Hillary’s great excuse tour

A few weeks ago, former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton started a tour designed to promote her new book called “What happened ?” In this book, Clinton gives some insight into her failed presidential campaign from last fall and offers up many reasons as to why she lost.  The list of excuses is long and endless. Everything from the tired old Russian hacking excuse to new blaming on some Democrats and even her former Democratic rival, Bernie Sanders. Yes, this long laundry list of excuses makes for some interesting reading and almost makes one feel sorry for Mrs. Clinton. She was a victim wasn’t she? Well maybe not so fast!

I probably join millions in wishing Clinton would just go away. She lost and she needs to get over it. It is that plain and simple. Accept the fact that you got beat by a candidate who worked harder than you did and ran a much better campaign. “What happened” is the name of the book and it is very simple as to “what happened” Clinton needs to look in the mirror. Maybe it just so happened that she lost Wisconsin, a predominately a blue state, because she did not campaign hard enough or spend enough time in that state. The goes with Michigan and Ohio. While President Trump was campaigning endlessly around the country, Clinton was probably sleeping at home thinking she was entitled to become the next president. She also greatly underestimated the angry of typical voters in this country. Her and her Democratic buddies apparently thought that reign of President Obama would automatically qualify a Democratic to become the next president. Boy were they wrong! Many of today’s Democrats including Clinton are simply out of touch with the people of the United States and that is a huge reason why she lost.

There is a belief that Clinton is writing this book to help future candidates who might consider running for office. I do agree that her campaign and the way she ran it should serve as a warning to future candidates on how not to run a presidential campaign. Any future candidate needs to understand that taking your opponent and the people who you will represent lightly is a recipe for disaster. Clinton did all these things. She felt as though her name was simply good enough to win. Little did she know how angry the voters of this country were last fall and how they wanted change. America may have won when Hillary lost the election last November. In the meantime, she needs to just shut up and go away. Her whining about the election will only hurt the party in future elections. Do us all a favor, Hillary. Just move on and shut up. The biggest reason why you lost in staring right back at you in the mirror.


The fans will eventually fire the players

This weekend, President Trump once again is stirring up things on Twitter with his comments about players taking knees and not standing during the playing of our national anthem. He called on owners of NFL and NBA teams to fire players who disrespect our flag during the anthem. His comments have generated a firestorm of anger among many NFL and NBA players. Many players have lashed out at Trump for his statements including the commissioner of the NFL. Mind you, many of these players are huge anti-Trump guys in the first place and his latest statements are only adding fuel to their anger. In their minds, President Trump has no right to call of the players to be fired if they are just exercising their first amendment rights.

I have written on this topic a few times during the past because this is just another example on why people including myself are slowly losing interest in watching or attending sports. The day a ball game turns into a huge social justice demonstration is the day that I will quit watching. I turn on an NFL or NBA game for pure entertainment purposes. I do not want some overpaid, pampered athlete lecturing me on how certain minorities are being mistreated in this country. I have better things to do with my time and money. In fact, I will just spend more time watching my favorite high school or small college teams play.

Having said these things, I have to respectfully disagree with President Trump. An owner should not fire a player who is exercising his right to free speech. I highly doubt that many contracts have a clause in them stating that a player must stand during the anthem nor should there be. That is up to the individual player and they must accept the consequences of not doing so.

Here lies the problem though. Isn’t it the duty of the players to represent themselves to the fans and the community in the best way possible? There might be some veteran in the stands who put his life on the line for this country. Imagine how he or she feels when they see some spoiled athlete take a knee? If I were that veteran, I would never want to spend another penny watching my team play. Many of the fans who are not veterans probably feel the same way. We love our country and those acts of disrespect towards our flag turn us off as fans.

Eventually this backlash will come back to haunt the players and more and more people will turn off the games on television which means less revenue for the owners. Do these multi-million players understand this? Do they understand that their little rants about social justice really turn off the fans and will eventually hurt them and their league in the future? Apparently they do not!

There is strong evidence that this new anti-patriot movement will only hurt pro sports. Ratings are down and believe me, more people will tune out if this keeps up. And by the way, these pampered athletes who think that it okay to protest are very replaceable. Just ask Colin Kaepernick. There are many athletes out there who have more appreciation for the fans and our country. Those are the guys that I want to spend my hard-earned money and time watching.