The health care bill is no Christmas present for Americans

Just a short time ago, members of the Senate passed their own version of health care reform with the vote being strictly partisan. Several Democrats boasted that this is indeed, a true Christmas  present for many Americans who cannot afford health insurance. While this may be true for a few and very small minority of Americans, what about the rest of us who really like our health insurance?

When I think of reforming something, I always think of  making a particular process or product better and I fail to see what exactly will be made better with this bill.  The first glaring thing  I noticed is that 25 million people will still not be insured. I thought the primary goal of this piece of legislation is to make sure all Americans are covered? If that many folks are still not covered, then there are some serious flaws in this bill.

The price tag of this bill is another thing that jumps out. So how are we suppose to pay for this sweeping reform? I still have a very hard believing the cost of insurance will actually go down with this bill. In fact, I can see just the opposite. Premiums are bound to go up for many folks, especially the younger people who are the ones with the least need for coverage. And of course, cuts to Medicare will have a great impact to those who need health care the most, our seniors. For those who think cutting the waste out of  Medicare will be enough to pay for this bill and not affect seniors, you guys are extremely delusional! I simply do not trust that a bunch of politicians and bureaucrats will accomplish something like this.  Does anyone out there really believe this will happen?

Probably my biggest concern about this health care reform is what will become of the quality of care in this country.  With many more people having access to health care, can you imagine the wait that one will go through just to see the doctor? Believe me, just ask the folks in Canada what it is like to wait for a simply procedure to happen. It is bound to happen here in the states as well. I simply cannot believe that our quality of care will actually get better. It will be a total nightmare with long waits to see the doctor and a strong potential of having government rationed health care due to a lack of funds.

There are so many other concerns I have about health care reform but overall, will this make our system much better?  I have serious doubts and all Americans should be concerned about what is happening with this debate.  We will all be affected by this and it is unfortunate that a few Democrats are not listening to the voices of the American people.  60 percent of Americans do not support this bill. It seems like this debate is more about a power struggle of ideologies in Washington instead of truly reforming health care. For those Democrats who voted for this bill and especially Ben Nelson, you guys all deserve a big lump of coal in your stockings this Christmas. And come next November, some of you will get deservedly get voted out of office.


Just give us the truth about health care reform

During the past few week, I have experienced an unexplained bout of dizziness that forced me to see my doctor. After a series of tests, the doctor could not find anything wrong. Before I got up and left, he asked me one question, have you been following the health care reform debate? I explained to him that I was, and at that moment, he advised me to stop immediately! Of course, I cannot help from being spun around by what is fact and what is fiction about the proposed reform.

Those on the left, which includes many Democrats think this plan is the best thing to happen since sliced bread. They have several arguments about how the private insurance companies are screwing people over and reform is badly needed. The people on the right are giving us equally compelling arguments about the cost of such a program, death panels, and so for. So who are we to believe?

I personally agree that some kind of reform must take place since the cost of premiums are going up every year with no end in sight.  Businesses are having a hard time affording to hire people due to the high costs and the increased premiums are putting hardships on a number of families.  These factors have a big impact on our economy.  But what is the correct way to fix this problem?

I have some serious doubts about the current plan to reform the health care system. First of all,  President Obama wants to require that everyone carry health insurance. If all of sudden, some additonal 25- 50 million people are being covered, don’t you think we need a whole boat load of new doctors and nurses to handle the new wave of people? Imagine the waiting to get a simple checkup? How is this going to be covered? When I get sick, I do not want to wait to see the doctor, I want to see him or her right away without any delays.  What if I needed surgery and had to wait for 6 months? And my condition worsened because of the delay. This happens under this plan in other countries and is sure to happen here.

Another concern I have is an obvious one, the cost.  How can we afford the 856 billion dollar price tag of this plan. Obama talked about cutting waste in Medicare and so forth but come on! Do you think this will really happen? I smell a big tax increase looming in the horizon for somebody and it will probably fall on the middle class.

And why is this reform so one sided and partisan? They are also trying to push this through in a hurry.  This reminds me so much of the stimulus bill which was rushed through by many Democrats and look what that got us.  Does anyone out there really believe that the stimulus bill is really working? The last time I checked, unemployment is continuing to go up and jobs are being lost.  A major bill like this should be non-partisan in nature and should not be one sided with the views and ideology of one party. Both parties have some good ideas and these ideas should be combined in the bill. Instead it seems like a few liberal Democrats are trying to force a bill down the throats of the American people.  And a majority of Americans do not favor the bill.

I think being able to buy insurance across state lines is one the best ways to help lower costs among the private companies. If I can buy my auto insurance in another state, which I do, why can’t I buy my health insurance in another state? This will really open up the competition among private companies and this will play a big role in reducing costs. The public option should not be considered in any plan.  This will not create a level playing field at all for the private companies and will force many people out of their current coverage. It could be you or me that will be affected. An independent study has shown that nearly 80 million people be forced into the public plan. I certainly do not want some Washington bureaucrat calling the shots on my coverage.  I find it very hard to believe that this plan will be any cheaper or work any better than the private companies. They say that they will not deny coverage to anybody but does anybody really believe that?  All you have to do is to look at what happens in Europe and Canada since they have a very similar plan. People have been denied in those countries.

I hope that someone will be worked out soon. Health care is a very important part of the economy and all options and plans should be considered. What scares me is this is becoming a partisan bill with a few liberal Democrats trying quickly force this on the American people.  A good bill will involve both parties input and be carefully thought out so it does not take away our options or hurt the taxpayers in the wallet.