Thoughts on the unlikely meeting between Trump and Kim Jong-un

It was less than a year ago when many, including myself, began to wonder if the prospect of a nuclear war was about to become real. North Korea was shooting rockets non-stop over neighboring countries and basically sticking their middle finger at the rest of the world. It was scary to think that some madman was leading a country with nuclear weapons. Insults between President Trump and this madman leader were constant and continuous. The future of the world did not look bright at that time. Now flashback to last Tuesday. Seeing these two leaders shake hands and have a friendly meeting certainly has eased any concerns and is certainly a huge step in enhancing world peace for the short-term future. Whether this suddenly new pleasant relationship between Trump and Kim Jong-Un stay pleasant and lead to bigger and better things down the road is any ones guess at this time. But it certainly is a great sign and a nice win for President Trump.

Why Kim Jong-un is agreeing to become a denuclearized country has been a huge topic of discussion in talk shows. The common belief is that those sanctions against his country are working and Jong-un is a desperate leader with his regime about to tumble. I certainly believe this to be true, but I also believe that we did a masterful job of convincing Kim Jong-un of the long term benefits of having a denuclearized state. In exchange, we would help with their economy and tap into the potential of a stronger and vibrant quality of life for the North Koreans. What struggling country would not want that? I strongly believe that unlike his predecessors, Kim Jong-un is fascinated by the western way of life and yearns for his country to have the same economic success of many western states such as the United States.

Getting rid of nuclear weapons is certainly a huge sign that North Korea is willing to keep this bargain alive, but there are other things this rogue nation must also agree to. Something that is not talked about enough is the huge number of human rights violations that are going on in the country. The crimes against their own people is staggering. There are a huge number of political prisoners who are being tortured and severely being mistreated for being against Kim Jong-un’s dictatorship. This fact about North Korea should also be addressed in any talks. We should not help any country that treats their people in a inhumane way.

Sadly, many of the Trump haters out there are downplaying this meeting. Some have foolishly said that Trump was taken to the cleaners by Kim Jong-un. Whether you like President Trump or not, you have to give him credit for at least trying to make this world a much safer place to live. He is doing what few presidents would even think of doing. I have to give him a huge amount of credit for meeting with Kim Jong-un. I also give him a ton of credit for not being a weak world leader like the last President was. Sometimes peace is only accomplish through strength. We are looked upon again as a strong world leader who will not back down to rogue states. Kim Jong-un is appearing to find that out and that might just be a good thing for future generations of people in this world.


The meeting of the century between Trump and Kim Jong Un

Like so many people, I was deeply shocked to hear last week that President Trump will be meeting sometime in the next few weeks with perhaps one of the most evil men in the history of the world. Who would have thought these two would be meeting after some of the insults thrown at each other during the past year? But this meeting is all but certain to take place and might be one of the most highly anticipated meetings ever between two world leaders and I have to give the Trump administration a huge amount of praise for getting the ball rolling on this problem that has been continually kicked down the road.

Of all the countries in the world that threaten world peace, I have to put North Korea at the top of the list. The thought of this rogue nation having nuclear capabilities should be of huge concern to any human being in the world. It should be the number one foreign policy priority of any president. Kim Jong Un only increased these concerns in the past year with his uncalled for nuclear missile launches, thus putting the safety of many nations at risk. Fortunately, we finally have a leader in the White House who is not backing down and is willing, along with many of our allies, to impose tough economic sanctions on this ruthless dictator.

The United States should always be the leader in dealing with nut cases like Kim Jong Un. That is what “peace through strength” is all about. Just a few months ago, many people criticized Trump for potentially provoking a madman. Some folks were even comparing Trump to Kim Jung Un and were extremely worried that a couple of crazy men would get us involved in a nuclear war. But as has been the case so often in history, playing footsies with evil dictators is not the right course of action to take. Trump’s hard-line approach and pressure on North Korea seems to be working at this point.

Solving this North Korea nuclear issue would be a huge victory for President Trump and his administration. But more importantly, the world would be a much safer place to live in and that is what I am most pleased about when hearing that a potential meeting will take place. Whether you like Trump or not, you have to agree with that.


Trump vs. Kim Jong Un

Forget about the WWE, if you want a real-time feud these days, just turn on the news and chances are you will hear about the latest war of words between President Trump and the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un. Both men have very unique, stubborn personalities and this feud will intensify in the upcoming weeks. Unfortunately for this country, it may mean military action against a leader who has basically stuck his middle finger out against the world. Finally, there is a leader who is willing to stand up to him and how this feud will end is anyone’s guess. One thing is for certain, Kim Jong Un is a very dangerous man and the world might be a better place without him in power.

One of the scary things about this whole story is the fact that some nut case like Kim Jong Un has the capability to have nuclear weapons and this fact should send shivers to anyone living in this country or any ally of the United States. There are probably several other rogue leaders who would not think twice about sending some missile our way which could cause massive casualties. The fact that leaders of these rogue nations have that capability is very concerning to say the least. In the near future, those capabilities will only get stronger as well as our risk of being attacked.

Some people claim that President Trump should tone down his rhetoric towards North Korea and Kim Jong Un. I completely disagree. It is refreshing to finally see our President take a harsh stand against one of our biggest enemies. A strong leader will stand up for us and our allies when some head case wants to do harm to innocent people. Why people are outraged over his statements is simply appalling. Leading from the front is what we should expect from our nation. Former President Ronald Reagan was the same way. He was not afraid to confront our enemies and our country was safer because of it.

I also find it ridiculous to be extremely concerned whether Trump has the mental capacity to handle this foreign crisis. Not only does he, but his team of advisors is very experienced and knowledgeable in foreign affairs. I have the utmost confidence in this group of people in making good and wise decisions in the best interests of the nation and world.

North Korea and Kim Jong Un has been a problem for far too long and it is time for him to face the music. We cannot tolerate his evil and disrespectful ways any longer. I have to give the Trump administration credit for trying to do a job other administrations have by-passed. North Korea is a problem that has to be dealt with now before it is too late.