Confession of a stay at home sports fan

For many sports fans, attending a sporting event in person is nothing short of a dream day. There is nothing better than sitting in the seats with your fellow fans, soaking up the atmosphere of the ball park or arena and cheering on your favorite team or watching your favorite players. However, there is a rather huge price to pay for that enjoyment and that is why I consider myself a “stay at home sports fan”.  Sometimes that price to pay for me is just a little bit too much to take.

I live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area of Minnesota. We have several professional sports team to go watch and play. Not only at the professional level but we have several good college sporting events to chose from as well. It is a dream paradise for any sports fan to live in this area. I love it. and quite frankly, I might be a little bit spoiled with so many options to chose from. On any given night, I could easily venture out for a ball game. There is never a shortage of good sporting events in this area. But I prefer not too. Why is that?

There are several reasons for my reluctance to attend a huge number of sporting events. First of all and the most obvious reason is the cost factor. Attending a sporting event is a costly investment of your hard-earned money. Take for instance a typical NBA game. If I want to get a half way decent ticket and a good seat, I must shell out nearly 100 dollars. Now tack on the parking and concessions and you can easily add another 50 dollars. And that is just for myself. If I took a family, it the cost would easily reach 500 dollars.

Another factor is dealing with the traffic in trying to get to the game. Many games start in the early evening and you must deal with rush hour traffic in trying to get to the game. I simply do not enjoy sitting in traffic for any stretch of time.

Once you reach the game, another problem arises with dealing with those hordes of people. And there is always a bunch of obnoxious fans who think attending a ball game is a license to act disrespectfully towards others. You know the drunk people who yell profanities at the top of their lungs.

On the other hand, it is sometimes really nice to come home after a hard days work, turn on the television and watch the game. No hassles of getting to and from the ball park or arena. No unruly fans or people to deal with. My recliner is so much more comfortable than most arena or stadium seats that have sat on. If I have to go to the bathroom, I simply get up and go to the bathroom without fighting any crowd. Oh and the food! No need to pay 8 dollars for a hot dog and 8 dollars for a beer. Yes, life is great when you can sit at home and watch the game.

But having said those things, there is something that a sports fan really misses when you are not at the game. Nothing beats the atmosphere of attending a game in person. Ranging from the sounds of the game, the noise of the crowd and so on. There is just something special about attending a game in person. That is why I make it a point to get out of my bachelor bunker to attend a few games a year. Sometimes you just get the urge to get off the recliner and travel to the ballpark or arena.


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