Thoughts on the Iraqi crisis

For about the last 10 years, many brave men and women from this country risked their lives to help liberate Iraqi and turn that country into a peaceful democracy; many lost their lives in the effort to give the Iraqi people the freedom they richly deserve. We spent over a billion dollars in trying to turn Iraqi into a stable country and now it looks like all of our hard-earned efforts are quickly going the drain. When I see those ISIS terrorists on television brag about how they are going to take over Iraq, I can’t help but wonder what our soldiers are thinking. Here they worked so hard to accomplish a mission and it is being quickly taken away by a bunch of radical thugs. So who is to blame for this escalating mess that could turn the Middle East into a war zone? Several parties have to take the blame.

Isn’t it more than a coincidence that this is happening after we are taking our troops out of Iraqi? Sure, let’s announce our withdrawal so the terrorists can just sit back and wait until we leave. I am by no means an expert on military planning but logic would dictate that this is a pretty poor policy of announcing our withdrawal. The current administration then has the gull to say that they are surprised by the events over there, really? Did they not see this coming? Are they that na├»ve to be surprised by the turn of events? Is there intelligence that bad that these turn of events caught them by surprise? If that is the case, our country is in a heap of trouble. Something tells me that the withdrawal of troops was more a political move than anything else and probably happened too soon. I totally don’t buy the fact they did not see this coming.

Having said those things, I think most of the blame has to be pointed to the incompetent Iraqi leader and his army. I totally agree with President Obama that it is the Iraqis job to take care of themselves. We helped lay down the foundation, now they have to take it from here. We taught them how to fish, they are now responsible for catching fish. Reports are that the Iraqi army is in total disarray. Why is this? Have they not been properly trained to handle this mission? The Iraqi army far outnumbers the terrorists who are trying to take over, yet they are retreating and not willing to defend their country. That is totally gutless!! They need to take a stand for their country even if it means losing their lives. I highly doubt our military would run away like those gutless Iraqi soldiers. Our country and our leaders cannot be held responsible if the Iraqis do not want to defend themselves. It is their job and the leaders of Iraqi need to show some leadership in dealing with this crisis.

What deeply concerns me about this ISIS group is the amount of money they have. This is not just a bunch of rag-tag Sunnis running around. This group is well-financed and their money many help finance terror plots all over the globe. I can see this group becoming larger and expanding around the world, similar to Al Qaeda. That is the last thing we need is for another well-financed terror organization going around and wreaking havoc. You better believe that the United States will eventually be in their cross hair. If this group takes over Iraqi, who knows what might happen next? The Middle East would be in total turmoil if this happened. This group is like a cancer that could spread to many regions. They must be stopped before it is too late.

President Obama talks about taking his time in what our future options will be. Does anyone have a great deal of confidence in his administration to be able to handle this crisis? Judging by what happened in Syria and Russia, I have little confidence. Sure it is a difficult and tricky situation, but if the Middle East turns upside down, our interests and national security may be at risk. As I mentioned earlier, this group needs to be dealt with quickly and decisively before it is too late and a huge war breaks out. Hesitating and being passive is not the way to approach this crisis. Our allies also need to get involved because their interests and securities are at risk as well.

We are now at a cross roads with regard to Iraqi. It is easy to say that we have no business getting involved in the affairs of their country right now. If it were that simple. This is far more than a feud between Sunnis and Shiites. A terrorist group is trying to take over Iraqi and the implications could prove to be troublesome for the whole world if they are not stopped. A well-financed terrorist group should scare us all.