is going through. I could fully support any effort involved in doing that as could most Americans. Unfortunately, it is all about those evil police officers. Let’s start having equal or greater passion about ridding our streets of those dangerous gang-banger thugs and making our cities safe for everyone.