Maybe the answer is better dads

A few weeks ago, a city near this location had special city council meeting to discuss the problem of increasing crime rates and what can be done to curb this serious ongoing problem. Some members started to talk about new gun control measures while others felt the need to have more police officers on streets or hire more officers. A common theme in all of these proposals was the need to have more and bigger government to solve a problem that should have a very common sense solution to it. Nowhere in this discussion did I hear anyone talk about the need to have better, more responsible families and that starts with the person who is supposed to be the head of the household.

Show me any gang member and I will show you someone who has probably come from a broken family. Chances are the member’s dad is not around to help them grow up as a person. The person then feels the need to look at empty ways of fulfilling that guidance through gangs. Before they know it, their life is spiraling out of control to the point of permanent destruction or even death.

Many folks have this typical stereotype of the inner city having this problem, but it can also extend to the affluent suburbs. The dad is some big shot executive at a company and works many hours a week. He has no time for his kids; his career is so much more important in his mind. His company has to make money and that means working long hours. Once again, that much needed guidance is gone and the child grows up developing bad habits which could prove devastating later on in life.

Being a good dad is a tremendously important responsibility for any guy. I am not a father myself, but I have many good friends who are outstanding dads. One in particular really stands out. He is a single dad of a wonderful young boy. About a month ago, he received a rather lucrative job offer in another state. He turned it down to be closer to his son and be more involved in his life. Guys who make sacrifices like that are what Father’s Day is all about. I greatly admire guys who put aside their own personal agendas for the good of their families and especially children.

Our society is only as good as the people who are in it. Chances are a person who grows up with a loving father will be more successful in life. Studies back up my statement. If we want a better society, we need more guys to look in the mirror and take responsibility to raise their kids the right way. Our world will be a much better place if more guys take on that challenge.




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