A couple of very unlikely hobbies of mine, golf and blogging

Wouldn’t it be great if someone came along who could predict what lies ahead in your future? Suppose someone told you during your teenage years that you would be doing this and that 20 years later? Would you believe them? Probably not. But the truth is, we all change as we get older and many of us pick up new hobbies that we never dreamed of doing during our younger years. Such is the case with me. I would like to share a few hobbies of mine that I never dreamed I would be pursuing right now.  

My father was a very avid golfer and tried to get me hooked on the sport. We would go out and play together about once a week. I have many fond memories of playing golf with my dad when I was 11 or 12 years old. However, as I progressed into my teenage years, golf really started to bore me and I quit playing. I was more interested in playing pickup basketball with my buddies down at the park. I thought golf was better reserved for older, retired people who could not run or jump anymore. I know my dad was kind of disappointed that I quit playing, but he respected my decision.

Shortly after I moved here to take my current job, I decided to give golf another shot. One of my co-workers was an avid golfer and hearing him talk about his golf adventures during the weekend really got me in the mood to start playing again. I started to go to the local driving range to work on my swing and initially, things did not go very well. I told my dad about my return to the game and he was thrilled. He gave me some lessons and my game really came around along with my passion for the sport. Suddenly, I found myself looking at the calendar and just counting the days until April would arrive so I could get out and play. Whenever I visited my dad, we would always get in round of golf. My dad passed away way too soon, but the memories of playing golf with him still linger very strong in me. I credit him for giving me a hobby and a sport that I can enjoy for a lifetime. Eventually, I will not be able to run up and down the basketball court, but golf is something that I can enjoy and play for a long time. Just being outside on a warm summer evening or morning and enjoying nature makes golf so enjoyable for me. Sometimes I don’t even care if I am playing well or not. I just love being outside and hacking some little white ball around. It is also great exercise. I very seldom take a cart.

My second unlikely hobby is something that I just took up about 5 years ago and that is blogging. I started blogging because I was becoming frustrated by the way politicians were running this country. Everyone has an opinion and I found blogging to be a great way to express my opinions on certain political issues nationally and locally. I eventually decided to cover multiple topics, not just politics. Many blogs that I follow and read just pertain to one area. Mine is kind of like going into a buffet restaurant and having a wide variety of things to choice from. I try to appeal to many different types of people. My blogs are very opinion based and some people may be turned off and disagree with some of the stuff that I write. I appreciate differing opinions from my views. One of the goals of my blog is to prompt discussion on wide range of topics ranging from politics, sports, pop culture, social issues, dating, fitness and health.

Like golf, I did not really enjoy writing in either high school or college. I once took a journalism class in high school and wrote for our school newspaper. I still remember writing an opinion piece about detention which rubbed some students the wrong way! Kind of like my blog posts on certain occasions! I went on and pursued a degree in mathematics in college. As I mentioned, I wrote my first blog about 5 years ago and the rest is history. Blogging is something that I really enjoy doing. I wish I had more time to write more posts. There are so many topics to cover. I view blogging and writing as something that I would like to pursue when I retire from my current job and have more free time. I am not even close to being a professional writer, but I love to be creative and put my two cents into many topics. 

Perhaps in the near future, I will take up bungee jumping and cliff diving. On second thought, maybe not!! Next on my list is cooking and fishing. Life is so much more enjoyable when you hobbies to pursue and enjoy. You never know what passion of yours is just around the corner.