It is always the refs fault

If you are a fan of the New Orleans Saints of the NFL, you must be in a deep state of outrage. A golden opportunity to make a trip to the Super Bowl was taken away by a very poor call by one of the officials. Had that pass interference call been made late in last week’s NFC championship game, the Saints would have had the ball inside the Los Angeles Rams 5 yard line with a first and goal and 1:41 left. The Rams did not have any time outs left so the Saints could have run the clock down to the end, call a timeout, and kick a short field goal. The chances of them winning the game had the call been made were probably 99 percent. However, the call was missed, and although the Saints kicked the go ahead field goal, the Rams had plenty of time to march down the field and kick the tying field which they did at the end of regulation. A few Saints fans are even suing the league over this missed call. But lets settle down all you Saints fans and look at the big picture. Sure that call will go down as one of the worst ever in NFL playoff history, but there were plenty of other chances to win the game and not have to depend on the ref making a game deciding decision.

I find it rather interesting that a critical missed call just prior to the Saints final possession was not also heavily discussed. The Rams had the ball inside the Saints 10 yard line when a face masking personal foul was missed by an official. It was equally a puzzling missed call that would have given the Rams the ball at the Saints 2 yard line, first and goal and a great opportunity for go-ahead touchdown that would have put the Rams up by 4 late in the game. That was a huge missed call which really benefited the Saints.

After the go-ahead field that put the Saints up 23-20 with 1:41 left , why could the Saints defense not stop the Rams from marching down the field to kick the game tying field goal? Their defense did not do their job late in the game. The Saints won the coin toss at the start of overtime and immediately turned the ball over. They had plenty of golden opportunities to win the game after that blown call and failed to do so. If you are going to blame the refs, fine. But why not also blame your own team for not capitalizing on several missed opportunities. Maybe those fans who are suing the league over that blown call should also sue the team as well. They are just as responsible for the loss as the officials.

I can certainly understand why fans get upset with officials when a call is blown in such a big situation in a big game. I would be outraged as well. But let’s remember those referees are not machines out there who will always make the right call. The game is moving so fast that missed calls will happened. It is part of the game. A championship team should be able to withstand a blown call to win a game.

Unfortunately, it is always the refs fault. Never look at how your team missed several opportunities to lock the game up. If the Saints fans and players want to know the real reason why they lost the game, they should focus on their beloved team’s inept play rather than the men in officials uniforms.

Fake news at its worst

A rather disturbing video emerged last weekend at a rally showing a group of teenagers wearing MAGA hats (make America great again) surrounding a Native American man beating a drum. It was reported that this man was a Vietnam vet and the video seemed to suggest the teenagers were harassing this man. Only small clips of the video went viral and one could conclude from watching that these young adults were just out to cause trouble. To make matters worse, they were wearing MAGA hats which ties them to being supporters of President Trump. And of course, let’s not forget other factors that just added fuel to the fire. They were mostly white students attending a Christian Catholic high school which only added to the evil perception of these students.

Without hesitation, several media outlets across the country picked up on this story and reported on the video, or should I say small clips of the video. It was a golden opportunity for outlets to finally prove to the rest of us what they have been reporting and commenting on for months, that these students represent a typical racist Trump supporter  and the video clips shows it. I saw numerous comments on social media of people coming to this conclusion as well as many news commentators. But didn’t you just get the feeling that there was more to this story than the short video clip? I certainly did and fortunately a few journalists dug deeper and found more to the story than what was shown.

It now turns out that these students were approached by the Native American man who was not quite the war veteran that was first reported. They were not the instigators which the short clip seemed to suggest. A longer version of the video painted an entirely different version of the events. The students were actually the victims of a hate filled group that was also at the rally. Racist words were being thrown at the students by this group. Funny how that was left out of the initial reporting! It is not clear why the Native American man approached the students. Perhaps he wanted to help defuse the situation. A further review of a longer portion of the video, the students were in no ways guilty of any wrong doing. The real culprits were the hate group. The students were victims of just being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I find it extremely disappointing that many journalists had this story so wrong at the beginning and failed to follow-up on the longer version of the video. As I mentioned earlier, it was their big chance to stick it to the President and his followers with a totally fake and misleading news story. Their irresponsible reporting has now almost ruined the lives of several good young students who were just out at a pro-life rally exercising their right to free speech and expression. If I ran a news outlet which ran this fake news story, I would hold those responsible who did the reporting. They deserve to be fired or even sued. That also includes those so-called news commentators who went on national television to bash these students. This story clearly was an effort to enhance a political agenda and it failed miserably. I hope those who felt the need to bash poor innocent students can get help removing the egg off their faces! Please do a little more investigating in the future!

Unfortunately in this day and age, that is what news is becoming all about. It is nothing more than to serve a journalist’s or journalists own political agenda. Especially when it is about President Donald Trump. Yes, fake news is alive and well today and this story clearly demonstrates why we as the general public need to be very careful about what to believe.



A potential feel good story of the year

It is not uncommon for news stories these days to be filled with tons of negativity. Turn on your news and you will see exactly what I mean. On a typical newscast, you will probably see politicians fighting with each other or stories about horrific crimes. Lately, natural disasters have made the news with wildfires and hurricanes. If you are a pessimist, you might think the world is coming to an end. A story came out the other day which started as just another depressing news story and ended with a very happy ending that brought tears and joy to a number of people. A missing young teenage girl from Wisconsin was found safe a few days ago.

The story started about 3 months ago in a small town in Wisconsin about 90 miles from the Twin Cities. A man and his wife were found murdered in their home one morning and their 13 year old teenage daughter was missing in the aftermath. The story started as a huge local story and slowly gained national attention in the days after. Anytime you have a missing child, it is a very big deal. No trace of the missing girl was spotted. It was a huge mystery. Where was the girl? Like many folks, I just assumed that this was another story of a tragic child abduction that does not end well. In the last month, the story pretty much fizzled out.

Last week, the story resurfaced in a very dramatic way. The young girl was found alive in an area about an hour from the crime scene. She had escaped her captors and ran up to a woman who was walking her dog pleading for help. Authorities were called and the young girl, Jayme Closs is finally safe.

I think I joined many people, not only locally, but nationally in shedding a tear when this story broke. For a few months, many of us had been praying for Jayme’s safe return. Our prayers were answered! I am also inspired by how brave Jayme was in breaking free from her captors who killed her parents. That took a ton of courage and guts from such a young person. By the way, her captors are now in custody.

I know many of these similar stories do not always end up as well. Children are unjustly kidnapped everyday in this country and the world and many are lost forever or killed. This story just shows that the prayers can be answered and we can have a little bit of positivity every so often in this very negative world. I join many people in wishing the best for Jayme Closs. She is one special young individual.

If Trump were a Democrat


After watching the recent televised speech by President Trump to drum up support for his proposed border wall, a rather interesting thought came to my mind regarding this issue. Suppose for a minute that our President was a member of the opposite party, the Democratic Party. Do you think President Trump would be having the same difficulty in pursuing the 5 billion asking price from Congress?

I found it rather interesting to hear the thoughts of Democratic representatives following his speech. Both Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Shumer were clearly placing the blame for this ongoing government shutdown on the President for demanding the money or else the government will continue to be partially shutdown. Like many Democrats, they tried to play the victim card again talking about how this shutdown has affected many thousands of workers as well as bring up how immoral this wall would be. Pelosi even went as far as talking about how this whole crisis at the border is just a “manufactured crisis”.

I can’t help but imagine what their response would have been had President Trump declared last week that he is suddenly switching parties and will no longer be a member of the Republican party. You can bet your last dollar that Pelosi would lead the charge for financing the new and in her own probable words “a beautiful new wall”. Shumer would join her as would many of their fellow Democrats. You would no longer hear talk about how expensive or immoral the wall would be. Instead the theme would shift dramatically to the need protecting our borders and how a wall would be a great thing for the people of the United States. Of course, a few Republicans would probably protest the price tag and do the same switch of support. How could Trump make the tax payers pay for such a massive project would be their probable response. However, I do feel that the President would have a very easy time getting bipartisan support for the wall if he were a Democrat. There is no doubt in my mind that he would and we would not be having this partial government shutdown.

Unfortunately that is not the case and President Trump is steadfast in his asking for wall funding. And he should be. The price tag is actually a very small percentage of the Federal budget. Is that asking too much to better protect millions of people in this country?

The sad thing about this whole controversy about the wall funding and the partial government shutdown is that at one time, both Shumer and Pelosi supported much more monetary value in making our borders safer. Now that Donald Trump is the President, their tune has dramatically shifted and they are no longer supporting giving Trump his asking price. It is nothing more than an effort by Democrats to obstruct the President in helping him reach a much desired victory.

The current shutdown could easily be stopped if Democrats such as Shumer and Pelosi quit playing partisan politics and looked at what was best for this country. Surely if President Trump were a Democrat they would.