Hillary’s great excuse tour

A few weeks ago, former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton started a tour designed to promote her new book called “What happened ?” In this book, Clinton gives some insight into her failed presidential campaign from last fall and offers up many reasons as to why she lost.  The list of excuses is long and endless. Everything from the tired old Russian hacking excuse to new blaming on some Democrats and even her former Democratic rival, Bernie Sanders. Yes, this long laundry list of excuses makes for some interesting reading and almost makes one feel sorry for Mrs. Clinton. She was a victim wasn’t she? Well maybe not so fast!

I probably join millions in wishing Clinton would just go away. She lost and she needs to get over it. It is that plain and simple. Accept the fact that you got beat by a candidate who worked harder than you did and ran a much better campaign. “What happened” is the name of the book and it is very simple as to “what happened” Clinton needs to look in the mirror. Maybe it just so happened that she lost Wisconsin, a predominately a blue state, because she did not campaign hard enough or spend enough time in that state. The goes with Michigan and Ohio. While President Trump was campaigning endlessly around the country, Clinton was probably sleeping at home thinking she was entitled to become the next president. She also greatly underestimated the angry of typical voters in this country. Her and her Democratic buddies apparently thought that reign of President Obama would automatically qualify a Democratic to become the next president. Boy were they wrong! Many of today’s Democrats including Clinton are simply out of touch with the people of the United States and that is a huge reason why she lost.

There is a belief that Clinton is writing this book to help future candidates who might consider running for office. I do agree that her campaign and the way she ran it should serve as a warning to future candidates on how not to run a presidential campaign. Any future candidate needs to understand that taking your opponent and the people who you will represent lightly is a recipe for disaster. Clinton did all these things. She felt as though her name was simply good enough to win. Little did she know how angry the voters of this country were last fall and how they wanted change. America may have won when Hillary lost the election last November. In the meantime, she needs to just shut up and go away. Her whining about the election will only hurt the party in future elections. Do us all a favor, Hillary. Just move on and shut up. The biggest reason why you lost in staring right back at you in the mirror.


Calling out Kathy Griffin and Hillary Clinton.

A couple of left leaning women garnered lots of attention in the news last week. Prior to last week, I knew little about Kathy Griffin other than seeing her on CNN a few times. After last week, I believe I have seen and heard all that I want from this idiot. I have known about Hillary Clinton for decades and her excuse tour last week only cemented my very negative views about her. Maybe we can learn a lot from the actions of these two women and what liberalism is all about.

Griffin got a lot of heat for holding a fake decapitated head of President Trump in a photo. It was a totally tasteless act and she deserved every ounce of criticism that she received. I don’t care who the President is, Democrat or Republican, that totally crosses the line of decency. She apologized a few days later and I thought that was the end of that rather disturbing story. Well was I ever wrong! Griffin held a press conference yesterday in which she suddenly declared herself a victim in all of this. Apparently, she feels the Trumps and “old white men” (some will say this blogger is one of them) are out to get her. This prank  comes out of the playbook of liberalism.  Everyone is a victim of some sort. You can commit the biggest crime ever but you did it because you are a victim of society. Instead of just letting this controversy go, she continues to build a deeper hole for herself. There are indeed consequences for foolish actions and Griffin apparently fails to understand that simple fact of life.

Just when you thought Hillary Clinton would never be in the political spotlight again, she appears as a guest on a few shows and talks about how she lost the election. The excuses she used were many and varied. Like Griffin, Clinton also seemed to think that she was a victim as well. Heavens forbid she would ever take personal responsibility for losing the election. She blamed others for her failures. That is another thing that liberals do. They like to blame others for their failures.

I would suggest that both Clinton and Griffin buy a mirror someday. They do not cost that much. Look into that mirror and maybe you will both see the real problem. These women apparently do not know the meaning of taking personal responsibility for their actions. But should that surprise you when you are dealing with radical liberals like these two women?

Thoughts on Trump vs. Hillary Round 1

Like 80 million other people, I was tuned in to the epic debate last night between presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. I found the debate to be somewhat entertaining although it basically consisted of the same old talking points that we have been hearing for the past several months. I think Mrs. Clinton had a copy of the progressive playbook hiding somewhere on the podium. A robot could have done just as good of a job standing there. And Trump was his normal self, presidential at times, loud and seemingly out of control at other times. I am not one of these media types who go to great lengths in analyzing this debate, I am just a normal citizen who will be voting in the huge election on November 8th. Here is my take on this first debate.

1) Several missed and blown chances by Trump. It began early on when Trump failed to follow-up on Clinton’s ridiculous claim that our economy is struggling because the rich are not paying their fair share of taxes. Trump should have given Hillary a little lesson in Economics 101 at that point. In 2015, the federal government took in a record amount of revenue and the GDP continued to be mostly stagnant.

He should have went after her and her party when they started discussing racial and inner city problems. What party is running those high crime cities such as Baltimore, Detroit and Chicago? He could have further elaborated about Chicago’s problems and the policies that are not working.

And lets not forget the golden missed opportunity when the topic of cyber security was brought up. Trump should have mentioned that Hillary is in no position to even consider talking about security when she is foolish enough to put classified government documents on a private server.

2) Most presidential debates have a line which people will remember for days after the debate. The statement by Trump about Hillary being there for 30 years and why she is just starting to think about her plans really hit home with me and many others. It was a very powerful and effective line.

3) The birther issue.  In my mind, there are far more important issues to talk about than wasting 15 minutes talking about some issue of the past. I was very disappointed that this was even brought up.

4) The moderator.  I actually thought Lester Holt did a decent job. It really drives me crazy when some moderator is constantly reminding the candidates about the time. Holt did a good job of letting the candidates explain their answers even though there were many times when that 2 minute limit was broken. He didn’t take over the debate like some moderators have in the past. My only problem with him is that he seemed a little bias towards Clinton. No surprise there considering he works for NBC.

5) A lot of people have been proclaiming winners of this debate last night and today. My take is it was a draw. No candidate really gained any advantage going forward from this debate. I actually thought Clinton did a masterful job of putting Trump on the defensive at times. She deserves credit for that. Trump made some nice attacks as well and as I mentioned, had numerous opportunities to score some major points but failed. For those reasons, I consider this debate to be a draw.

In about 12 days from now, round 2 will be held and I will be sure to tune into that one as well. I think this debate was somewhat of a warm-up for more spirited and lively debates coming up. The stakes are very high and the next debate should be full of even more fireworks. Get ready, it should be great!




The only poll that matters

There is simply no way to escape it! If you have been following the presidential race, the p word comes up nearly every day. That p word refers to polls as in presidential polls. The media in their bid to appoint Hillary Clinton to the White House seems to be obsessed with these stupid polls. Sometimes I wonder why even bother having a race between Donald Trump and Clinton. From what I keep on reading in the newspapers, online and watching on television, Clinton has this race completely locked up. She is so far ahead according to some pundits that it will take a miracle for Trump to even prevent a landslide. Well it that were the case, we should all just stay home on election day. Why bother? Furthermore, why even have those debates this fall? Let’s just make Hillary Clinton the next president and the first female president ever. It’s over folks! Well maybe not so fast!

I am absolutely flabbergasted when I hear or read this kind of nonsense. Is this some kind of conspiracy to discourage people to get out and vote for Trump? This race is far from over. I have seen a few polls that indicate this race is nearly a dead heat. The election is still many days away and a lot can happen in that time frame. Furthermore, there a some critical debates between Trump and Clinton that will be critical in determining who will be the next occupant of the White House. I don’t know how anyone can seriously call this race over before the debates even happen. Trump won nearly all of the Republican debates handily and Clinton and her fans have to be extremely nervous about facing Trump in a live debate in front of the American people. Trump will no doubt put Clinton on the defensive about her rather dismal record and that could make things interesting and possibly expose Clinton.

And what about this Wikileaks scandal that could get interesting come October? This could further damage Clinton in this race. What October surprise will there be that people of this organization have promised? Suppose this scandal grows even bigger and Clinton is at the center of it? This scenario also has to cause many restless nights for Clinton and her army.

I pretty much take these polls for granted when I hear about who is in the lead in the latest polls. Who are these pollsters polling anyways? Are they polling the appropriate ratio of Democrats and Republicans in these polls. And how can they determine how many people will actually get out and vote? I have seen several polls to be proven wrong in the past. They are just some unofficial pulse on how a few people feel about some candidates. Even if some candidate is up by 5 points in some poll, that margin can change quickly overnight. On November 8th, millions of Americans will go to the polls to determine the next president. Later on that night, numbers will be released indicating who won the race. That is the only poll that I am concerned about. Those who say this race is over are extremely foolish. The only poll that matters is on November 8th. This race is far from over. I believe it will be an extremely tight one.


What is so great about Hillary Clinton?

In one of the biggest shocking announcements in recent memory (please pardon my sarcasm!), Hillary Clinton announced that she is will be running for President in 2016. You would think from the coverage of this announcement that she is the next female messiah of this country. The media are following her like a hawk all over the country. We are even given updates to where she dines and what she has. Judging by the polls, Mrs. Clinton seems to have a fair amount of popularity at this time. Many of her supporters give similar answers when asked why they support her. “Well, it is time that we elect a woman president, the time is well overdue”. My question to her supporters is this, take away the fact that she is a woman trying to be the first woman president, the former first lady and wife of a very popular president and a well know name in the political field, what is left? What major accomplishments has she ever had? What makes her so qualified to be the president?

Her recent term as Secretary of State has been viewed by many as a failure. The Benghazi attack took place under her watch and Clinton tried to brush that attack under the rug by blaming it on some video and not mentioning that it was a terrorist attack.. 4 Americans lost their lives in the attack including our ambassador to Libya. A person would be hard pressed to find any accomplishments during her term. About the only thing valuable she accomplish was picking up many frequent flyer miles and giving many speeches. She seemed to be way over her head in that job.

Don’t you get the impression that Mrs. Clinton’s middle initial should be S as in scandal? She has been involved in countless scandals during her career and every time, she seems to find a way to wiggle away and out of them. Her recent email scandal is a classic example. Government officials are supposed to use government computers to run government business, They even have to sign a document stating they will uphold this agreement. Mrs. Clinton apparently felt that is above the law by using her own personal computer to do government business and running the risk at putting our nation at risk. Imagine if a hacker from a foreign country hacked into her computer and viewed some confidential document? Suppose a Republican had done the same thing? The media would be all over him or her. I find it very hard to trust Clinton as my president with her very deceiving nature.

Clinton stated during her announcement that she wants to be the people’s champion, more specifically, the champion of the middle class. How exactly are you going to accomplish that, Mrs. Clinton? Is she going to be just another tax and spend Democrat who talks a good game but instead hurts the middle class with their policies. Perhaps she should take some advice from her husband on the value of cutting taxes for the investors of this country. It worked well about 20 years ago and it will work well again. She is sounding more and more like the president in talking about ways to help improve our economy. How is that working out for us? Do we want another 4 years of failed economic policies for this country?

The Democratic party would be well suited to find other candidates to challenge Clinton. There has to be some very formidable opponents who could defeat Clinton in a primary. Why should the party put all their eggs in one basket? Forget about trying to elect someone just because they would be the first of a gender to be the president. That is a very shallow way of picking a candidate. I would rather have a lesser known candidate, male or female, who is more about substance and ideas and who we can actually trust as a leader. I just feel that Hillary Clinton has some issues with deception and trust that need to be looked into before we get all giddy about electing her to be the first female president. I guess I join many folks in having serious doubts about whether Mrs. Clinton is ready to be our next president. I wish more Democrats would have those same doubts.