The outrageous Democratic party debate

About 10 years ago, I made a little vow to myself to never ever vote for another Democratic again, whether it be in a local election or a national one. From now on, it will be either a Republican or in many cases, a strong independent candidate. The reason is that this party has turned into nothing but a bunch of extreme left-wing zealots. They might as well rename the party the United States Socialist party because many them of are nothing but a bunch of socialists! My vow was totally reaffirmed last week while watching the first Democratic debate for 2016. This debate should have made all Americans mad and disgusted with the party. Is this group of candidates the best the party can offer us? Several key moments happened during the debate which really left me shaking my head in amazement.

1. Dear Mr. Sanders, I DO CARE about Hillary’s emails and so do many Americans across the country. Your statement that “Americans do not care about Hillary’s damn emails” was totally foolish and short-sighted. When a high-ranking government official allegedly uses here own private server to store private, classified documents and thus, put the security of the entire nation at risk, I DO CARE!!! The effort to brush this controversy aside is appalling. I would say the same thing if Hillary was a Republican or an Independent. Public officials NEED TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!!!

2. All lives matter, period!!  A question was asked to the candidates “Do black lives matter or do all lives matter” Well apparently 4 out the 5 candidates don’t believe that my life as a white guy matters. A person running for the office of the president should value the lives of every single person in the country, whether it be white, black, Asian, Indian etc. The answer given was typical pandering by many Democrats towards certain minority groups. Look at cities run by Democrats and tell me how they are helping people of color.

3. Free stuff to illegals. I heard Mr. Sanders, the misguided and delusional socialist talk about giving free tuition to people in this country. First of all, nothing is free. The free stuff that Sanders and the other candidates are talking about will be paid for by the tax payers in this country. Second of all, any American in this country who is here legally should be outraged by the idea that we should give away free stuff to illegals in this country. Those who are in this country illegally need to go through the same process as those folks who actually went through the same process to get here legally, and many have. What kind of message is it when a candidate is willing to give away free stuff to people who break our laws? Many of us normal people are affected by this “Santa Claus” approach to illegal aliens.

4. Terrorism vs. climate change. My jaw nearly dropped to the floor when I heard Sanders give his answer on this question. The group ISIS is trying hard to recruit here in the United States to carry out home-grown terrorist attacks. There are people living in my city who were caught trying to board a plane to fight for them. I believe it is only a matter of time before they conduct a major strike here in the United States. The threat of terrorism should be a major concern to everyone, especially those running for the president. And then you have old man Sanders saying that climate change should be something that we should worry about more. Seriously? Climate change is something way, way down on the list of things that keep me awake at night. Somebody who lives 20 miles away who is willing to kill me is what I am really worried about. Let’s cut out the nonsense, Mr Sanders!!

5. Income inequality. I definitely agree that income inequality is a growing problem for not only people in this country, but for those around the world. The answers given by the candidates were typical Democratic answers on how to fix the problem. Let’s take away from those high earners. I did not hear many candidates talk about the fact that there are many opportunities out there for high-tech and skilled jobs. Why not give more opportunities for people to become those high wage earners? Instead, I just heard about how we should punish the rich even more, raise the minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour etc, policies that have been proven time and time again to fail.

Where are the days of Bill Clinton and John F. Kennedy when the Democratic party actually had people in charge who knew something? Instead we have this group of delusional misfits who don’t have a clue. Why would anyone in their right mind vote for any of them?