Unthinkable evil in Manchester

Terrorist attacks are suddenly becoming the norm in our society. Each one has its own unique face of evil attached to them. The latest high-profile attack last Monday in Manchester just shows what our free society is up against when thousands of innocent, young teenagers for the most part, were the targets of a very sick group of individuals. Really? What is the point of targeting a bunch of teenagers who were out enjoying a concert? What are you trying to prove? Yes people, we have a bunch of evil cock roaches roaming the earth at the present time and they must be exterminated as soon as possible.

Many of the victims at last week’s concert were young, enthusiastic, music loving teenagers. They are far from being harmful anyone on this earth. Some have probably been counting down the days for this concert put on by a very popular pop singer. It might have been the most anticipated day ever for many of them. The day of the concert arrives and it is a day that nobody wants to end. The concert is great, many do want it to end, then suddenly this happens at the end. Even those who survived the attack will have had their souls destroyed in some way or another. Some will be traumatized for the rest of their lives. Others will have to deal with missing limbs or physical pain for rest of their lives. All of this happened on perhaps a dream day prior to the blast. Suddenly, that dream day turned into a nightmare.

I join my fellow Americans in extending condolences to those poor people over there in the United Kingdom. We are standing with you people. Terrorism is a problem for all of us and we are all united in the fight against it.

It is almost inevitable that an attack such as the Manchester attack will happen here in the United States some day. There are a bunch of evil losers out there who cannot stand a free society. Sadly, many people fails to understand the magnitude of this situation. We need to band together with other countries who value the right to a free and safe environment. These evil thugs who carried out this attack do not deserve the right to live on this earth. Anyone who kills innocent teenagers deserves to go to the deepest and darkest depths of hell.


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