The sad decline of patriotism

Several years ago, many of us took great pride in expressing the fact that we called the United States home. People did not hesitate to stand during the national anthem or hang our flag in a public area. If a President wanted to hold a 4th of July celebration, we did question his motives for doing so. Saying the Pledge of Allegiance before a public city council meeting was not meant with resistance. This is the United States and we just did those things without questions being asked. Sadly those days have long past us and our patriotism is being attacked more than it ever has been. This month was a prime example with several stories indicating that American patriotism is on the decline and some radical people want to change this country into something that it was never intended to be.

It all started around the 4th of July. Nike introduced a new fancy shoe that had the Betty Ross flag emblem on the back heel area of the shoe. Out of nowhere, one of their spokesmen, Colin Kaepernick, called out the company for making the shoe. As you can remember, Kaepernick is the one who refused to stand for the national anthem before the start of NFL games. He claimed the emblem on the shoe is a symbol of racism. Believe it or not, Nike agreed and took the shoes off the market. Imagine that! I am still having a hard time understanding why Kaepernick is still a spokesmen for Nike. I great American company like Nike should not have some Communist loving anti-American person as its spokesmen. Nike rightfully received a ton of a backlash for bowing down to Mr. Kaepernick.

A recent story in my home state of Minnesota really made me think about our decline of patriotism. A local city council voted to discontinue saying the Pledge of Allegiance before its meetings. Asked why this happened, a council member stated that they did not want to offend certain members of the council. Yes, you heard that right! Apparently saying the Pledge of Allegiance was deemed offensive to a certain select group of people. Really? Word got out about this stunt and it went viral. Outrage was very strong and the council reinstated the pledge last week. Good for them!

I know there are some out there who live in the United States and like to detest this country and talk about how rotten it is. That is certainly your right. But I challenge those who feel that way to count your blessings and realize how lucky you are. Try living in some socialist country for a year and your tune about America might change a bit. An idiot like Kaepernick is extremely fortunate to be living in this country. Where else could he have made millions of dollars and live in some nice fancy home?

If you are offended by saying the national anthem, maybe it is time for you to pack up your belongings and move to another country. And do not let the door hit you in the you know what. Anti-Americanism has no part in this country and the majority of us who love this country will stop those radical people from ruining our nation.


Trump vs “The Squad”

It happened yet again! President Trump found himself in the middle of another controversy early this week when he tweeted that certain members of Congress should go back to their homelands and fix their many problems before returning back here.  Those comments were mainly directed at one freshmen member of Congress in particular. That would be Representative Ilhan Omar, who happens to come from my home state of Minnesota. Other freshmen members of Congress were quick to criticize the President for his tweets and held a news conference the next day to express their outrage. In their minds, the comments made by President Trump were racist and he must face the music for daring to call out someone who is a Muslim immigrant.

Whether Trump’s latest tweet is racist is something that can be endlessly debated. I personally think this controversy is totally blown out of proportion. Yes, his comments may have been in bad taste, considering the current political climate and only gave ammunition to his critics. I am rather doubtful that the comments were racist though. There are far more racist comments that I hear coming from politicians these days, and this latest tweet ranks right at the bottom.

Funny how these women are all of sudden lecturing us and the President about making racist remarks when they are among the worst at making racist remarks. As you might remember, Representative Omar tweeted that Israel was some evil nation and Allah will soon take care of them. She in effect slammed many Jews and I consider that remark to be very racist in nature. Israel is a huge ally of the United States and those comments were definitely anti-American. Another member of this so-called group, Representative Rashida Tlaib from Michigan is famous for yelling during a rally that we must impeach the mother blanking President. Sadly, those comments were pretty much brushed under the rug. Imagine if some Republican had sad the same thing about President Obama? And let us not forget about the most famous one of this whole group, AOC. If you disagree with her positions, you are automatically labeled a racist. That is just who she is. A big time radical snowflake!

I personally find this group called the “The Squad” to be very un-American in their actions and statements. This group of newbies in Congress seem to care more about the rights of illegal immigrants than those of us who have been in this country for decades. Other positions that this group advocates for such as the New Green Deal will be extremely harmful to our economic well-being. It is refreshing to hear Trump call these people out for who they are. They are nothing more than a bunch of frauds. How they possibly got elected is totally amazing to me. I just wish that more politicians had the courage to call out these women. America is better off without them in power.

Overzealous parents at youth sporting events

A few weeks ago, I saw an online video that made me very upset and sad. A group of parents were shown fighting over a call made, in of all places, a little league baseball game. Yes, you read this right, a simple call made in a youth baseball game. This incident is the latest example on why I believe we are losing it as a society. Here you have a bunch of immature and highly overstrung adults getting upset over such a meaningless game. The real sad part of this whole incident is having the children witness this type of behavior. What type of example are these parents setting for the children at the game?

I see this type of behavior becoming more and more common everyday at these youth events. A common target of these radical parents is the official or referee. If the ref or ump screws their child’s team, they tend to lose a gasket and get totally bent out of shape. The game official in most cases is just some member of the community who volunteers their time so these kids can play a game. No wonder we are facing are currently facing a terrible shortage of officials these days. Who would want to put up with that abuse? You would have to pay me an awful lot of money to have to deal with that insane behavior.

Other types of improper behavior involve the participant themselves. If little Johnny does not play the right way, I often hear their parents yell at him. I shutter to think what it must be like for the poor little guy at home. Maybe he gets grounded at home for making a crucial base running mistakes. Some of these parents defend their actions by saying they are just preparing their children for the future and what it will be like when they reach a higher level of play. I say complete hogwash to that! At that age, the goal of sports should be to have as much fun as possible and yelling at your son or daughter for making a mistake is a great way to take that fun completely out of the sport.

I personally believe that many parents feel their child’s performance is a direct reflection on them as well. It should not be. Forget about your child’s performance and concentrate on how playing sports is helping them develop as people. In the meantime, just shut up and watch the game. Your child and many people around you will thank you for doing so.

Why stop at student debt forgiveness?

There is no doubt that student debt is and should be a very important issue facing this country today. The cost of attending a typical 4-year university is going through the roof and many students are saddled with a huge, burdensome loan that they have to pay off after finishing school. Some do not even finish school.

A couple of Democrat candidates running for president in 2020 are the latest to come up with a solution to this ever increasing problem. Instead of looking at the real reason why schools are charging some much, they believe the answer lies in just forgiving most of the student debt. When I heard these proposals, it made me think why I was so unfortunate to have attended college when I did. Heck, I could just rack up a huge debt and just let the Federal government forgive my debt. Just let some rich hedge fund manager from Wall Street bail me out. It is a great country isn’t it? Why take on any personal responsibility for paying back the loan when you have a bunch of rich people running around who are more than willing to pick up my tab?

While we are discussing debt among people, why not also have a debt forgiveness among those who have huge credit card balances? Maybe those same candidates could add to this debt proposal and include credit card debt as well. Some people have accumulated huge credit card debt from attending college as well. They have used cards to buy textbooks and other supplies. A typical job out of college probably does not pay enough to pay for all of that fancy furniture that you need for your first apartment or house. You need to use a credit card to pay for all those so-called necessities with the hope of paying it back asap. It is certainly not fair that some of these rich people running around have so much and you have so little. So why not just hike the tax rate up so people can have their debt totally erased forever?

In theory, this sounds like a perfectly fair idea until you look at the consequences of doing such a thing. A corporation who gets hit with a huge tax increase will just pass this on to consumers like you and I. These huge tax increases that these Democratic candidates are proposing will actually do very little to help the normal or little guy in the long run. Somebody has to pay for these free bailouts and yes, it will probably also include us little people as well.

I just wish that for once, these Marxist Democrats will talk about personal responsibility for once and how we need to have a plan for paying back these loans and credit cards once we have accumulated a lot of debt. Why should I have to help pay for some irresponsible individual who attends college for several years and never graduates. That is on THEM and they should have to pay back their loans. Personal responsibility seems to be a lost concept these days especially when you are dealing with a few members of the Democratic party.

A day to recognize our real heroes

Next Monday is an often overlooked holiday here in the United States. It is Memorial Day and we should recognize and remember the many brave men and woman who paid the ultimate sacrifice for this country. Unfortunately, many people fail or even appreciate what this day really means. Folks are too busy planning picnics or family outings. The thought of remembering some brave soldier who gave his or her life for this country is the furthest thing from most people’s minds. It is a holiday that people want to enjoy and have fun. We love our three day weekends and the fact that this upcoming weekend marks the unofficial start to summer and maybe the end of school for many only distracts from what the true meaning of this holiday should be about.

I consider myself as one of those many who fail to recognize the true meaning of that special day. I find myself busy traveling to places over the holiday weekend visiting family and friends. About a year ago, I read a story about a local young man who served in the Iraq war and sadly lost his life. He had everything going well in his life. He was very popular, good looking and bright and had the rest of his life in front of him.  Many people would envy the life of this young man. He could have just stayed here in the United States, attended college and probably would have gotten a great job in some highly paid position. Deep down inside though, this young man felt a tremendous sense of duty to give back to the country that gave him so much. He enlisted in the military after finishing high school. His first deployment was over in the Middle East where his young life was cut short by an IED.

There are so many other stories just like this young man’s. Young people sensing the need the serve this country and put their lives on the line in the process. Many of them do not come home. These people know the risks, but that does not stop them from putting aside their own natural selfish desires to serve this country and help restore freedoms for so many people. These people are my heroes and I will never forget them. I cannot read enough stories about so many brave young men and women who have paid the ultimate price.

We owe all these fallen brave men and women a moment of silence next Monday. I greatly admire and support our military and the sacrifices they make for our country. Our country would not be great without them. These people are our biggest heroes and they deserve our greatest appreciation.

What is Kevin Durant thinking?

If you follow the National Basketball Association like I do, you might be a little perplexed about a certainly possibly that might occur in the upcoming off-season. Perhaps the best player in the league might bolt from the best team in the league and look for a different team to play for. That player is none other than Kevin Durant and this potential move has me extremely confused and scratching my head. Why would Durant want to do this? It defies any type of logic, and as a sports fan, I think it is the wrong move for Mr. Durant.

What is a common goal and desire for any NBA superstar? To get the max amount of money from a particular team? In some cases yes, but I am almost certain that the main desire for any superstar is to win as many rings or championships as possible. You make your mark as a player in the playoffs and how many titles you help your team win.

Durant is in a perfect situation right now to accomplish that. He is 30 years old and still has a lot of game left in him. If he stays with Golden State, they are almost certain to win a couple more championships and his legacy will be even greater. Heck, If I were a superstar NBA player and had the chance to play for a championship organization like Golden State, I would jump at that opportunity without any hesitation. How could you go wrong? You would be a superstar among other stars. So many of today’s elite players always complain about a lack of supporting cast that prevents them from winning a championship. When you play for Golden State, those worries are thrown out the window. If Durant stays, the Warriors have an opportunity to have one of the greatest dynasties ever in the NBA and all of sports. How could you possibly go wrong?

The latest rumor has Durant eyeing on playing for the New York Knicks. Are you serious? Why would any superstar free agent want to play for a totally lousy team and organization like the Knicks? I get the idea that it is a big and potentially lucrative market to play in, but if Durant wants to win a title in New York, he might reconsider. The Knicks are a long ways from winning a title. The truth is, they might be a long ways from even making the playoffs!

There is no doubt that KD wants to be known as one of the greatest players ever in NBA history. As I mentioned before, you make your mark as a player by winning championships. KD is in a perfect situation to do so right now. Why would he want to thrown that all away? It is very mind-boggling to say the least!


More than just a women’s right issue

One of the bigger hot-bottom issues in this country for several years has been abortion. This issue is certainly not something that has come up in recent years. Ever since the historic Roe vs. Wade decision back in 1973, abortion has been a hotly debated topic with no signs of letting up anytime soon. Several states in the past year have put new abortion restrictions into law. Whether these new laws will hold up in a higher court remains to be seen, but suddenly out of nowhere, the abortion debate has grabbed center state again.

I have not given my 2 cents about this issue for some time, and yes, I am probably not the best person to comment on this issue since I am a guy, but I cannot just sit back and not say anything. First of all, I find rather interesting to hear the debates that are taking place between both sides of the issue, especially with the pro-choice crowd. I happen to personally known several people who are very pro-choice and their arguments always center around the government has absolutely no right to tell a woman what to do with her body even if that means determining whether someone inside her has the right to live. How ironic that many of these pro-choice supporters are also huge supporters of protecting children on other issues. In the gun control debate, these same supporters of abortion rights use the argument that we must protect our children in schools and make our schools safer by enacting tougher gun control laws. They try to win over people by using the children rights argument. Funny how that suddenly changes when we start talking about abortion. Now it is no longer a matter of the unborn and future child having any rights. It is all about the rights of the mother.

Many of these new laws do have provisions for when the woman’s health is in danger and rightly so. In cases of rape and incest, a woman still should not have the automatic right to determine whether she will keep the baby or not. Once again, we are now taking away the rights of the unborn and that is just not morally or ethically right. I fully realize that giving birth to the child of someone who greatly traumatized a woman may cause great emotional distress to that woman, but the emotional pain and guilt caused by an abortion might be even greater. That unwanted child might just turn out to be a huge blessing to the mother and turn out to be an outstanding person in our society.

Woman do have an absolute right to determine what to do with their bodies but there has to be a line drawn somewhere in the sand. Those rights cannot include determining whether someone has the right to live or not. The pro-choice supporters often forget that there is another person involved in this debate. Maybe at some time in the past, their mother made the decision to have them so they could experience life, and protest against a right that actually kept them alive. How ironic is that! The abortion rights debate is more than just a discussion of the rights of a woman. In many cases, the unborn rights are missing out of the the discussion, and sadly, that is often forgotten.