An attack on all of us

Like many Americans, my initial reaction to the Orlando nightclub massacre was of utter disbelief and sadness. The magnitude of this tragedy was shocking; there has always been people involved in shootings at nightclubs over disputes, but for some crazed lunatic to walk in and just start mowing down innocent people made this event one of the most shocking in my lifetime. Another sad thought came to mind when I started to watch the coverage on Sunday; this could have happened to any one of us. The sad reality of this horrible tragedy is that there are probably several people living in this country who are just like this crazed killer. The next time, it might be at a shopping mall and the victims might include children. Or it could be at a major sporting event. This cowardly killer managed to kill 49 people and that number could rise. Who is to say that the next horrible event like this might involve 100 dead or higher? It is just a sad reality of the day and age in which we live in.

I do not particularly agree with the LGBT lifestyle, but what I just want to say that I will stand with them if anyone wants to harm or kill them. These people have every right in the world to go out and have fun without being fearful for their lives. We live in the United States and people are entitled to enjoy the many freedoms that this country has to offer. Nobody and I repeat nobody should be harassed and be fearful for their lives just because they happen to be of a different sexual orientation, race or religion. That is not what this country is all about. What happened early Sunday morning in a Orlando nightclub was extremely against what this country should be about. Furthermore, any zealot who claims they are doing God’s work by killing people is a fraud. That is entirely the work of the devil. The God I worship speaks of loving one another and forbids killing people (see the 10 commandments).

In the aftermath of this horrible event, the same old tired discussion of gun control has surfaced again. Anyone who thinks the solution to preventing these awful events is tighter gun control laws is extremely delusional. That includes many politicians. Do you really believe that a terrorist is going to follow some strict gun control law? Really? France has some of the strictest gun control laws in the world and look what happened last November? I think our sickening political correctness is doing more harm than good when it comes to our national security. We are afraid of offending someone who may look suspicious to law enforcement officials. If someone travels overseas to Syria or the Middle East a few times a year, why do they escape the eye of the FBI? What about our porous borders? If our agents cannot determine the backgrounds of these people, they should never, never be allowed in this country. Anyone with even the hint of a suspicious background should come under scrutiny.

I also believe that it is the duty of every American to do their part in stopping these events from happening. Lets not kid ourselves, law enforcement can only do so much. It is our country and we have to help those officials as much as possible. Most of these cowards tip-off their intentions before hand. It is your duty to report these losers to the authorities so innocent lives can be saved. Forget about being politically correct and trying not to offend someone. If I have to offend someone for the sake of maybe saving an innocent live, then so be it!

My heart really goes out to the families and friends of those innocent people who lost their lives in this attack. So many were very young people with their whole lives in front of them. Those dreams of the future were suddenly cut short by some sick radical individual. We simply cannot allow this to happen again in our country. Everyone should feel safe when they go out for a night on the town. It is a time to relax and have fun with friends, not a time to die! This was an attack on who we are as a country and we need to band together to prevent more of these from happening. The next attack could take your life or somebody you love dearly. I do not want this happening in my country.