The sky is falling after the Paris accord withdrawal

In the aftermath of President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate change agreement, you would be led to believe that the end of civilization is just a few years away. Many have come out on social media declaring this decision will have dire consequences in the future. The Governor of California even went as far as saying that people will die. How can the United States be so cruel and stupid? Several Hollywood celebrities have gone on record condemning this act as well, but it has not stopped them from hopping in their expensive jets or gas guzzling cars.

I have a few things to say to all you climate change alarmists who are predicting doom and gloom for the world in a few short years. Please relax and take a chill pill! Pulling out of this deal might actually be a very wise decision. The cost of staying in this deal is not something this country can afford. It is far too costly and would severely ruin our economy. It is estimated that about 2.7 million jobs would be lost due to this agreement. Don’t get me wrong, I think controlling pollution is an important topic that all countries should talk about, but is there a way that we can balance our economy and making sure we have clean energy in the process? This Paris accord agreement appears to have far too many question marks for the United States to continue with. We need to come up with a better solution that will not bankrupt our nation.

We have lots of natural resources at our disposal that could our nation the leader in clean energy technology. Many good private companies could start up and produce many good paying jobs. Perhaps we should as a nation start concentrating on using our resources instead of worrying about some costly multi-nation agreement.

One of my biggest gripes with the climate change disciples is their constant insistence that man can control the temperature of the earth and the weather. I strongly disagree. Anyone who thinks man can control and stop the earth from getting a few degrees warmer is highly delusional. Many of these countries who are part of this Paris agreement seem to think we can. Our President does not see it that way and perhaps in the long run, it might be one of his best decisions ever while being in office. Furthermore, are there not more important things for the world to worry about than climate change? Why not have multi-nation pact on fighting terrorism instead? Spending billions of dollars to try and fight something that only nature can control seems to be rather foolish in my eyes.


Climate change or terrorism, which is the bigger threat?

The President recently made a statement that really got my attention. In an interview, he stated that climate change is the biggest threat the planet is facing right now and we MUST take action before it is far too late. Never mind that a nation, who is one of the leading supporters of terrorism, is close to making a nuclear weapon, or that a ruthless terrorist group is spreading around the world and knocking at our doorsteps. No, we have to do something about that doggone climate change before our planet burns up and civilization will cease to exist.

Count me as one of the many skeptics of those Al Gore disciples who run around in a panic mode declaring doom and gloom to our world if climate change is not immediately dealt with. I certainly believe in climate change and everyone should. Just a few months ago, I was shivering in sub-zero, freezing winter weather. Today with the arrival of nice spring weather here in Minnesota, I am tempted to dig out my shorts and flip-flops. In fact the climate has been changing since the beginning of the earth. We go through stretches were the earth is unusually warm followed by a cooling down. The same scientists who are warning us about climate change have been wrong so many times in the past 50 years. Remember when they were warning us about global cooling in the early 70’s? They were wrong then and they continue to be wrong now. Going around and sounding the alarm about global climate change is just plain fear mongering. Please!!! There is very little man can do about controlling the weather, period!! If there are going to be more temporary bouts of severe weather, then we need to find ways to cope with the new cycle of weather. People have been doing that for thousands of years There is no reason at all to increase the size of government at the expense of tax payers to deal with climate change. Why are we trying to deal with something like the weather which we have absolutely no control over?

Terrorism on the other hand is something that is an increasing problem in our world. Just last week, several young men were arrested in my city for wanting to join the ISIS terrorist group, yes, these young men resided right in my back yard! Who knows how many other radical people like them are living in this country. One of these days and it is very inevitable, someone from the group will act on our soil and kill many innocent people. It could be me or you or our loved ones. The thought of that happening sends shivers of horror up my spine. It would be terribly naive to think that those thugs are not already in this country now planning attacks. The same can be said of other peace-loving nations. The goal of this group and others like them are to control the earth. We must stop them immediately before it is too late.

Don’t get me wrong, I feel strongly that we should be good stewards of our earth and make it clean and livable as possible. Excess pollution is harmful to every human, no question. However, going around and telling people the sky is falling if we don’t deal with climate change now is just plain foolish. We simply cannot control something like the weather. We can control those radical people who threaten a peaceful world. Terrorism and the threat of terrorism is what really keeps me up at night. I will not or ever lose sleep because it is a few degrees warmer in the summer for a temporary period of time.