Calling out Kathy Griffin and Hillary Clinton.

A couple of left leaning women garnered lots of attention in the news last week. Prior to last week, I knew little about Kathy Griffin other than seeing her on CNN a few times. After last week, I believe I have seen and heard all that I want from this idiot. I have known about Hillary Clinton for decades and her excuse tour last week only cemented my very negative views about her. Maybe we can learn a lot from the actions of these two women and what liberalism is all about.

Griffin got a lot of heat for holding a fake decapitated head of President Trump in a photo. It was a totally tasteless act and she deserved every ounce of criticism that she received. I don’t care who the President is, Democrat or Republican, that totally crosses the line of decency. She apologized a few days later and I thought that was the end of that rather disturbing story. Well was I ever wrong! Griffin held a press conference yesterday in which she suddenly declared herself a victim in all of this. Apparently, she feels the Trumps and “old white men” (some will say this blogger is one of them) are out to get her. This prank¬† comes out of the playbook of liberalism.¬† Everyone is a victim of some sort. You can commit the biggest crime ever but you did it because you are a victim of society. Instead of just letting this controversy go, she continues to build a deeper hole for herself. There are indeed consequences for foolish actions and Griffin apparently fails to understand that simple fact of life.

Just when you thought Hillary Clinton would never be in the political spotlight again, she appears as a guest on a few shows and talks about how she lost the election. The excuses she used were many and varied. Like Griffin, Clinton also seemed to think that she was a victim as well. Heavens forbid she would ever take personal responsibility for losing the election. She blamed others for her failures. That is another thing that liberals do. They like to blame others for their failures.

I would suggest that both Clinton and Griffin buy a mirror someday. They do not cost that much. Look into that mirror and maybe you will both see the real problem. These women apparently do not know the meaning of taking personal responsibility for their actions. But should that surprise you when you are dealing with radical liberals like these two women?