Are you in love with a stranger?

Unless you live on some remote island totally isolated from any type of civilization, you are bound at some point to have strong feelings of passion for people you run into in everyday life. For example, a trip to the grocery store could be more meaningful and enjoyable because some hot gal or guy works there. You don’t know their name or anything about them, heck they could be the biggest jerk in the world but that never crosses your mind. You are in love! You look forward to the next trip to the store and plan your schedule based on when she or he works.

Anyone who works in the service industry, especially young and attractive people, are bound to be targets of affection by total strangers. I have to admit that I am just as guilty as anyone in admiring young women who work in the service sector. Being single and unattached at the current time makes it even harder to resist the temptation of falling for some of those desirable public figures. The grocery store is a prime example of what I am talking about. Many of the checkout personal at my store are young attractive friendly females. It is only naturally for guys like me to fall for them. Would I ever consider asking one of them out? Probably not, I know my limits, but it is fun to fantasize being with them. Sometimes looks are not always important either. I was a frequent customer at a local gas station who had one of the friendliest cashiers ever. She was very average looking. but her friendly demeanor really caught my attention.

Sometimes, you don’t even have to go out in public to get swept up with someone. Just turn on the television to watch the local news. Chances are there is somebody on the newscast that you cannot get enough of. I know it happens to me, Or it might be a local disc jockey on a radio station. A nice stimulating voice can really hook me in as well.  You find yourself just chomping at the bit before this person is on.

I know it can be fun and mysterious to have certain fantasies with complete strangers but is it really healthy and good for you? I know some people who take their obsessions a bit too far. There are always countless stories of stalking in the news these days. Obviously if you reach the point of being overly intrigued, then it might be best to lay off. Suppose you are married, is it really good to have secret obsessions with complete strangers? I just do not see where that would be a healthy thing for a marriage. If you are fantasizing about others while married, it might mean your marriage has some issues. I know if I were married or had a serious girlfriend, I would be careful about my feelings and heart desires. It might be a good idea to stop going to those places where your secret obsession works.

One the other hand, maybe that friendly gal or guy who is the center of your obsession, might be your future spouse someday. Why not take a chance and get to know them so they are no longer strangers? Who knows what potential possibilities lie ahead? You might be extremely disappointed or they could make your life complete and happy forever. Maybe that hot checkout gal will end being your wife someday.