A weak attack against Trump

It is widely believed by many that last weekend’s release of that incriminating video from 2005 of Donald Trump would spell the end to his presidential run. In that video, Trump is caught on a live mic talking about how he likes to kiss women and touch them in the “you know what” area. Judging from the reaction last weekend, you would think that Trump is the worst woman predator in the world. Demands for him to stop his campaign included many members of his own party. Trump did come back very nicely and trounced Clinton in last Sunday’s debate so things seem to be getting back on track for Mr. Trump. In my opinion, this whole video is one of the weakest attacks ever against a candidate. Sure it might be very disgusting to some, you know the hypocrites who talk about how disgusting his language was, then they turn on the television at night and watch some adult show.

The double standard behind this story is simply off the charts. Imagine for a second if Trump was a Democrat running for president; would we see the same intense coverage? Not at all! It is one thing to talk about committing sexual acts with women, it is another thing to actually follow through and do them (see Bill Clinton). Hillary Clinton actually had the nerve to say that this tape proves that Trump is unfit for office when she fully defended her husband, who committed some of the most heinous acts ever by a president against women. For her to say that Trump’s words are despicable after defending her husband and furthermore, attacking those women with harsh words is the ultimate double standard. I simply cannot give her extra points based on Trump’s remarks. She had a golden chance to send a message to all women and failed miserably.

If more legitimate allegations surface against Trump for sexual assault, then I will take a more serious interest in the allegations. To be honest with you, I thought his remarks against that disabled man was by far the most incriminating thing he has said yet. Talking to some reporter 11 years ago about his sexual preferences should not disqualify Trump from the office of the president. That is just pure ludicrous! Now if Trump actually gets indicted similar to Bill Cosby, then he has a problem and should obviously step away from the race.

The real issue people should be concerned about is why one of the candidates has lied repeatedly to the American people and used a private server to store classified information. Using good judgement is a must to be the president and somehow that gets swept under the rug by the media. Instead we have to hear about something Trump said some 11 years ago. If that is meant to be a major attack on Trump, it is a very weak one in my opinion. Us voters want to hear the candidates discuss the issues and their plans, not what they want to do in the back seat of a car in the presence of a beautiful woman. Who really cares?


Trump’s biggest challenge

You would think that Donald Trump’s biggest challenge to win the White House is simply beating Hillary Clinton. I mean, how hard should that be? Clinton is a very weak candidate with many flaws and a very poor record. After soundly defeating many fine Republican candidates in the primaries, Trump should be able to handily defeat Clinton. However, there is one big obstacle standing in the way to victory on November 8th. That would be the regular mainstream media who are absolutely determined to help Clinton win. Instead of having signs reading Clinton/Kaine 2016, there should be signs reading Clinton/Kaine/Media 2016.

It has long been my suspicion that the regular everyday media tends to favor the Democratic candidates in any presidential election. President Obama got the white glove treatment from the media during his two presidential runs while they went after both Republican candidates, especially Mitt Romney. A moderator during a 2012 debate even bailed out Obama during a particularly crucial moment. It is no secret that Republicans have a bigger target on their back and this campaign is further proof of it. Wherever you turn, television or the internet, the headlines are always in attack mode against Trump. I don’t see even a fraction of those same attacks against Hillary.

This week’s developments are a prime example of what I am talking about. The New York Democratic Times ran a story about Trump losing a lot of money on one of his business ventures, and how he might have avoided paying federal income taxes for several years. The reaction after this article was very predictable by many misinformed people. “How could some rich guy avoid paying taxes?” was the outrage by many. The fact is, what Trump did is perfectly legal and he recovered. This article was just another effort by some biased print media to make Trump look bad.

The recent Trump controversy involving what Trump said about women is another example of the one-sided bias in this race. There is no question that his comments were in poor taste and it will be interesting to see how he handles this latest leak. But seriously folks, he said those comments in 2005, 11 years ago! I suppose Hillary has never degraded people with her words, right? As I can recall, she recently insulted millions of Americans calling them deplorables. The media seemed to do a great job of brushing those comments under the rug. Imagine if Trump had said those same comments? He would have been run out of the country. We would still be hearing about that comment today.

As a regular citizen who will be voting on November 8th, I am becoming sick and tired of the seemingly endless games of “Gotcha” by the media towards Trump. Lets show a little fairness and unbiased reporting, please! I am not a huge Trump supporter, but I think this nonsense of biased reporting is uncalled for. I want to hear more about the candidates plans to make things better for this country again in a balanced and fair way. Today’s media fails greatly in doing that. They all have their own little agendas to follow. And by the way, aren’t their more important things to cover than whether a candidate calls some woman fat 10 years ago?

The only poll that matters

There is simply no way to escape it! If you have been following the presidential race, the p word comes up nearly every day. That p word refers to polls as in presidential polls. The media in their bid to appoint Hillary Clinton to the White House seems to be obsessed with these stupid polls. Sometimes I wonder why even bother having a race between Donald Trump and Clinton. From what I keep on reading in the newspapers, online and watching on television, Clinton has this race completely locked up. She is so far ahead according to some pundits that it will take a miracle for Trump to even prevent a landslide. Well it that were the case, we should all just stay home on election day. Why bother? Furthermore, why even have those debates this fall? Let’s just make Hillary Clinton the next president and the first female president ever. It’s over folks! Well maybe not so fast!

I am absolutely flabbergasted when I hear or read this kind of nonsense. Is this some kind of conspiracy to discourage people to get out and vote for Trump? This race is far from over. I have seen a few polls that indicate this race is nearly a dead heat. The election is still many days away and a lot can happen in that time frame. Furthermore, there a some critical debates between Trump and Clinton that will be critical in determining who will be the next occupant of the White House. I don’t know how anyone can seriously call this race over before the debates even happen. Trump won nearly all of the Republican debates handily and Clinton and her fans have to be extremely nervous about facing Trump in a live debate in front of the American people. Trump will no doubt put Clinton on the defensive about her rather dismal record and that could make things interesting and possibly expose Clinton.

And what about this Wikileaks scandal that could get interesting come October? This could further damage Clinton in this race. What October surprise will there be that people of this organization have promised? Suppose this scandal grows even bigger and Clinton is at the center of it? This scenario also has to cause many restless nights for Clinton and her army.

I pretty much take these polls for granted when I hear about who is in the lead in the latest polls. Who are these pollsters polling anyways? Are they polling the appropriate ratio of Democrats and Republicans in these polls. And how can they determine how many people will actually get out and vote? I have seen several polls to be proven wrong in the past. They are just some unofficial pulse on how a few people feel about some candidates. Even if some candidate is up by 5 points in some poll, that margin can change quickly overnight. On November 8th, millions of Americans will go to the polls to determine the next president. Later on that night, numbers will be released indicating who won the race. That is the only poll that I am concerned about. Those who say this race is over are extremely foolish. The only poll that matters is on November 8th. This race is far from over. I believe it will be an extremely tight one.


A huge challenge ahead for Donald Trump

Now that Donald Trump has unofficially locked up the Republican nomination in the 2016 race, his biggest challenge may not even be Hillary Clinton. It will be convincing people of his own party that he will not be some loose cannon, fly by the seat of his pants leader of the most powerful nation on earth. It is really amazing to see how a nominee of a party could have such unfavorable ratings among, not only the general public, but members of his own party as well.

The next 3 months will prove crucial to Trump’s chances of winning this November. Now is the time to show the world what kind of leader he will be. Good leaders have an ability to unite people with differences and he has a golden opportunity to unite the very fractured Republican party before the party convention in July. If Trump is able to convince those doubters of his party that he is worthy, then that will be a huge feather in his cap.

Many conservatives of the party have made it very clear that they are not happy with his all but certain nomination. I have heard people say that they will never vote for Trump and just stay home. Other conservatives have said that they will cross party line and vote for Clinton. How foolish is that! If you are a true conservative and you vote for Hillary Clinton, you ought to be tried for treason! Seriously! If you just stay home, that is nearly as bad. It is indirectly a vote of Clinton.

So what can Trump do to help garner support of those bitter conservatives who were huge supporters of Ted Cruz? Why not reach out to him to be his Vice President? I know that sounds like a very radical idea and no, I am not smoking something right now! In my opinion, Cruz is probably the most qualified person out there for that position and he is also the most popular. A Trump-Cruz ticket would be a very strong ticket. If I were Mr. Trump, I would seriously consider mending fences with your bitter rival. It certainly does not seem possible right now, but hey, in politics, anything can happen!

I am not about to make my official endorsement yet for president, that will come in a post sometime this fall and I am sure that both Trump and Clinton will be pressuring me for my endorsement, well not really! I have to admit that Mr. Trump is not my first choice for the nomination. I have serious questions about whether a guy with no political office experience can just walk into the office of the president. Furthermore, I have concerns about his temperament. Good leaders do not go around insulting people who are their enemies. That will not go down very well with members of Congress if he becomes president. This country does not need that. Having said that, there are things that I really like about Trump. His business background is really a plus and the fact that he seems to stress the importance of havingĀ  good people around him. So I would not rule out voting for him at all. I am willing to give him a chance and further evaluate him.

On the other side, I am also will to give Hillary a listen, but judging from what I initially see, she will be just another extension of the Obama presidency. Our country cannot afford another 4 years of that crap. If Hillary has any chance at all, she will try to separate herself from the Obama presidency. I would greatly respect her if she went after some of President Obama’s mistakes during the past 7 years and articulated in great detail what she would do differently.

Donald Trump has a great opportunity right now to be the president, however, his biggest challenge may prove tougher than beating 16 very well qualified candidates for the nomination. It may be just winning over his own party. This voter is willing to give him a chance. What are the alternatives? Why should I vote for someone who appears to be supporting the same failed policies that have hurt this country? There has to be a better way and just maybe, Mr. Trump will have a better way.

Respecting other people’s political views

Read through any online political news story and you are bound to see a variety of different views from different people. Some may express their opinions based on their own conservative principles while others tend to be either liberal or somewhat down the middle. Either way, I enjoy reading good discussions or comments among people regarding certain issues. But how often does it happen when these good discussions take place? The answer seems to be very rarely. More times than not, you will encounter a bunch of name calling, generalizing of parties or people coming up with misleading or false facts and claims. Sometimes my blood boils when I read some of that garbage!

The incident last night at a Donald Trump rally in Chicago is another example of what I am trying to get into here. A large group of people gathered to support a presidential candidate and garner enthusiasm for his campaign. Unfortunately, a group of protesters had a huge problem with this basic right of freedom of speech and succeeded in shutting down the event. This incident illustrates a sad reality in our country today. There are certain groups of people who will not tolerate any other view points but their own. If anyone disagrees with them, they are marked to be silenced forever and that is just not right! One of our basic rights is the freedom of speech and that seems to becoming more and more in jeopardy if a certain individuals have their way.

I come across many people all the time, either online or in person, who have different views on certain hot button issues. While sometimes I want to scream at them for being delusional, I realize that they share the same passion and in the end, I respect people for that passion. They want our country to be great just as much as I want and I can respect that. It is just their way of finding thE solution is much different than mine.

I challenge everyone to show some class and respect for others in this election season coming up. When someone disagrees with your view of the issues, instead of hurling insults at them or their party, explain to them why you feel a certain way about an issue and your solutions. It might surprise you to see how constructive the conversation can become.

Of course when you have many politicians act the way they do, it is no wonder that the general population starts to act the same way. I include the President and Donald Trump in that group. A good leader will lead not resort to name calling and insults to his or her opponents. Everyone needs to respect their fellow Americans views. A successful business is made great by having a combination of great ideas. There is no reason we can’t do that with our government. The only way we can do that is to respect others for their ideas as well.


Mitt Romney vs. Donald Trump

The man who lost to President Barack Obama in the 2012 general election caused quite a stir this week when he held a press conference and pretty much warned the Republican party not to have Donald Trump as its nominee. According to Mitt Romney, if Trump became the president, we as a country would suffer mightily both domestically and abroad. Having Trump as president would be a disaster to this country. Of course, this is the same man who praised Trump just 4 years ago for having good ideas about economic growth. It is also believed that Romney pleaded for Trump’s endorsement, now he is backstabbing him. Funny how things change in the wonderful world of politics!

The truth is, this is just another example of the great divide between members of the Republican party. Guys like Trump and Ted Cruz are outsiders who want to take over the party. On the other hand, you have people like Romney and John McCain who seem to have their own little club of good old Republicans who frown at the notion of having new fresh bold faces in the party. And what have the old contingent of Republicans done lately? Absolutely nothing! It is many people’s belief including mine that many of these members are just an extension of the Democratic party. Just recently, many voted for a huge spending bill. In many cases, they serve very little opposition to any of these crazy ideas that Democrats seem to come up with. There is very little unity at all among these group of clowns. They are just as much at fault for many of the problems that our country is facing as the Democrats. The Republicans are supposed to be the opposition party to the president, instead he is taking them to school!

I find it rather disgusting to hear that kind of talk from a man who I still do admire and think couldĀ  have made our country much better had he been elected. Is that the way to build party unity? absolutely not! Instead of calling out Trump through a press conference, why not schedule a meeting to discuss your concerns about his policies? Perhaps Romney and other elite Republicans are jealous that Trump is actually bringing people to the party, not taking them away like some have. The Republican party has a golden opportunity right to capture the White House in 2016 and keep their Senate and House majorities. There is absolutely no reason for a weak field of candidates of Democrats to even come close to any Republican candidate. It should be a complete landslide!

The Republican party right now needs a serious reality check. As long as the party is this divided, they will never ever win another election and they have nobody to blame but themselves. This party has absolutely no leadership right now at all! Perhaps those elite establishment Repubs should just form their own party. When sports teams struggles, fresh faces and leaders are often brought in. This is what the Republican party needs right now and guys like Trump and Cruz will bring that. Those old established guys like Romney and McCain, who cannot win elections should just step aside. Who are they to say which candidate is best or bad for their party? Perhaps Romney should open his eyes and see how effective those established Republicans are right now. They are getting their butts whipped. The people and I repeat the people are the ones who have spoken and they do want change for outsiders like Trump or Cruz to represent the party. Is that too hard to understand, Mitt?

A political issue that needs more attention

During the course of the past few months and certainly in the months leading up to next November’s general election, you will hear candidates talk about many issues such as the economy, immigration, health care, national security, income inequality and climate change. There is no doubt all of these issues are important and deserved to be discussed, but what about a certain issue that doesn’t seem to be getting many politician’s attention. Does the number 19 trillion ring a bell to anyone? That number represents our national debt and the figure keeps growing with each passing year. And to top it off, that figure does not include unfunded liabilities for social security and medicare. Yes people, our national credit card is looking uglier everyday which if not addressed soon will make us into another Greece. How humiliating would that be?!!! It would be one of this country’s worst nightmares ever.

Anyone who thinks that we can grow our economy and increase our wages with this kind of debt is seriously delusional. Our ratio of debt to debt is in the danger zone and needs to be fixed as soon as possible. Imagine too when interest rates start to rise, which they will have to eventually. We will have a real mess on our hands with the higher rate of interest on our debt. Private investments will greatly be affected and our economy will take a real hit.

A typical person or family in this country has to live by a budget. If you had a job that was paying nearly 50,000 dollars a year, would live a lifestyle to costed you 100,000 dollars a year? I don’t think so!! Why is the government any different? Why are they trying to spend more money than they are currently taking in? It is a simple question that unfortunately few politicians want to truthfully answer to the American people. For many of them, they brush off the debt like it is a non-important issue. Any reasonable citizen should be outraged over this attitude!

I have to give credit to a few Republican candidates for bringing this issue up, however on the Democratic side, it would be a cold day in hell before this issue ever got addressed. I doubt whether Bernie Sanders even knows what the term debt means! He thinks that there is a vast infinite pile of money somewhere to pay for all of his proposals.

I greatly admire politicians who actually want to discuss this very important issue. Besides national security, it is one of the top 3 issues that I am concerned about. We as a country are headed for disaster if this issue does not get fixed soon. We simply cannot afford to keep increasing our credit card limit to unsustainable levels without some serious consequences to our nation. Where are the politicians out there who have the guts and vision to solve this problem? I want to know so they can get my vote.