A bi-partisan health care bill anyone?

The other night, I had a dream that was quite shocking in nature. Congressional leaders of both parties gathered for a news conference to announce the new bi-partisan American Health Care Law. Although the leaders had admitted that they had many differences, they agreed to compromise and come up with a bill that would ensure all Americans receive fair and adequate as well as cheaper  health care coverage. Unfortunately, I woke up and realized what a far-fetched scenario this will ever be. There are some things that are absolute guarantees, death, taxes and both parties failing to agree on important legislation that affects millions of Americans and is responsible for 1/6 of our economy.

When President Obama was elected back in 2008, one of his first priorities was to shove Obamacare down our throats in an extremely quick fashion. Many lawmakers even admitted that they had not read the bill, yet they voted for it. Not one Republican voted for it, it was a purely partisan bill. Now Republicans are promising to repeal the bill since they have majorities in both the House and Senate. Funny but the Republicans as it turns out are split over how to proceed with repealing this bill. You just cannot make this nonsense up! Here they have had 8 years to figure this out and the divisions still exist. Getting back to the Democrats, they of course are adamantly opposed to any efforts to repeal the bill. Many of the Democrats want health care reform to consist of some big government entitlement program which in the long run is not sustainable. The fighting will only get worse in the next few weeks when this new bill comes up for a vote. As it is right now, I don’t see how it will ever pass.

Is it that hard for members of both parties to sit down and hash out their differences over health care reform? Why are Democrats continuing to support health care reform ideas that have proven not to work? I would be a total state of shock if some Democratic leader admitted that Obamacare has been a failure and we need to take another direction. The new plan supported by many Republicans looks like a slimmed down version of Obamacare, still not sufficient enough. Will any leader have the courage to stand up and say that we need to totally scrap the whole plan and come up with a new plan? When you start talking about taking away entitlements from people, that becomes a huge issue. It doesn’t matter that the entitlement is unsustainable for the future. Taking away those entitlements for something else is a huge challenge for the Republicans at this point.

Anyone who has any knowledge of Economics should understand that any kind of reform needs to center on the word “competition”. If I have more chooses for my health care, the better. That may mean having the ability to shop on the internet and pick out a plan from an insurance company in some other state. Furthermore, we have to look at my many insurance companies are jacking their premiums up so high. Well duh, if an insurance company has to cover a host of new people with pre-existing conditions, that would probably mean that they will be forced to raise their rates. It is just simple and basic economics. Why some lawmakers cannot understand this is beyond me. It is crucial to understand the consumer and insurance companies positions before you even begin to think about reforming health care.

Sadly, I have a feeling that this cycle is just going to continue forever. The next time the Democrats control things in Washington, they will want to repeal Trumpcare and we will be at square one again. I just want to see a day when both parties can come up with a plan that puts the American people first before their own political differences. Is this possible? I doubt it. But we can always dream about it.


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