Thoughts on the NFL draft

Despite the gorgeous spring weather, I stayed glued to my television for 3 straight days and watched all 7 rounds of the NFL draft. Well not really, I actually have a life!! Anyone who watched the draft beyond the 1st round probably needs to take a hard look at the way they spend their free time.  In all seriousness, I did watch a good portion of the first round since my Minnesota Vikings had 3 first round picks.  I thought they picked up some excellent young talent and addressed some of their needs. Getting Shariff Floyd was an absolute steal!! I cannot believe he lasted that long.

I have watched many drafts in my time and this one was maybe the most unpredictable in many years. When was the last time a draft had that many offensive and defensive lineman go in the top ten? But the biggest surprise is having only one quarterback getting drafted and no running backs during the first round. That is an absolute shocker!! I thought a guy like Eddie Lacy was a sure first round pick but he dropped big time as well.  I was also very surprised that Manti Teo lasted as long as he did. He had a very solid year and is very solid defending the pass. I think many teams might regret passing him up.

In all reality, I cannot blame NFL teams for drafting offensive and defensive lineman. Show me a good running back or quarterback and chances are his offensive line is very solid as well. Those guys in the trenches do not get the recognition that skill players do but they are a very vital part of any team. The same holds true on defense. A defensive back’s  job is so much easier if the line can apply pressure to the quarterback. In my opinion, building a strong football team starts with those big guys on the offensive and defensive lines. This year’s crop of players had several good lineman who can immediately help teams.

I think people get way too excited about some of these players. Drafting players is such an inexact science. How can you tell whether some guy is going to pan out or not? Just because some guy runs a fast 40 doesn’t mean a thing if he does not have a strong work ethic or cannot deal with adversity.  Equally, there are many late round picks who might surprise a few people. Remember a guy named Aaron Rodgers? He was the 61st pick in his class. I think he did pretty well for himself !!.

I know fans in many cities are feeling rather giddy after this draft, myself included. I think there were many players who could probably step in and help a team right away. As far as any huge impact players, probably not but you never know. I know this year’s draft did not have any big named skilled players but maybe there is another Rodgers just waiting to prove people wrong.  I think every NFL fan is praying and hoping their team selected that guy.