A disturbing trend on college campuses

With the school year on many college campuses pretty much done or drawing to a close for the 2016-2017 year, there is a growing problem that I see happening at many schools in this country. It is about diversity. No, I am not talking about having a proper number of minority students on campus. Most colleges bend over backwards to make sure minorities get accepted and treated well and they deserve to be complimented for that. What I am talking about is the lack of diversity with regards to opinions or tolerance for differing political opinions that students may have. For example, would you even be safe wearing a President Trump “let’s make America great again” hat on many campuses? In my opinion, you would probably receive some form of ridicule or harassment for doing so. God forbid if you are some sort of outspoken conservative on a college campus! You might face the risk of being publicly executed on the college grounds. Many colleges preach about the value of diversity, but when it comes to having a conservative viewpoint, then it is a different story. You must be shut up immediately!

I have seen many stories during the past year about conservative speakers being denied the chance to speak at college campuses. The latest just occurred this week when several students at Notre Dame had an issue with the VP Mike Pence speaking at the commencement address. I have to ask why? What will Vice President Pence say that is so disgraceful to the student who will be receiving their diplomas. I challenge anyone to explain to me why he is such a threat. If I were a student at a university, I would be honored to have such a high-profile speaker speak at my graduation no matter what their political views may be. Students at Cal Berkley protested vigorously on two different occasions when conservatives were set to be guest speakers. These examples are just a growing trend towards what seems to be the lack of acceptance towards those with differing political views on college campuses. And it is not right, period!

College is time when young adults learn much more than just what is inside a particular textbook. They should learn to deal with people, especially those who are different from them. That is part of being successful in a career. Not everyone will share or understand your personal viewpoints on certain things in life. If one of your bosses disagrees with your ideas, are you going to go into a corner and pout? Or demand a separate area so you can be away from a co-worker with whom you disagree? I would hope not! Unfortunately, some students seem to think their views are for everyone, and in the real world, that is not the case. Part of being a good employee when you start work after college is having good people skills and accepting those who have differing opinions. Learning how to listen to those ideas and engaging in a civil discussion is part of being a good employee. What are some college students learning today? It makes you wonder. If you cannot accept those who have differing opinions, you will have a very troubling career after college. Believe me!

Colleges are largely funded with the use of tax-payer funds which should cause even more outrage among those wanting diverse political opinions. When I see my hard-earned money go to schools who refuse to address this issue, I get very angry to say the least. These schools need to be called out and I am glad that some media outlets are stepping to the plate. If my alma mater were one of these schools, I would never send another penny to them. And by the way, I would be saying the same thing if a liberal speaker were denied access to speak.

I know the political climate is very touchy right now especially on college campuses. Much like taking different course will help a student grasp more knowledge, listening to different political viewpoints will also help a student pick up knowledge. Unfortunately, many students these days, and voters I might add, are being denied the right to hear differing political opinions. That is totally unacceptable and disturbing in a country which values freedom of speech.


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