White knuckle time for sports fans

There are many things that make me extremely nervous in my life. For example, when I stand in front of a large group of people to give a speech, that causes my blood pressure to rise ever so slightly, or when I walk down a dark alley at night. I never know who is lurking around the corner to rob me. Also included in this list is watching my favorite sports teams participate in the playoffs. Yes, that is right! Being a sports fan around playoff time is not kind to your heart health to say the least. I know many fans know exactly what I am talking about. It can be extremely excruciating to sit through an overtime in an important playoff game. Sometimes we fans are more nervous than the players and coaches themselves!

I don’t have a real strong passion for any of the NBA or NHL playoff teams, but I can just tell from watching the games on television that passion is extremely strong in those cities. During a recent closely contested NHL playoff game that I watched, the camera zoomed in on some of the fans and it seemed like some were an absolute nervous wreck. Unfortunately, the home team lost in overtime and one shot of a fan really caught my attention. It was a young female fan, perhaps 20 years old. She was crying uncontrollable after the loss. I kept thinking how her evening most of been completely ruined by the sudden loss. Hopefully she did not jump off some nearby bridge on her way home. It was a very touching camera shot to say the least. When you invest in so much time and energy to support a particular team during the season and they come up short, it can be a very difficult emotional trauma to deal with. On the flip side, when your favorite team makes a big playoff run, it is the greatest thing in the world. You are overcome with the franchise fever and that is a good fever to have!

I have to admit that I tend to fall into the category of overly passionate sports fan. There are times when I cannot sit and watch an important playoff game when my team is playing. It is just too stressful especially if I am watching it myself. I have to remind myself that the world will still exist even though my team may lose. If my team does lose a big game and are knocked out of the playoffs, I always look ahead and think about the future. Maybe this wasn’t the time for them to advance deep into the playoffs. They are too young. As a sports fan, you always have to have hope for the future. That is the number one way of getting over a huge playoff disappointment.

In the grand scheme of things, there are far more important things to get nervous about than some stupid game played by extremely wealthy individuals. But don’t tell that to those rabid sports fans who live and die on the success of their teams, especially come playoff time. For them, nothing else matters in the world.  It is funny how sports team tend to influence people in that matter. Especially when those fans have absolutely no control over how their team performs. I cannot stand at the free throw line and knock down some free throws. Or stop a shot in overtime. Perhaps we as fans including myself should take a step back and realize how much fun those games are instead of going through the emotional torture chamber of sitting and watching a crucial playoff game. Our heart may thank us for it.


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