If Trump were a Democrat


After watching the recent televised speech by President Trump to drum up support for his proposed border wall, a rather interesting thought came to my mind regarding this issue. Suppose for a minute that our President was a member of the opposite party, the Democratic Party. Do you think President Trump would be having the same difficulty in pursuing the 5 billion asking price from Congress?

I found it rather interesting to hear the thoughts of Democratic representatives following his speech. Both Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Shumer were clearly placing the blame for this ongoing government shutdown on the President for demanding the money or else the government will continue to be partially shutdown. Like many Democrats, they tried to play the victim card again talking about how this shutdown has affected many thousands of workers as well as bring up how immoral this wall would be. Pelosi even went as far as talking about how this whole crisis at the border is just a “manufactured crisis”.

I can’t help but imagine what their response would have been had President Trump declared last week that he is suddenly switching parties and will no longer be a member of the Republican party. You can bet your last dollar that Pelosi would lead the charge for financing the new and in her own probable words “a beautiful new wall”. Shumer would join her as would many of their fellow Democrats. You would no longer hear talk about how expensive or immoral the wall would be. Instead the theme would shift dramatically to the need protecting our borders and how a wall would be a great thing for the people of the United States. Of course, a few Republicans would probably protest the price tag and do the same switch of support. How could Trump make the tax payers pay for such a massive project would be their probable response. However, I do feel that the President would have a very easy time getting bipartisan support for the wall if he were a Democrat. There is no doubt in my mind that he would and we would not be having this partial government shutdown.

Unfortunately that is not the case and President Trump is steadfast in his asking for wall funding. And he should be. The price tag is actually a very small percentage of the Federal budget. Is that asking too much to better protect millions of people in this country?

The sad thing about this whole controversy about the wall funding and the partial government shutdown is that at one time, both Shumer and Pelosi supported much more monetary value in making our borders safer. Now that Donald Trump is the President, their tune has dramatically shifted and they are no longer supporting giving Trump his asking price. It is nothing more than an effort by Democrats to obstruct the President in helping him reach a much desired victory.

The current shutdown could easily be stopped if Democrats such as Shumer and Pelosi quit playing partisan politics and looked at what was best for this country. Surely if President Trump were a Democrat they would.


The sad thing about this DACA situation

It has happened again! The federal government is in shutdown mode, and naturally, there is a lot of finger-pointing going around. Who is responsible for this shutdown? In my mind, the answer should be very obvious and it also shows why a certain political party needs to look in the mirror and determine who they are really representing.

A bunch of Republican lawmakers in Washington got together and produced a rather fair spending bill that would fund our military and extend a children’s health insurance program for another 6 years. Many families greatly depend on this program for their ailing children, some of whom are dealing a hard cancer fight. The military funding is a no-brainer; I would think our military personal should get the highest priority when it comes to any spending discussions. Unfortunately, this bill was not good enough for several Democrats who insisted on lumping the DACA program for children of illegal immigrants into this new spending bill as well. Never mind that this unconstitutional program created by Barack Obama still has a few months to go before a resolution is needed. The Democrats are acting like this must be done immediately, and therefore are not supporting the new spending bill. Thus the federal government is being temporary shut down. Yes, you are reading this right. The Democratic party is being exposed as to what they really stand for. They would rather adhere to the needs of people living here illegally than to our military and children with special health needs. Shame on them!!!!

There is a great deal of bi-partisan agreement that a resolution to this DACA mess needs to happen. Contrary to the beliefs of some, Republicans do not want children of illegal immigrants to suddenly get deported. That would be rather cruel. Many of these individuals have grown up in this country and are good and successful people. Some are brilliant students who could add much to our country. There has to be a way where they can apply for citizenship and have a pathway for citizenship. But having said that, why not also increase security around our borders so illegals have a tougher time entering this country? Or if they do, they will have to face tougher and swifter consequences than before. So a person who is thinking about entering this country illegally will think twice before trying to do so. Any resolution to the DACA program must, and I repeat must, include some kind of  border security reform. It is only a matter of common sense.

Sadly, many key members of the Democratic party cannot tie in stricter border security with any new DACA reform measure. For these lawmakers, anything less than having open borders is not acceptable. Of course, we all know why they are against stricter immigration reform. They want as many to come over here and become citizens because these people represent many new voters and supporters of the party. The children in the DACA program are potentially future Democratic voters.

Maybe this latest shutdown will really wake people up to the truth about what is going on with DACA. It is all about getting more voters in their party even if that means putting our military and children of people who are here LEGALLY in peril. This latest shutdown may have severe consequences for the Democrats come this November. Putting the needs of illegals ahead our military and children is just not right.

Those Republican arsonists

In case you have not heard, there is a warning going out to every person in the United States to be on the lookout for a certain group of people, hell-bent on burning this country down. Police in nearly every city, large or small are on high alert for these individuals. The descriptions of these people vary. Most of them are graying males ranging in the age from 40-80. A few women are also part of this group. Unlike most arsonists who are typically young males, these people look like a typical business person who goes to work everyday with a nice suit on and comes home at night to their families. However, these suspects currently work in Washington as members of the House and Senate. They are called Republicans. I have been warned many times by members of the media and liberals that these people are actually arsonists disguised as politicians.

The current government shutdown has produced a lot of name calling, especially towards Republicans as liberal Democrats are known to do. There is a growing frustration around the country over this shutdown and some people are greatly affected by it. I am sure it has produced some undue hardship for certain people and that is very unfortunate. There is certainly a lot of finger-pointing going on among people in Congress and the President over who is at fault for this shutdown.

In the view of the American people, it seems as though the Republicans hold the edge in the blame game which I guess is understandable since the chances of them defunding Obamacare are about as likely as me winning the presidency in 2016. However,people need to realize that they also scrapped that idea when it became apparent it was not a good idea. First,they came up with the idea that Obamacare would be delayed by a year and that idea was shot down and not even negotiated by the president or Harry Reid, the leader of the Senate. The second proposal was to force everyone to be under Obamacare, even big business and Congress, no exemptions. A fairly fair proposal if you ask me. Of course that proposal was denied as well and not even considered for negotiation. It makes absolutely no sense to me.

I hear the anti-Republican crowd talk about how Obamacare is now the law of the land so it should not be messed with. So why did Obama give exemptions to certain businesses and Congress? Why was the law tinkered with to cater to a select group of people and not everyone else? The Republicans have a great case here. There should be no exemptions and they have every right to withhold funding.

Those who claim that the last election was a referendum on Obamacare are mistaken. Remember the midterms of 2010 when the Republicans kicked some serious butt after the law was passed in early 2010. What happened there? Also, the people of this country also voted to maintain the Republican majority in the House during last year’s election. The law is very unpopular among many Americans and is a very partisan one to say the least!!

The upcoming debt ceiling talks will only add more fuel to this shutdown. Raising the ceiling makes very little sense. When is this madness going to stop? Last year, the federal government took in more revenue since about 5 years ago. And we still need to increase the debt ceiling? Why?

Fortunately, it appears there is some talks going on to end this stalemate. Yes, you could make a case that the Republicans are somewhat at fault here. But how can you let people who are not willing to negotiate off the hook? How can you not blame them? Those who strictly blame Republican for this government shutdown are totally wrong, pure and simple. The real arsonists are those politicians who are stubborn enough to even make an effort to negotiate. Real leaders solve disputes and compromise. I see very little of that in Washington. Pretty soon, the entire country will burn down if this nonsense continues.