Brutally honest words from Trump

Our President is certainly not shy about telling it like it is. His latest war of words took place earlier this week when he and Democratic Representative Elijah Cummings got into a little spat over Trump’s calling out of Cummings led Baltimore district. The district, is and has been for several years, one of the most dangerous and unlivable areas in all of the United States. Crime, poverty, poorly run school districts are all trademarks of this area. Trump went even further in faulting Democratic leaders for this mess and Cummings is one of them. The sad and unfortunate truth is that Trump is 100 percent correct. Baltimore is not the only city run by Democrats which is in horrible shape. Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco are among other cities struggling because of big government policies supported by many Democrats. And the sadder truth is that these cities continue to vote these politicians like Cummings who never seem to solve or be held accountable for their cities woes. When are the people in these cities and districts going to wake up and vote these people out?

Naturally since Representative Cummings is a black man, the old race card quickly was pulled out and Trump was once again labeled as a racist. These accusations are completely absurd. Sometimes the truth hurts and the truth was exposed in Trump’s comments. Baltimore is a complete hell hole and I cannot believe people in that area are able to put up with such complete mediocre leadership. If a were a politician representing that city and saw reports of rat invested apartments and very mediocre school districts, heads would definitely roll! And immediately!

Unfortunately, we continue to have the same wrong policies running these cities which never work. Baltimore received millions of dollars from former President Barack Obama’s famous stimulus giveaway and Baltimore is still a mess. We have politicians in some of these other cities who promise the moon to their residents, especially the poor, and never deliver. The same old tired big government policies are tried year after year and fail year after year. When something has not been working for 20 years, don’t you think it might be time to go back to the drawing board and try something new?

This country has so much wealth and opportunity that seeing these areas become like some 3rd world country really breaks my heart. This should never happen in the United States. Nobody should have to share some apartment with a bunch of rats! Somewhere along the line, we have lost the concept of holding our elected officials accountable for these disasters. Several Democrats, including Cummings, are quick to point out and sometimes falsely about the inhumane conditions for illegal immigrants at our border. Perhaps they might want to worry more about their own backyard for a change. There lies the real problems.


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