Rebuilding the Democratic party

Newly appointed DNC chairman Tom Perez talked last week about the need for the Democratic party to rebuild and become a stronger party for the many hardworking people of the United States. To say that the Democratic party needs to rebuild is one of the biggest understatements of the century. This party is in serious need of some improvements and fast. They are rapidly losing touch the American people. In fact, I will dare to say that this party is the sole reason why President Donald Trump was created. People are slowly becoming fed up with the antics and policies of today’s Democratic party, especially those members in Washington.

Since the beginning of the Obama era, Democrats have lost countless legislative seats, not only in Washington, but in many states as well. Governorships among states are now in a Republican majority. If you are a Democratic, you must be a least a little concerned, right? Why is this happening? The past November election really illustrates why Democrats are in crisis mode right now. Take away a couple of highly populated states, New York and California who always vote Democratic, and Trump wins by a huge landslide. The Democratic party is becoming a regional party, more or less, and that has to be of great concern to officials of the DNC.

So how does the Democratic party go about rebuilding and gaining more voters? First of all, lets look at the ideas that represent this party, perhaps if they focus their attention more on the economy, health care and immigration instead of always conducting witch hunts against the Republican party, they might garner some more respect from voters like me. Perhaps they do not want their ideas to be revealed because many of them are failed ideas. Obamacare was a huge signature bill among Democrats and not so much among Republicans. So how has Obamacare worked out in this country? It is a bill that will soon go up in smoke if not changed or repealed. Other big government ideas of the Democrats party have not exactly worked out as well. Many Democrats are nothing more than ignorant tax and spend liberals who have no clue on how to grow the economy and create good, high paying  jobs. People are starting to see how these policies never work. When was the last time that a Democrat talked about being fiscally responsible and actually the need to cut taxes? I would totally fall off my chair if I heard a Democrat talk in those terms. Furthermore, don’t you get the impression that the Democratic party has many of their priorities wrong. When I hear a Democratic politician talk that climate change is a bigger issue than terrorism, it makes me wonder how he or she even got elected. Or the political correctness with social issues that many in this party seem to support. As a white, Christian male, I feel as though this party is out to get me!

Sadly, some Democrats feel the need to go even further to the left on issues and that is completely idiotic! Why continue with the same policies that have a long history of failure? The people of this country voted for an end to these policies last November. Why continue to bang your head against the wall? The Democratic party is in serious need of more moderate members of its party. It is my belief and many others that this party is fast becoming just a group of left-wing radical socialists. A more moderate party who is actually willing to work with Republicans will go a long ways in restoring the party and actually help them win elections.

Some of my Democratic friends are telling me on Facebook  that they cannot wait until 2018 rolls around and the next election takes place. Unless the Democratic party shifts more to the center, they will continue to lose elections. The Republicans are in control right now and they have golden opportunity to show people what a bad party the Democratic party has become. Will they take advantage of it remains to be seen. The Democratic party needs to look in the mirror right now and understand that the November election is a sign that they must change or else continue to fail. It is not stupid Americans or the Russians fault for their shortcomings, it is their own.


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