A few thoughts on President Trump’s first 100 days in office

Yesterday marked the 100 day anniversary of President Trump’s first term in office. Political pundits everywhere are talking at great lengths about what he has accomplished and what he has failed to do. Some have even gone as far as saying that his presidency is a failed one so far. As one of many registered voters, I would like to weigh in on what I have seen so far from the administration.

First of all, the 100 day mark is far too short of a time period to judge a president. Political experts are saying that he has no major pieces of legislation passed during his first 100 days and therefore his term has been a failure so far. That is complete and utter nonsense! Repealing and replacing the health care law is a long process that requires more time. Expecting this to be done in the first 100 days is being very delusional. The same goes with coming up with immigration reform as well as tax reform. I would rather see these important issues be dealt with in a timely and well thought out process rather than hastily done. One could argue that the travel ban was one of the biggest failures of the Trump presidency so far and that appeared to be rather quickly put together. Perhaps too quickly.

I like many of the things that he has done already with executive orders doing away with many of the needless regulations that seem to be hurting economic growth in this country. He seems to be very committed in keeping jobs in this country and you have to give him credit for that. I really like the initial reports of his tax plan which can only help our economy grow. Finally we seem to have a politician who gets it when it comes to taxes unlike many of today’s Democrats. He seems to be making waves in cracking down on illegal immigration and he will not let our country be pushed around overseas. I greatly love that he is sending a few messages to foreign leaders that there is a new sheriff in town.

Having said those things, there are a few things about his presidency so far that really concern me and much of it really has nothing to do with him. It is his opposition and a lot of that opposition comes from his own party. His party controls both the House and Senate, therefore, you would think that he would not have any problems passing major legislation, but that is not the case. If he cannot garner enough support from his own party, then he will have a tough time passing anything. It appears the Democratic party is hell-bent on resisting any type of legislation that Trump comes up with. One has to wonder if he will ever get any type of bi-partisan support at all. It is unfortunate that Democratic members of the House and Senate seem to be more interested in making Trump look bad than helping the American people. Come election time, people will not forget! And let us not forget the regular mainstream media who has taken journalism to a new low. Some of their criticism of Trump is valid, but much of it is not. Some members of the press seem to be on some sort of mission to knock Trump out of office. That is one of the things that I have really noticed in his first 100 days and this will probably continue for the unforeseeable future.

All and all, I think Trump will get better and pass more legislation in the next year or so. His popularity should grown if the economy starts to take off and people are making more money. Maybe then, that huge opposition to Trump will decline a bit. But until then, Trump seems to have a rather uphill battle in his presidency that the first 100 days really illustrates. As his boss, yes he works for us, I expect more in the future and also I expect more cooperation from Congress in helping him make us a better country. It is only fair at this point to give him more time. I rate his performance so far to be slightly above average.


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