First the Confederate monuments, then what?

In the wake of the awful violence in Charlottesville last weekend, there have been many calls to remove all Confederate statues in public places around the country. Funny, but after being up in place for many years without too many squabbles, these statues are suddenly deemed as being racist and out of touch with American values. Nobody seemed to have a problem with them for several years, but now? Suddenly, they are the most evil piece of property known to mankind!

Anything linked to Confederate symbols these days is due to cause some type of controversy. Apparently from what I understand, they are a symbol of slavery and you know what slavery means, it is oppression towards minorities and that is just not acceptable in today’s highly pc world. Never mind that many of those statutes represent an important part of American history. I guess far too many people are suddenly offended by those statues and landmarks so they must go.

In all seriousness, slavery and what went on with slavery, is a very low point in this country. No person who is a citizen of this country should have to go through slavery. However, as a nation, we have overcome this travesty and fixed our wrongs. Those who want to take down those statues are living in the past. We have come a long ways in giving much deserved freedoms to people of color. Things are not perfect, but we have made massive improvements in the past century.

If people are offended by the any type of Confederate symbols, what is next? What about this country’s flag? I assume the next order of business for these radicals will be trying to take down the American flag from public places because according to them, it represents oppression to some people. Oh by the way, what about our currency? Are we going to change our money because some slave owner’s picture is on the dollar bill? Furthermore, if you are going to remove some Confederate symbols, you need to remove them all. That includes renaming any street in this country with ties to Confederacy. Imagine the chaos and confusion that might cause?

We are going down a very slippery slope with this effort to ban all things that have a Confederate symbol. Where this will lead is anyone’s guess. Any by the way, why is this a mob mentality type of thing? It seems like a select few radical people are determining whether a monument comes down or not. Why not have a vote? In my view, this effort to remove those statues is just a waste of time. We have far more important things to worry about in this country.


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