Lessons to be learned from Venezuela

Lost in the ever ending news about politics in this country is a rather tragic story from a country located a rather short distance south of the United States. That country would be Venezuela in South America, a country rich in oil reserves. You would figure that any country blessed in those vast resources would prosper and its citizens would be the beneficiary of those resources. Well that is not the case these days in that country. There is great unrest taking place in the streets. The government is corrupted. Inflation is headed out of control as is the crime rate. How could this happen especially considering Venezuela is considered a very socialist country? I thought any socialist country was supposed to be some big happy utopian place of happiness and joy? As it turns out, that is not the case and these latest developments only support my theory that socialism is a huge scam. Other socialist countries have gone through the same problems. Remember Greece anyone? Scandinavian socialist countries such as Sweden and Norway only have become to prosper when free market ideas were installed.

One of the things that I really worry about is the future of this country. What will be like in 30 years from now? It seems like we are headed towards some socialist type of big government. Many young people feel that socialism is very compassionate and will go a long ways in helping bridge the gap between the haves and the have nots in the United States. There are many who are in love with a socialist candidate who ran for the president. Maybe these delusional people ought to look at the country just south of here and tell me how that socialism is working out.

I have long been a huge critic of socialism for many reasons. At the top of the list is the fact that it totally takes away many incentives from people. What incentive is there for me to go to college, study hard, get a good job and then have much of my income go towards supporting some huge public welfare state? Suppose I run a business; what incentive do I have to make a profit when the government determines what I should or should not keep. To me, this type of ideology goes against human nature. The more an individual is in control, the harder they will try.

Another huge reason why do not support socialism is the idea of having a huge government-run by a large number of bureaucrats is a recipe for disaster! Venezuela is rocked by government corruption and that is typical for any huge government. Imagine if our country had a large socialist government. Take for instance health care. Suppose there were few, if not any insurance companies, in this country. The Federal government would call all the shots pertaining to our health care. I would have a hard time believing that would be a well run machine. There would be tons of regulation and confusion to deal with. Having just a few in power making these decisions is not the way to go.

A final reason why I do not agree with socialism is it is simply not sustainable. Eventually, there will not be enough money to pay for all those free programs. Then what will happen? People will not understand why their entitlements are being cut back and all hell will break loose. As they say about socialism, “It is great until you run out of other people’s money”.

I just hope that people will wake up in this country, especially some millennials who are so in love with socialism. That type of ideology strongly goes against what makes our country great. We prosper as a nation when free market principles are applied and applied correctly. Giving everyone a fair shot at success and leaving it up to us is what we should strive for as a country. Socialism takes away the freedom to make choices and that is not what our country is about. Venezuela is exhibit A on why socialism does not and will never work. We need to learn from that country so our future is not ruined.


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