Life after the “March for our Lives” rally

Yesterday thousands of people, including many young people, held rallies across this country demanding tighter and stricter gun control laws. I couldn’t help but think to myself how these rallies will impact the future of this very divisive topic. Will we suddenly see new legislation banning certain types of guns? Will these marches scare lawmakers into supporting new measures for fear of not getting re-elected in the next elections? The impact of these marches and rallies remain to be seen on how much of an impact they will really have on the general public, but for this blogger, I don’t see much of a change coming. Sadly, these rallies seem to offer very little in terms of any practical solutions in keeping our schools and society safer. And furthermore, the gun control crowd seems to be woefully ignorant of getting to the root cause of several of these mass shootings, a lack of enforcement of our existing laws and several warnings signs that consistently seem to be missed in many of these awful events.

I found it very interesting to hear from one of the young protesters on television this morning. He talked about the normal things that the gun grabbing crowd normally talks about, stricter background checks, raising the minimum age to buy a firearm and banning assault rifles, but when asked a question about arming trained school officials with firearms, his response was a flat out no; we do not need more guns in our school was his response. I think it would be a very logical first step in making our schools be safer by having certain school administrators be trained on how to deal with an active shooter. Why is it such a bad thing to have certain well-trained personal have the ability to use a firearm in the event that one of these nut-cases enter the school with a gun? It is a well-known fact to gun free zones are easy targets for individuals wanting to commit mass shootings. I will never understand the logic by those who are opposed to that seemingly good common sense solution in keeping our schools safer. Many who were protesting yesterday oppose such an idea.

I also want to know why those protesters who believe that having newer and stricter gun control laws will cut down on the gun violence in our country. It will not. Just ask people in Chicago, Baltimore and Washington D.C. how those tough gun control laws are working in their cities. The 5 cities with the worst gun violence in this country also have some of the toughest gun control laws. It is delusional to think that stricter laws will change anything.

I am sure that more protests will take place in the future funded by some very radical people. But the truth is, you can protest all you want and hold several demonstrations but that will not stop violence from happening in our schools. I certainly admire the passion that many of these young people have towards this issue, but the solutions run much deeper than taking away the rights of many law-abiding citizens who just want the right to defend themselves and their property. Until we see this to be the case, gun violence will continue. These protesters deserve an A for effort but a C-  for really coming up with any common sense solutions that will work.


More than just a gun control issue

It wasn’t more than hours after the tragic event in Las Vegas when many politicians tried to take advantage of the tragedy to score cheap political points. Last November’s big presidential loser, Hillary Clinton, blamed and attacked the National Rifle Association for this mass killing. Many politicians took little time in calling for tighter gun control laws. Late night comedians criticized politicians, mainly Republicans, for not doing anything to create new gun control laws. Yes, the same old tiring gun control debate has popped up again, no pun intended! Many people seem to feel that having tighter gun control laws will help prevent another Las Vegas tragedy from happening. But will they? This blogger feels that there is a deeper problem to deal with.

I can certainly appreciate people wanting to have a conversation about gun control and keeping Americans safe. No matter what your political beliefs may be, safety is an important issue for all Americans. But will having much tighter gun control laws will keep guns away from the bad guys? Has those tighter laws really worked in Chicago where the homicide rates have continued to reach extremely high levels? I am sure that some criminal will stop trying to get a semi-assault rifle because they are suddenly banned. There is such a thing called a black market where people can still obtain any type of firearm. It is hard for me to believe that tighter gun control laws will stop criminals from getting guns. There are just too many guns in this country and the world still available to regulate.

OK, let’s take away all the guns in this country. That will stop these horrible mass killings and life will be safe, right? If you still think that way, you are extremely delusional, my friend. People who want to do mass killings or harm may thousands of people can accomplish those means in many ways outside of using a firearm. A killer can use a bomb made easily with just a few ingredients. Or maybe or knife. Or perhaps a truck or a car. Imagine if the Las Vegas shooter had used a bomb instead? The death toll probably would have been much higher. Whenever, I go to an event with a large number of people assembled in a close area, my worry is not whether some sick individual has a gun, but perhaps they might have a suicide vest on. Mass killings and massacres can happen in many ways and guns are only a part of the problem. Maybe we should ban knifes, rice cookers and automobiles as well too, right?

What really frustrates me about these gun control discussions is that there is no talks about mental illness and the role it may cause. We do have a problem in this country with mental  illness whether people want to admit it or not. A person who goes out and shoots a bunch of innocent people obviously has a mental disorder. The scary thing about these disorders is the fact that many are hidden. People with these disorders often seem perfectly normal humans until it is too late.

Our culture is another factor in these mass killings. We have shows and television programs that glorify killing and shooting people. The respect for human life is slowly diminishing. Video games are filled with violence. These things only adds fuel to a deranged mentally unstable person. Add some serious grievance the person may have to a certain group of people and you have the recipe for another mass killing.

Having tighter gun control laws will have a very minimal effect on preventing events such as the Las Vegas shootings from occurring in the future. It amazes me that these same politicians who scream and holler for tighter gun control in order to keep us safer are the same ones who do not have a problem with open borders and letting terrorists into the country. Sadly, many people do not understand that guns do not kill people, people kill people. Mental illness and our culture has a huge role in these killings as well. How are we going to deal with these issues as well?



The wrong way of looking at the San Bernardino tragedy

It wasn’t more than an hour after the awful San Bernardino shootings when the righteous gun control crowd decided to play politics over this awful tragedy that took the lives of 14 innocent people and injured several others. “We must come up with new laws to stop these kinds of acts” was a common theme echoed by many of that crowd including President Obama and 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton . Never mind that little was known about the details of the shootings; it was a perfect opportunity for the gun control crowd to chime in and try to advance their agenda. The question I have is this, does anyone in their right mind believe that tougher gun control laws would have prevented this tragedy. It is simply ludicrous to even mention gun control with regards to this awful event. We are talking terrorism here people! I am sure that most terrorists will follow any gun control law that we come up with, won’t they?!

For starters, I believe that California has some of the toughest gun control laws in the country. Am I correct? Maybe we can learn a very valuable lesson here about the effects of strict gun control laws. They are nearly impossible to enforce. How are we going to stop some terrorist or terrorists from getting their hands on say assault rifles and shooting up a mall or workplace. Where there is a will, there is a way for these cowardly terrorists. Furthermore, these individuals could have killed just as many, if not more people by using various bombs which evidence shows were being produced at their home. They were intent on doing far more carnage than just shooting up a building. Why isn’t the gun control crowd talking about this and the fact that they had bomb making material at their hands?

The real issue here should be about protecting innocent Americans from terrorism, pure and simple. Why can’t certain people just admit that this was a terrorist act caused by RADICAL ISLAMIC JIHADISTS!!! I just shake my head in dismay when I hear people saying that they are uncertain whether this was a terrorist attack, IT WAS!!!! And to have the nerve to say that this proves that we need tougher gun control laws borders on complete stupidity and ignorance!!

Instead of asking for new gun control laws, why are publications like the New York Times not questioning our very apparent loose immigration enforcement where a terrorists can get into this country and perform a terrorist act on our soil? Any single American, you or I could have been the victim. These are the real issues our newspapers should be diving into.

It is time for some people to wake up and understand what the real problems are facing this country. The recent attack in California should alarm people to the fact that we have do have terrorists operating here in the United States. Our main and biggest focus should be on preventing these thugs from entering our country along with other anti-terrorism measures designed to make us safer. Instead we have some people who are more worried about stricter gun control laws which would NOT have prevented last Wednesday’s terrorist attack. Sadly, some of our politicians priorities are completely screwed up and their complete ignorance could come back to haunt our nation in the near future.








More delusional gun control talk

You could almost see the steam coming from the head of our president during a press conference the other night. Just a few hours earlier, several people lost their lives to a crazy young man in yet another mass murder involving a firearm, and the president once again had to bring up the old topic of tighter gun control laws. One has to wonder if he and the rest of his liberal buddies will ever be satisfied with our gun control laws!! Probably not until there is a permanent ban on all guns in the United States. Just maybe that will make them happy!!

The fact that the president decided to partially blame lawmakers for this and other mass murders in this country because they will not pass tighter gun control laws is absolutely outrageous!! Just how would tighter gun control laws have prevented this and several other mass murders from happening? How are we to know that someone is mental head case and does not deserve to purchase a gun? The fact is that we have many tight gun control laws in this country. Ask the people of Chicago how those tough gun control laws are working out for them? Chicago is still one of the leading cities in homicide deaths by gunfire in the country. There are several areas with tight gun control laws and they continue to see an unbelievable level of gun violence. Oh sure, I suppose the criminals will follow the laws in trying to purchase a gun in this country. Sadly, some people actually are delusional enough to think that everyone will gladly follow our laws. I have news for those naive folks, it ain’t going to happen. Criminals will always get their guns and the law-abiding citizens who purchase guns legally will suffer.

The fact of the matter is that we need much more than tighter gun control laws, we need greater people control in this country. These mass murders by troubled individuals is a very disturbing trend that shows no sign of letting up. Some kid sees a violent mass murder at a school and thinks that it is very cool to do the same thing. He or she wants to be famous and feels the need to go out in a big blaze of glory. What is being addressed to have a greater knowledge of the warning signs for these individuals. Of course, their civil rights will probably be thought to be violated if they are targeted too much by law enforcement officers. In many of these mass murder cases, there are many warning signs that get bypassed and that needs to be change.

Our culture nowadays only feeds these troubled people. Many of these people are easily influenced by the stuff they see on television and the internet. This can only fuel the hate inside them. You have to wonder what type of upbringing these disturbed people come from. Obviously, they are not taught to respect by their parents, if they are even around!

Radically changing a basic constitutional right of all Americans is a totally naive way of approaching this troubling trend of violence in our country. Guns don’t kill people, the person behind the trigger is the one responsible. We need to take a very deep look into why more and more young people feel the need to commit such awful acts. Those who feel that producing tighter gun control laws is the answer are totally divorced from reality. Sadly, some of them are running this country.

Tighter gun control is not necessarily the solution

Yes! That topic is back! It seems like whenever there is a mass shooting in this country, the topic of gun control surfaces. People are very outraged over the latest tragedy in Newton and many want all guns to be banned and the NRA to disband forever. Somebody has to be the scapegoat and it seems the NRA is a prime target of many people. I doubt that organization will be getting many Christmas cards this week! Many people have the immediate knee jerk reaction that we need tighter gun control laws but is that the solution to these mass shootings? I have my doubts and think there are a number of things that contribute. I will just discuss a few.

First of all, let’s look at the facts behind gun control. In states with strict gun control laws like Illinois, crime has actually increased in the past year. Just look at the violence taking place daily on the streets of Chicago and tell me how that strict gun control is working out. Colorado is another example and look what happened last summer with the theater shootings. There is absolutely no proof that increased gun control will cut down on the violence. None whatsoever. States with less gun control actually have less crime.

It is sad that many people in the media are not discussing our changing society as the reason behind many of these shootings. Look at the video games on the market these days. So many are filled with nothing but violence and kids start to get influenced at such an early age and it builds throughout their teenage years. Kids get the idea that a human life is about as valuable as some ant crawling across the floor. There is no question that video games along with many of the increasingly violent movies have a very negative impact on a person’s view of life and the world.

I find it very interesting that many of these mass shootings started as the internet started to take off in the mid 90’s. The first big publicized school shooting was the Joneboro, Arkansas event in 1998 and the Columbine shooting in 1999. I personally believe the internet plays a huge factor in influencing violence. Don’t get me wrong, I think the internet is a wonderful thing but it can be equally harmful for many people with all the negative stuff that is out there. People especially kids are very curious about things and the net can totally destroy the mind of a young person.

Lost in all this talk about gun control and violence is the role of families in this country. In any good society are people of good character and values. How do they achieve those good values and character? It is usually comes from being raised in a strong, stable family where the parents teach the children about right and wrong and discipline them when they go astray. It seems like more and more families are being split up these days and that will have a terrible impact on our society. Show me any gang member who commits violent acts and I will show you an individual who comes from a broken home. We all need to do our part in raising our kids the right way so they grow up to be good law abiding citizens. Even if you do not have children, you can always be a mentor to some kid. It is very unfortunate that many parents simply do not bother to spend time with their children because they are too busy pursuing their own interests or agendas.

Gun control certainly will be a hot topic in the next few weeks but let’s remember this. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. You can ban all the guns you want but if anybody thinks that tighter controls will stop the violence, they are highly delusional. Criminals and people bent on causing destruction will always get their weapons. The real issues that should be discussed are the lack of morals, broken families, violent video games and movies in our country. Those are the real problems, not having too many guns or easy access to them.