Golden State, the best team ever?

In the aftermath of Golden State’s NBA finals victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers, some sports pundits were quick to declare the Warriors as the greatest NBA team of all time. After all, they dominated the playoffs with the best record ever and had another incredible regular season with 67 wins. But are they better than the great Boston Celtics teams of the 80’s or the Michael Jordan teams of the mid 90’s? Such questions make for interesting discussions of sports talk radio, but in my mind, comparing teams from different eras is almost impossible to do. One could argue that the NBA is more watered down in this day and age. How many top quality teams really had a legitimate shot at winning the title this year? The lack of parity in the league has certainly helped the Warriors, however, lets not diminish what a dominate and great team they are. They could easily beat any team that has ever played in a 7 game series.

Very few teams have ever been made up of 4 all-star players in the starting lineup. As a lifetime NBA observer, I have never seen a more unguardable team in the league. The only team that can really stop the Warriors are the Warriors themselves. Not only are they an extremely potent team on the offensive side of the floor, their defense is extremely solid as well. Many people fail to give them credit for being an extremely good defensive team. Draymond Green might be the best overall defensive player in the league and Klay Thompson is one of the best defensive guards in the league. Kevin Durant is a very underrated defender as well. It is one thing to have a team of all-stars who can score the ball, but Golden State has several good 2 way players and that is what makes them the elite team that they are.

Do the Warriors have any weaknesses? I often wonder how they would fare against some of the past champions with good centers. Do they have the size to go up against the old Celtic’s teams of the 80’s or the Lakers with Abdul Jabbar. But on the flip side, those teams probably would not have the athleticism to compete against the Warriors.

Regardless, this debate will continue and in my opinion, they are without a doubt one of the teams ever. Are they the best ever? Time will only tell. A great team is also a team of dynasty and I still need to see the Warriors win a couple more championships before they are the greatest team ever. With their core players being so young, that possibility is extremely likely.

Fear mongering over the Senate health care bill

Chances are extremely high that you will see in the upcoming days some politician warn you about how bad the Senate health care bill is. A senator from my state decided to go on a little tour yesterday meeting with people and talking about how damaging the supposed cuts to Medicaid will be. I have heard some lawmakers warn us that people will die because of the purposed legislation to fix or repeal Obamacare. Yes, the sky will fall if we pass the bill, right? The crux of the controversy over this bill lies with the effort to reform Medicaid. As with any entitlement, any attempt to cut back on it will bring about folks who claim people who support these cuts are evil and cruel individuals.

For those who do not know what Medicaid is about, it is in simple terms, assistance in paying for health care to those low-income people who cannot afford it. You could say it is another form of welfare. Millions of people depend on Medicaid to help them pay for their medical expenses. The problem with Medicaid is that it is a very expensive entitlement for both the Federal and State government. Millions of taxpayer dollars go into the programs and it is a very unsustainable program. Reform must take place soon. The rate of growth must be stopped. I know in my state of Minnesota, the growth of our health and human services budget always go ups nearly 20 to 30 percent per year. That is simply unsustainable to continue in the future. Any type of Medicaid expansion will bankrupt our state eventually. We will not have enough money for our schools or roads. To me, Medicaid reform and slowly the growth down seems to be a very logical thing to do.

Unfortunately we have many politicians and this does include members from both parties who are crying over these so-called cuts to Medicaid. Why these lawmakers cannot see that Medicaid reform is highly needed is beyond me! Do these people think that the states and the Federal government have some endless reservoir of cash for this program?

People need to understand that the alleged cuts to Medicaid are actually to slow down the rate of growth. Medicaid expansion will still occur. We just need to slow down the rate of growth to a sustainable level. Also, it would be great if states actually did audits on the recipients of Medicaid to see if people who were receiving benefits actually needed them. I read a story that 8000 dead people in Illinois were still receiving benefits, that is insane!

Besides getting rid of some of the needless mandates and working towards increasing competition, Medicaid reform is a crucial part of any health care reform bill. No, people are not going to die if this bill passes, perhaps people will die if we continue on the same unsustainable path that is part of the current system.

The losing streak continues for the Democrats

It was supposed to be a big night for the Democratic party last Tuesday. A house seat was on the line during a special election in Georgia. The election was seen as a referendum on the Trump presidency. Millions of dollars from outside of the state came pouring in an effort to help the Democratic candidate, Jon Ossoff, win the race. When all was said and done, the Republican candidate, Karen Handel, walked away as the stunning winner. If there ever was an event that should serve as a wake up call for Democrats, this election should be it. The Democrats continue to lose elections. On top of that, they have lost several legislative seats and governorships in the past 8 years or so. You could say that party is on a serious losing streak.

Since the night of the election, I have seen some discussion about this problem with the party and what to do going forward especially with the midterms coming up in just over a year. The answer is rather simple if you ask me. Since the election, the Democratic party has been nothing but obstructionists. They seem to be totally focused on removing President Donald Trump from office. There has not been any evidence and probably never will be that the president colluded with the Russians to influence last November’s election. That doesn’t stop several Democrats from being hell-bent on finding some shred of evidence that Trump was involved. One would think the party would finally realize this investigation or should I say witch hunt is not going anywhere. Impeachment will not happen!

Several Republicans are working hard to fix the health care bill and make it better for millions of United States citizens. Democrats are really being obstructionists is this process as well. Instead of working with Republicans to create a better bill, Democrats continue to deny the fact that their signature piece of legislation, Obamacare is a complete failure. Many Democrats are still happy with this bill and in a serious state of denial over its failure.

When it comes to important issues, what are the Democrats more concerned about? The Democrats in my area are more concerned about climate change, raising the minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour and giving rights to illegals. Those issues may be important to some, but I want to know you and your party’s plan for the economy. What are your specific plans? Is it to constantly scare people into not voting for the Republicans? I recently heard a Democratic politician talk about Trumpcare and how many millions will die if this bill gets passed. So what is your alternative to the bill?

Until the Democrats start focusing on issues that really matter to people and come up with reasonable solutions, this party will continue to lose elections with no end in sight. People are not dumb and understand what today’s Democratic party is all about. The party needs to stop being a bunch of radical hateful leftists and move towards the center. Maybe new leadership could help. Perhaps dumping Nancy Pelosi would be a good idea. I left the party about 10 years ago and it may have been one of the better decisions I have ever made. The party is slowly becoming out of touch with many Americans. The last presidential election should have been a major wakeup call for the party. Maybe the Georgia election will finally be the hammer that hits the Democrats in the head. The party is losing voters with no end in sight.

Maybe the answer is better dads

A few weeks ago, a city near this location had special city council meeting to discuss the problem of increasing crime rates and what can be done to curb this serious ongoing problem. Some members started to talk about new gun control measures while others felt the need to have more police officers on streets or hire more officers. A common theme in all of these proposals was the need to have more and bigger government to solve a problem that should have a very common sense solution to it. Nowhere in this discussion did I hear anyone talk about the need to have better, more responsible families and that starts with the person who is supposed to be the head of the household.

Show me any gang member and I will show you someone who has probably come from a broken family. Chances are the member’s dad is not around to help them grow up as a person. The person then feels the need to look at empty ways of fulfilling that guidance through gangs. Before they know it, their life is spiraling out of control to the point of permanent destruction or even death.

Many folks have this typical stereotype of the inner city having this problem, but it can also extend to the affluent suburbs. The dad is some big shot executive at a company and works many hours a week. He has no time for his kids; his career is so much more important in his mind. His company has to make money and that means working long hours. Once again, that much needed guidance is gone and the child grows up developing bad habits which could prove devastating later on in life.

Being a good dad is a tremendously important responsibility for any guy. I am not a father myself, but I have many good friends who are outstanding dads. One in particular really stands out. He is a single dad of a wonderful young boy. About a month ago, he received a rather lucrative job offer in another state. He turned it down to be closer to his son and be more involved in his life. Guys who make sacrifices like that are what Father’s Day is all about. I greatly admire guys who put aside their own personal agendas for the good of their families and especially children.

Our society is only as good as the people who are in it. Chances are a person who grows up with a loving father will be more successful in life. Studies back up my statement. If we want a better society, we need more guys to look in the mirror and take responsibility to raise their kids the right way. Our world will be a much better place if more guys take on that challenge.



America needs a wakeup call after the shootings

It should come as no surprise to anyone that last Wednesday’s assassination attempt on several GOP lawmakers took place. I cannot recall a time in our history when the political climate has been this divisive. Shortly after President Trump was elected, thousands of people were out in our streets demonstrating over his win. It seems to be the fashionable thing these days to be a hater of the Republican party and President Trump, mainly because the media loves to hype up this anger. It was only a matter of time before some hysteric left-wing nut case took things way too far and attempted to do the unthinkable. This shocking event should wake up everyone in the country to the fact that our political climate is headed out of control and it is only inevitable that more events like this will happen in future.

The attacker in this incident is typical of the people behind the ongoing rise in violence. He was another frustrated liberal who could not accept the fact that Donald Trump is our new president and the Republicans are in control of both the House and Senate. Tack on the fact that his beloved Democratic party have been losing countless legislative seats and governor races only adds to his frustration. Instead of looking in the mirror and trying to determine the cause of these shortcomings, this man blames the opposition and uses violence to handle his rage. Have we gotten to the point in our country where political differences are handled by violence? Gosh I hope not! Political violence is common in many countries, but should not be in this great country. We are better than that! Or that is what I thought. Soon we will be just like other countries and have the mobs rule us. It will be a sad day if that happens.

Is there a chance that we can get back to the days when people actually had civil dialogues about political issues? If you disagreed with someone, you were not called a bigot, racist or other derogatory names. People actually had respect for other viewpoints and listened to all sides of the argument. Politicians from both sides actually sat down and compromised if they had disagreements. Those days seems to long gone. If you had a beef with a particular political party, you stopped them by voting them out. Now, as the crazy man just demonstrated last week, shooting your political opponents is the best way to take out people you don’t agree with or hate. Forget about working hard to find worthy opponents to support so these hated Republicans are no longer in power. No, just use violence; that will solve the problem.

It is scary to think that there could be several more haters out there who would think nothing of taking out high-ranking Republicans by use of violent force. If this is the new trend, our country is in deep trouble. We cannot afford to have lunatic radical crybabies run the country. Majority still rules. President Trump and many Republicans won because people voted them in. If you don’t like it, try harder to persuade us that your ideas will be better for the country. Unfortunately I don’t see that happening at the current time. Use of violence will only backfire. I cannot respect people who use violence to get their points across.   I just hope that this incident will be just a remote one and we can get back to some form of civilization in our politics. Sadly, I don’t see that happening anytime some.

Are you in love with a stranger?

Unless you live on some remote island totally isolated from any type of civilization, you are bound at some point to have strong feelings of passion for people you run into in everyday life. For example, a trip to the grocery store could be more meaningful and enjoyable because some hot gal or guy works there. You don’t know their name or anything about them, heck they could be the biggest jerk in the world but that never crosses your mind. You are in love! You look forward to the next trip to the store and plan your schedule based on when she or he works.

Anyone who works in the service industry, especially young and attractive people, are bound to be targets of affection by total strangers. I have to admit that I am just as guilty as anyone in admiring young women who work in the service sector. Being single and unattached at the current time makes it even harder to resist the temptation of falling for some of those desirable public figures. The grocery store is a prime example of what I am talking about. Many of the checkout personal at my store are young attractive friendly females. It is only naturally for guys like me to fall for them. Would I ever consider asking one of them out? Probably not, I know my limits, but it is fun to fantasize being with them. Sometimes looks are not always important either. I was a frequent customer at a local gas station who had one of the friendliest cashiers ever. She was very average looking. but her friendly demeanor really caught my attention.

Sometimes, you don’t even have to go out in public to get swept up with someone. Just turn on the television to watch the local news. Chances are there is somebody on the newscast that you cannot get enough of. I know it happens to me, Or it might be a local disc jockey on a radio station. A nice stimulating voice can really hook me in as well.  You find yourself just chomping at the bit before this person is on.

I know it can be fun and mysterious to have certain fantasies with complete strangers but is it really healthy and good for you? I know some people who take their obsessions a bit too far. There are always countless stories of stalking in the news these days. Obviously if you reach the point of being overly intrigued, then it might be best to lay off. Suppose you are married, is it really good to have secret obsessions with complete strangers? I just do not see where that would be a healthy thing for a marriage. If you are fantasizing about others while married, it might mean your marriage has some issues. I know if I were married or had a serious girlfriend, I would be careful about my feelings and heart desires. It might be a good idea to stop going to those places where your secret obsession works.

One the other hand, maybe that friendly gal or guy who is the center of your obsession, might be your future spouse someday. Why not take a chance and get to know them so they are no longer strangers? Who knows what potential possibilities lie ahead? You might be extremely disappointed or they could make your life complete and happy forever. Maybe that hot checkout gal will end being your wife someday.

Much hype, little drama over the Comey testimony

It was the testimony that everyone was waiting for especially those many Trump haters. The recently fired FBI director James Comey was set to give his testimony before a Senate Intelligence Committee. Could this be the moment when President Trump is exposed for several wrong doings? Cable news stations had countdown clocks in anticipation of probably the biggest high-profile testimony of any government official in many years. Millions skipped work and crowded local bars for this event of a lifetime. In the end, I think many regretted skipping work. The testimony revealed little that we had not already known.

There is little doubt in my mind that many media outlets came out of this hearing rather disappointed. They were banking on seeing some explosive testimony indicting Trump. Imagine if that had occurred? CNN, The New York Times and the Washington Post would have a field day. It would further vindicate their claims that this election was not a legitimate one and Trump has no business being the President of this country. The same can be said of the many folks in this country affected with TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome). A damning testimony by Comey could have further enhanced their claims that the election was rigged.

Unfortunately for these folks, nothing that was revealed really hurt President Trump. In fact, this testimony may eventually come back to haunt a few Democrats and Comey instead. His admission that he leaked important information could lead to his own investigation. Furthermore, the former Attorney General, Loretta Lynch’s request to downplay the handling of Hillary Clinton’s alleged dealings with classified information seems to fall in line with what Trump was requesting for Michael Flynn. How can you in good faith investigate the dealings of Trump and Flynn without equally pursuing any ties between Lynch and the Clinton campaign? It seems to me that this hearing opened up a whole new can or worms that anti-Trump fans did not bargain for. Why the double standards?

Just maybe in the near future, this ridiculous notion that the Russians colluded with President Trump to helped him win the election will go away and Trump can proceed with his agenda for helping this country. There is absolutely no evidence at this time that any collusion took place. It is time to move on and maybe this hearing will eliminate any doubts that some people may have. However, I highly doubt it. Talk of Russia and Trump colluding in this election will be a topic that will never go away. Trump won the election fair and square. I hope people will finally accept that fact some day.