Life after Bill O’Reilly on Fox News

In an extremely stunning announcement, Fox News announced last week that they have fired perhaps their most popular host ever, Bill O’Reilly over sexual harassment allegations. O’Reilly had hosted a show called “The Factor” on weekday nights and that show had held one of the top rating slots in cable prime time for several years. Already, several media pundits are declaring the end of Fox News. O’Reilly’s departure is the second big name to leave the network in the last year. Megan Kelly, who hosted a show immediately after O’Reilly, left the network within the past year. I am sure that Fox News will take a little bit of hit over these high-profile departures, but to declare them dead? please! They have plenty of talent ready to step in and fill the void.

I have to admit that I was a frequent viewer of O’Reilly’s show and will miss him greatly. His show was number one in the ratings for a reason, it was very entertaining for a political show and was not one of these liberal or conservative love fests that many cable political shows seem to be these days. Many points of view were debated on the show and it was a program that appealed to many political points of views. I also loved the fact that he stressed the importance of solid, truthful facts which again many networks fail woefully in giving the viewers. On top of these things, he added humor to the show with the likes of Dennis Miller and Jesse Watters. It will be hard to beat a show filled with that type of a lineup.

O’Reilly’s replacement. Tucker Carlson, is a very solid host and is more than able to fill the void. One of the things that really strikes me about the few times that I have watched his show is the guests that he has. They have completely different political than he has yet his discussions and debates with them are very entertaining and respectful. He does not talk over his guests and is very fair to them. I think Carlson is one of the most underrated cable news show hosts today. He is a very good upcoming talent.

Fox News has plenty of critics and I am sure that they are beaming with joy these days.  That joy will be short-lived when they realize that Fox will still maintain their number one ratings and continue to dominate CNN and something called MSNBC. Fox seems to get it when it comes to giving the viewers what they need to hear. Fair and balanced reporting is their theme and they do an excellent job of it. O’Reilly will be missed by many including this blogger, but Fox News will go on and still be a very solid network where people can actually get some truth to the important issues of the day.


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