A TV reality show that I want no part of

Television reality shows are without a doubt the most viewed and popular shows on television. American Idol enjoyed huge ratings for several years. Survivor enjoyed the same success drawing in and hooking many viewers. Lately, the trend seems to be a number of signing and talent shows. People love these shows because some average person from anywhere can suddenly become a huge star. If you are like me, you probably dream about being a contestant one of these shows and getting your 15 minutes of fame. However, there is one show that I would never ever consider being a contestant on. It is a very long running reality show and popular not only here in the United States, but all over the world. That show is called “Big Brother”. Sorry, nobody has to worry about me being the next home guest. It would be my worst nightmare having to share a house with some of those individuals.

Think about this for a minute. How would you like to be put in a spot where you were stuck in some house for several months with a bunch of strangers? I think if you came from a big family and you were in your 20’s, it would not be such a big deal. You are used to living with a bunch of people. And I am sure that along the way, you have plenty of experience dealing with conflict resolution. Now suppose you are some type of introvert who really keeps to themselves. How could you possibly survive on this show? And believe me, there are plenty of us out there!

As someone who really values my privacy, this show would be a complete disaster for me. I also cannot tolerate loud obnoxious people for a very long period of time. This show appears to have plenty of them. I think being on this show would be the ultimate test of patience in a human being. I just cannot understand how these house guests can manage to live in those type of conditions for very long without strangling someone.

Having said those things, I really believe that I could win one of those contests. I consider myself very easy to get along with, I respect other people’s space and I have a great sense of humor. People would love me as a guest. The problem is, would I really want to win? Life is way too short to be held in some house with a complete group of strangers.  I wonder how relieved some of the guests must feel when they get voted off the show. I know I probably would! Hello freedom!

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