Can Congress really stop mass shootings?

In the wake of yesterday’s horrible double mass shootings, a number of politicians made some rather interesting comments after offering their prayers and support for the communities involved. You guessed it, it was the need for Congress to finally act and do something to keep Americans safer. “We must act before more innocent lives are lost” was the common theme among nearly all those who made comments. Interestingly enough, our President was not among those who called for tighter gun control laws. All of the Democratic candidates running in 2020 were the ones calling for tighter measures. Never let some awful tragedy prevent you from scoring some cheap political points. My question is this. What can Congress do to stop these increasingly horrific events from happening? Do people really think that members of Congress can just wave some magic wand and stop gun violence across this country? What new laws can they pass that will prevent events like these from happening? I have some serious doubts that any new law will come close to stop the violence. Do you think for one minute that some deranged person or criminal will stop using a banned gun if it were outlawed? Where there is a will, there is a way.

Before I go any further, I would like to extend my deepest condolences and prayers to the victims families and the communities involved. These people killed are my fellow Americans and nobody should have to lose their life on some Saturday morning shopping trip. These events could have happened anywhere in the country including my or your hometown. I have blogged about too often about mass shootings and these events should never happen in the greatest country in the world.

Sure it would be nice to have a bunch of new laws that would make it almost impossible for some bad guy to get a gun. What new laws would have prevented these two killers from getting a gun in the first place? Is there some way to determine the mental capacity of someone who wants to purchase a firearm? These are some questions that I find would be very difficult to answer. Even if you had some prior criminal record and could not legally purchase a gun, there is a huge black market out there to get a weapon.

I find the biggest problem we are dealing with today is the culture of our country especially our young adults. We had the same number of guns some 20 years ago and never had the number of problems with guns and mass shootings that we are facing today. Does anyone see a correlation between the rise of the internet and social media and these awful events? It seems as though those troubled individuals are inspired by what they read and see on the internet. The recent mass shootings will only inspire other would be killers to do the same. Heck, the killers involved in yesterday’s shootings will be heroes to them.

The only way that you will ever stop gun violence in this country is to confiscate all the guns. By some estimates, that would be around 350 million guns. Good luck with that idea! I will say it myself, it is absolutely impossible to get rid of all those guns. Even if you did, the bad guys could still find other ways to kill. Making a bomb, that could blow up a whole building, could do even more harm in a quicker amount of time. Maybe we should consider banning certain materials that are involved in making a bomb.

Thinking that Congress and the government is the solution to preventing these mass shootings is being extremely delusional. Preventing these events from happening starts with normal everyday people like you and I. If we see something suspicious, we need to contact the authorities. Forget about offending someone. You might save several lives in the process. Put the ball in the court of the law enforcement agents.

Congress and many lawmakers will no doubt use these latest events to try and look good by saying that we need tighter gun control laws. I say that we need better people control laws. There are many good law abiding citizens who own guns and why should be they be penalized? There are far deeper issues involved in these mass killings and I hope our lawmakers can figure that out.




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