A tragic and very predictable event in Charlottesville

Yesterday’s violence at a white nationalist protest march has certainly created a lot of buzz during the last 24 hours. A member of that white nationalist group drove his car into a group of anti-protesters killing one woman. Several people were injured during the attack. A helicopter manned by members of the state patrol crashed and unfortunately, a few law enforcement personal were killed. It is indeed a very dark day in Virginia and the sad reality is that this event was bound to happen given the current divisive climate in this country. Apparently the racism and hate of the 60’s is coming back with a vengeance in this country with no end in sight.

President Trump made a statement about the event that has apparently rubbed some people the wrong way. He blamed both sides for creating the violence and I cannot disagree with him. We all know what the KKK and white supremacist groups are all about. They are about racism and hate. In their twisted view of the world, a person should be disqualified from certain things for the color of their skin. Nothing more could be more ridiculous than their views. However, in recent years, I have noticed the totally opposite views being applied to white people and that is equally ridiculous. For instance, some people have labeled middle-aged white men like myself the problem in this country. Professors in our colleges have been teaching students about the evils of white people. Radical groups like “Black Lives Matter” have been protesting in the streets calling for the killings of white police officers. These examples only add fuel to our racism problems. I have often feared what would happen if some of these white supremacist members showed up at a BLM march or visa versa. Yesterday, my worst fears came through.

After yesterday’s attack, there was plenty of finger-pointing going on. Naturally much of the blame was tied to the white supremacists who many have tied in to a typical Trump voter. The truth is, this problem runs much deeper than a bunch of angry and bigoted racist hate groups. Trump is absolutely right, racism has many sides to it and placing the blame on one particular group is just not right. There are many groups who are stirring this hate and divisiveness. Finger pointing is not going to solve this problem, only cause it to become deeper.

Imagine what other countries must think when they see this type of violence and lack of unity. Our enemies must be gleaming with joy. I have a sad feeling that this event is only the beginning. What is it going to take for people in this country to start respecting other people? Yesterday was a serious black mark on our nation. We can do better and we must!