A disturbing trend on college campuses

With the school year on many college campuses pretty much done or drawing to a close for the 2016-2017 year, there is a growing problem that I see happening at many schools in this country. It is about diversity. No, I am not talking about having a proper number of minority students on campus. Most colleges bend over backwards to make sure minorities get accepted and treated well and they deserve to be complimented for that. What I am talking about is the lack of diversity with regards to opinions or tolerance for differing political opinions that students may have. For example, would you even be safe wearing a President Trump “let’s make America great again” hat on many campuses? In my opinion, you would probably receive some form of ridicule or harassment for doing so. God forbid if you are some sort of outspoken conservative on a college campus! You might face the risk of being publicly executed on the college grounds. Many colleges preach about the value of diversity, but when it comes to having a conservative viewpoint, then it is a different story. You must be shut up immediately!

I have seen many stories during the past year about conservative speakers being denied the chance to speak at college campuses. The latest just occurred this week when several students at Notre Dame had an issue with the VP Mike Pence speaking at the commencement address. I have to ask why? What will Vice President Pence say that is so disgraceful to the student who will be receiving their diplomas. I challenge anyone to explain to me why he is such a threat. If I were a student at a university, I would be honored to have such a high-profile speaker speak at my graduation no matter what their political views may be. Students at Cal Berkley protested vigorously on two different occasions when conservatives were set to be guest speakers. These examples are just a growing trend towards what seems to be the lack of acceptance towards those with differing political views on college campuses. And it is not right, period!

College is time when young adults learn much more than just what is inside a particular textbook. They should learn to deal with people, especially those who are different from them. That is part of being successful in a career. Not everyone will share or understand your personal viewpoints on certain things in life. If one of your bosses disagrees with your ideas, are you going to go into a corner and pout? Or demand a separate area so you can be away from a co-worker with whom you disagree? I would hope not! Unfortunately, some students seem to think their views are for everyone, and in the real world, that is not the case. Part of being a good employee when you start work after college is having good people skills and accepting those who have differing opinions. Learning how to listen to those ideas and engaging in a civil discussion is part of being a good employee. What are some college students learning today? It makes you wonder. If you cannot accept those who have differing opinions, you will have a very troubling career after college. Believe me!

Colleges are largely funded with the use of tax-payer funds which should cause even more outrage among those wanting diverse political opinions. When I see my hard-earned money go to schools who refuse to address this issue, I get very angry to say the least. These schools need to be called out and I am glad that some media outlets are stepping to the plate. If my alma mater were one of these schools, I would never send another penny to them. And by the way, I would be saying the same thing if a liberal speaker were denied access to speak.

I know the political climate is very touchy right now especially on college campuses. Much like taking different course will help a student grasp more knowledge, listening to different political viewpoints will also help a student pick up knowledge. Unfortunately, many students these days, and voters I might add, are being denied the right to hear differing political opinions. That is totally unacceptable and disturbing in a country which values freedom of speech.


A bi-partisan health care bill anyone?

The other night, I had a dream that was quite shocking in nature. Congressional leaders of both parties gathered for a news conference to announce the new bi-partisan American Health Care Law. Although the leaders had admitted that they had many differences, they agreed to compromise and come up with a bill that would ensure all Americans receive fair and adequate as well as cheaper  health care coverage. Unfortunately, I woke up and realized what a far-fetched scenario this will ever be. There are some things that are absolute guarantees, death, taxes and both parties failing to agree on important legislation that affects millions of Americans and is responsible for 1/6 of our economy.

When President Obama was elected back in 2008, one of his first priorities was to shove Obamacare down our throats in an extremely quick fashion. Many lawmakers even admitted that they had not read the bill, yet they voted for it. Not one Republican voted for it, it was a purely partisan bill. Now Republicans are promising to repeal the bill since they have majorities in both the House and Senate. Funny but the Republicans as it turns out are split over how to proceed with repealing this bill. You just cannot make this nonsense up! Here they have had 8 years to figure this out and the divisions still exist. Getting back to the Democrats, they of course are adamantly opposed to any efforts to repeal the bill. Many of the Democrats want health care reform to consist of some big government entitlement program which in the long run is not sustainable. The fighting will only get worse in the next few weeks when this new bill comes up for a vote. As it is right now, I don’t see how it will ever pass.

Is it that hard for members of both parties to sit down and hash out their differences over health care reform? Why are Democrats continuing to support health care reform ideas that have proven not to work? I would be a total state of shock if some Democratic leader admitted that Obamacare has been a failure and we need to take another direction. The new plan supported by many Republicans looks like a slimmed down version of Obamacare, still not sufficient enough. Will any leader have the courage to stand up and say that we need to totally scrap the whole plan and come up with a new plan? When you start talking about taking away entitlements from people, that becomes a huge issue. It doesn’t matter that the entitlement is unsustainable for the future. Taking away those entitlements for something else is a huge challenge for the Republicans at this point.

Anyone who has any knowledge of Economics should understand that any kind of reform needs to center on the word “competition”. If I have more chooses for my health care, the better. That may mean having the ability to shop on the internet and pick out a plan from an insurance company in some other state. Furthermore, we have to look at my many insurance companies are jacking their premiums up so high. Well duh, if an insurance company has to cover a host of new people with pre-existing conditions, that would probably mean that they will be forced to raise their rates. It is just simple and basic economics. Why some lawmakers cannot understand this is beyond me. It is crucial to understand the consumer and insurance companies positions before you even begin to think about reforming health care.

Sadly, I have a feeling that this cycle is just going to continue forever. The next time the Democrats control things in Washington, they will want to repeal Trumpcare and we will be at square one again. I just want to see a day when both parties can come up with a plan that puts the American people first before their own political differences. Is this possible? I doubt it. But we can always dream about it.

Rebuilding the Democratic party

Newly appointed DNC chairman Tom Perez talked last week about the need for the Democratic party to rebuild and become a stronger party for the many hardworking people of the United States. To say that the Democratic party needs to rebuild is one of the biggest understatements of the century. This party is in serious need of some improvements and fast. They are rapidly losing touch the American people. In fact, I will dare to say that this party is the sole reason why President Donald Trump was created. People are slowly becoming fed up with the antics and policies of today’s Democratic party, especially those members in Washington.

Since the beginning of the Obama era, Democrats have lost countless legislative seats, not only in Washington, but in many states as well. Governorships among states are now in a Republican majority. If you are a Democratic, you must be a least a little concerned, right? Why is this happening? The past November election really illustrates why Democrats are in crisis mode right now. Take away a couple of highly populated states, New York and California who always vote Democratic, and Trump wins by a huge landslide. The Democratic party is becoming a regional party, more or less, and that has to be of great concern to officials of the DNC.

So how does the Democratic party go about rebuilding and gaining more voters? First of all, lets look at the ideas that represent this party, perhaps if they focus their attention more on the economy, health care and immigration instead of always conducting witch hunts against the Republican party, they might garner some more respect from voters like me. Perhaps they do not want their ideas to be revealed because many of them are failed ideas. Obamacare was a huge signature bill among Democrats and not so much among Republicans. So how has Obamacare worked out in this country? It is a bill that will soon go up in smoke if not changed or repealed. Other big government ideas of the Democrats party have not exactly worked out as well. Many Democrats are nothing more than ignorant tax and spend liberals who have no clue on how to grow the economy and create good, high paying  jobs. People are starting to see how these policies never work. When was the last time that a Democrat talked about being fiscally responsible and actually the need to cut taxes? I would totally fall off my chair if I heard a Democrat talk in those terms. Furthermore, don’t you get the impression that the Democratic party has many of their priorities wrong. When I hear a Democratic politician talk that climate change is a bigger issue than terrorism, it makes me wonder how he or she even got elected. Or the political correctness with social issues that many in this party seem to support. As a white, Christian male, I feel as though this party is out to get me!

Sadly, some Democrats feel the need to go even further to the left on issues and that is completely idiotic! Why continue with the same policies that have a long history of failure? The people of this country voted for an end to these policies last November. Why continue to bang your head against the wall? The Democratic party is in serious need of more moderate members of its party. It is my belief and many others that this party is fast becoming just a group of left-wing radical socialists. A more moderate party who is actually willing to work with Republicans will go a long ways in restoring the party and actually help them win elections.

Some of my Democratic friends are telling me on Facebook  that they cannot wait until 2018 rolls around and the next election takes place. Unless the Democratic party shifts more to the center, they will continue to lose elections. The Republicans are in control right now and they have golden opportunity to show people what a bad party the Democratic party has become. Will they take advantage of it remains to be seen. The Democratic party needs to look in the mirror right now and understand that the November election is a sign that they must change or else continue to fail. It is not stupid Americans or the Russians fault for their shortcomings, it is their own.

Hollywood needs to practice what they preach

So are you ready for the Oscars tonight? I will join millions in watching this star-studded event with one major request to all the award winners; please do not lecture us with constant reminders about the dangers of climate change or how we should bring in thousands of refugees, because after all, that is who we are! No I don’t want some actor or actress telling me that President Trump is an evil leader who must change his ways of hate. If those little lectures start to happen, I might just have to find my remote and turn to something else. Sadly, this possibility seems to be almost imminent. What would an Oscars ceremony be without a little liberal propaganda?

If you look up the word hypocrite in the dictionary, one of the first lines says see Hollywood. Well actually it does not but the word and Hollywood goes hand in hand. I find that  Hollywood elites are among the most hypocritical people in the world. They like to speak out on certain issues, yet their actions tell a completely different story. For example, many have spoken on climate change and how we must change our evil ways before we wreck the planet. The minute the lights are off, these frauds are off jetting around the planet in their private jets. Also how many have solar panels are in their expensive mansions? I would like to see some report on how much energy one of those mansions really uses.

The issue of the refugees and the poor really shows what type of hypocrites these folks are too. How many of these actors and actresses have actually gone out of their way to help refugees in various counties? My guess is that only a handful have. If they are so concerned about the plight of these people, why not open up their mansions to them? You would think they have plenty of room and space to do so. They can feed them as well. I am still waiting to hear if and how many members of the Hollywood elite are willing to take on that task. The same reasoning applies to the poor people of this country. How many actually spend significant time trying to help those in need around the country?

The Hollywood liberals also like to lecture us on racial issues yet they are just as guilty on that topic as anyone else. Last year, not a single black person was nominated for an Oscar. How could that be in such a community that preaches such diversity and togetherness? Minorities are often shut out of major roles in motion pictures. If these hypocrites were so worried about racial diversity, they would include more minorities in their films and productions. It is a well-known fact that many do not do so.

Whenever I hear a lecture about gun control and school violence from the Hollywood clan, my eyes roll in total disbelief! The same goes with hate issues. A typical film contains tons of violence, especially gun violence. It is what pads these elite’s pockets. Violence and hateful controversy in a film sells tickets. Funny how these folks like to lecture us about gun violence, then turn around and produce a film with people getting shot and killed. Talk about hypocrisy!

In closing, when some Hollywood celebrity starts talking about social issues and how we need to change, I think to myself “You are the guys who need to change” Those motion pictures do play a role in some of the social problems that we are facing today. The films only glorify many of the problems. I challenge those Hollywood stars to put their money were their mouths are and back up those lectures. And by the way, it is not always Donald Trump’s fault. Sometimes the real problem is looking back at you in the mirror.






A few thoughts on the very controversial travel ban

It was just over a week ago when President Trump issued a travel ban for all people living in 7 countries. Since then, a judge ruled against the ban and how this very polarizing issue will end up is anyways guess. The ban has caused much anger among many folks and several have been protesting in the streets and airports of not only this country, but around the world. Like most hot button issues, this one really frustrates me at the level of ignorance and lack of understanding that many people have regarding this travel ban. Any effort to keep me or my family safe in this country is a great idea. Unfortunately, there are many people who feel differently and that has me very concerned to say the least. Do these people understand what is at stake here? Maybe they should look across the ocean to see how those refugee programs are working or not working in Europe.

First of all, this ban is not in anyways meant to discriminate against Muslims like some are saying. It is not a Muslim ban. Many Muslims have been free to come and leave this country. The 7 countries named were because the Obama administration determined citizens living in those countries posed the most danger to enter the United States. It is not in anyways based on President Trump’s business interests. If I had one criticism of the ban, it would be that more countries should have been on the list.

The ban is also not a permanent ban. It is a short time temporary ban so our national security personal can effectively come up with a better way of vetting people from other countries, especially the Middle East. If I were the president and members of my national security team informed me that they have no strong way of vetting people from these regions, I would be deeply concerned. Saying that President Trump is a racist for not allowing these people in is completely ridiculous! A temporary short-term ban to keep us safe is far from any type of racist activity.

I certainly understand the idea that we need to help the refugees over there especially in places such as Syria. People who are outraged over this ban are just looking at this issue in their own one-sided biased way. Wouldn’t it be nice to let every refugee in the world to our country? If you listen to them, we should do that. Do they even understand the consequences of doing so? Before we can even have a good discussion and debate about this very polarizing issue, we need to look at all sides of the equation and determine what is best for this country. Having some short-term ban to ensure our safety seems very reasonable to me. In the long run, everyone will be better off including those who very inconvenienced by the ban.


My divorce from the Democrat party

Ronald Reagan once said “I didn’t leave the Democratic party, the Democratic party left me”.  I think many people can relate to that great quote including myself. Once upon a time during my college years, I was a supporter of the Democratic party and what they stood for. I was under the impression that they were for the so-called “little guy”. On the other hand, the Republican party was not. They were just for the rich guys. I greatly admired JFK and was a huge supporter of Bill Clinton. Lately, things have really changed in my views of the Democrat party. I want absolutely nothing to do with them both in local and national elections. That party has lost my respect and from the sounds of it, many others.

Like many divorces that take place for married couples,  little things just started to accumulate in recent years that has forced me to split with the party. It really started when certain Democrats started to take a stance against my religious views in the name of political correctness. A few wanted to ban people from saying “Merry Christmas” during the Christmas season. Other Democrats led efforts to have symbols of Christianity or school prayer taken away. I began to question whether this party was becoming more and more secular. The same Democrats would probably bend over backwards to accommodate people of the Islam faith, but not for Christians. This issue seems like a seemingly small thing, but it started to rub me the wrong way with this party.

My dislike for the party really started to grow shortly after I got my first job after college. I moved into an apartment complex and befriended some folks who were on welfare and absolutely loved the Democratic party. I wonder why? The Democratic loves people who are dependent on government assistance. That seemed to be the final straw in my support for the party. Here I was a working stiff, trying hard to better myself and here I am supporting others with my taxes so they can sit at home and enjoy the nice easy life at my expense. Unfortunately, many Democrats do not seem to have an issue with the out of control spending that goes into these entitlement programs.

Recent events have only deepened my rift with this party. During a Democratic party debate, a few statements by the candidates have really turned me off. Senator Bernie Sanders was asked whether “Black lives matter or all live matter” Sanders response was this, “Black lives matter”. So my life as a white male in this country does not matter, Senator? What a foolish response! A president of the United States represents all lives, period!!!. Later on in the debate, the same guy pointed out that climate change is a bigger problem facing this country today than terrorism, really? And so many Democrats seem to agree with his outrageous views. How can you take a party that thinks like that seriously?! Furthermore, many of these same Democrats like to lecture us on gun control and our safety, but when it comes to the need to deal with sanctuary cities who harbor dangerous illegal aliens, they remain awfully quiet.

I strongly believe that a country operates better if more power goes to the states and we have a smaller Federal government. Today’s Democratic party wants just the opposite. The bigger the Federal government, the better. In fact many of today’s Democrats like Sanders are socialists. It has been proven time after time, not only in this country, but around the world that socialism and big government policies do not work, period! I challenge anyone to look at areas where those lovely socialistic and big government policies are implemented. Look at what has happened to Detroit with over 50 years of Democratic rule.

Until the Democratic party starts shifting more to the center and towards conservative values, I cannot support them in any way. The same goes for the Republicans as well. I simply cannot support a party that is extremely hung up on political correctness and big government. I hope this country eventually wakes up and votes for candidates who stand up against extreme liberalism. Today’s Democratic party likes to brag about how they help the less fortunate, but are they really doing so? Are their ideas of big government really sustainable for the future and for future generations of people. Of course not! We all start to change our way of thinking as we age and become more mature. A dramatic change in my life is how I view politics and today’s Democrat party. Splitting from that party was one of the best decisions that I have ever made in my life. It took me awhile, but I finally woke up!

More White House dishonesty

Throughout the course of American history, there has never been a shortage of dishonest people living in the White House or those of a presidential administration. Both parties have had their share of dishonest people who go out and tell their bosses, the American people, lies and half-truths about a certain issue. The latest outrage over the cancellation of millions of health insurance policies is just another example of politicians trying to stretch the truth in an effort to maintain power and stay in office.

I have very vivid memories of a few years ago when the President trying to sell his health care law to people. In many of his speeches, he assured people that they would not lose their insurance, their premiums would down and they would not lose their doctors. This new health care law would be better than sliced bread!! Many folks around the country bought into his used car salesmen speeches and helped him get elected. However, there were many skeptics, including myself, who had many doubts about his new plan. My doubts originated from the fact that this concept of socialized medicine has been tried before and failed. Why would it work now and in this country?

The revelations about the latest problems with the bill should come as no surprise to people who are actually paying attention. I could see this happening many years ago and sadly, it has been revealed that people in the White House also knew that about half of all insurance policies would be canceled under this new law. Of course, they did not speak the truth about what might happen. After all, they wanted their guy to get re-elected for a second term. Suppose these truths about the health care law came out about a year ago? Do anybody in their right mind believe that Barack Obama would have been re-elected. I am almost certain that Mitt Romney would have been our new president.

The same dishonesty holds true about Benghazi. The White House officials totally lied about what happened. I still believe that Mitt Romney made a terrible mistake in not pressing the president more on this issue during the debates. The White House had to know from the get go that the attack that night in Benghazi was a terrorist attack that killed 4 Americans. Instead they gave the American people a totally different story that was proven to be false. And let us not forget the IRS scandal just a few months ago. I often shake my head in amazement when I hear the president say that he is not aware of a situation that is troubling to the White House. He is the President and he should be AWARE of what is going on for crying out loud!!. Either someone is trying to cover his butt or he is not being honest with the country. I find it hard to believe that he is not aware of what is going on in many of these scandals.

If the White House thinks the American people like myself are dumb enough to just forget about these scandals, they better think again. The president’s job approval rating is now at an all time low and people in this country are getting fed up with being lied to and being told half-truths. Whether you are in private business or in the business of running the country, honesty is an often forgotten virtue. Dishonesty is a sure way to ruin a business as well as a presidency.  It will caught up to you. People have to be very careful when electing people to represent us. We all pay for their lies. Elections have consequences and the past presidential election is just a prime example. If you voted for Obama and are now faced with losing your insurance, doctor and paying higher premiums, you have nobody to blame but yourself. We all should be more careful with these used car salesmen politicians who promise one thing but deliver another.